Top 10 Electric Cars To Dominate 2019

2019 has introduced some great electric cars but these 10 choices are guaranteed to dominate the year.

The electric car may seem like a new innovation, but it's actually been around longer than the gas powered car. First created back in 1884, one year before its gas-powered counterpart, the electric car was rather impractical then and thus was easily eclipsed by gas-based transportation. Technology has vastly improved over the years and in 1997 the electric car returned from obscurity in the form of the Toyota Prius. As we begin to search for greener solutions, the electric car is at the forefront of the movement to put less strain on our planet. With the technology we have in 2019, cars are better suited to be electric more than ever. Here are ten electric cars that you can expect to dominate this year.

10 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric

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Hyundai continues to live up to its reputation of providing cars that the average consumer can afford with this electric car. It's a sizeable car with four doors and a trunk so it's still a good car if you carpool or if you have a family. It gets a stunning 258-miles per charge with its large battery.

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In addition, this battery charges faster than most so you can get back on the road sooner. On top of all this, the car can still get a number of upgrades and it looks great. The cost of the vehicle may surprise you at under $38,000.

9 2019 Chevrolet Bolt

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Up next is the Chevrolet Bolt at also under $38,000. Admittedly, there could be quite a few issues with the car depending on your tastes. While the exterior of the car looks smooth and compact, the inside is a little lack-luster. It has enough space but the style is poor and the interactive touchscreen could be much better.

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However, where this car really shines is the 238-mile distance you can go on one charge. This is quite comparable to the more expensive luxury electrics and that's one of the most looked-for qualities in an electric car these days. If luxury isn’t your thing, this is your car.

8 2019 Nissan Leaf

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The Nissan Leaf has more going for it in terms of style but might be a bit lacking in the distance department for some with the base model getting only 150-miles per charge. If you live in a dense city where you don’t have to drive far, this lower distance wouldn’t pose an issue for you.

If it is a point of contention, then you can always upgrade to the Leaf Plus, which increases the distance to 226-miles per charge. The car keys to a standard Leaf will cost under $31,000, which is a bit cheaper than the other two options we’ve looked at so far.

7 2019 Hyundai Ioniq Electric

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If the Hyundai Kona was a bit too pricey for your budget and you’re not in need of the longer distance than perhaps the Ioniq is a better option. At under $32,000, it's a bit cheaper and it gets less distance per charge at 124 miles. Much like the Nissan Leaf, this shorter distance may not give you a whole lot of bang for your buck as a whole, but it will help reduce the amount of pollution you contribute to our crowded cities while inching along in bumper to bumper traffic. However, the Ioniq does make up for this shortcoming with plenty of comfort, features, and using less electricity to fill its efficient battery.

6 2019 Tesla Model S

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Let's say that you have a little more than the average consumer to spend; a lot more. In that case, why not get the brand that has been leading the pack in electric cars for years: Tesla. Tesla has built a name for themselves, not only in pushing the boundaries of what electric powered vehicles can do but in making sure that it does so in luxury.

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At a steep price of $75,000, the Model S makes sure it is worth it with high-class comfort and an incredible 370-miles per charge when fully upgraded. If your pocketbook can take the hit, you certainly won't be disappointed.

5 2019 Tesla Model X

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Believe it or not, if you really wanted to, you could drop a little more money on a Tesla electric car. The Model X boasts an $81,000 price tag for all of the same Tesla trademarks: futuristic design inside and out, a trend-setting distance of 325-miles per charge (with upgrades), and reliable technology. However, there is one thing that could make this a must for you in spite of the higher price. The Tesla Model X is the only electric car with three rows of seating. So if you have a large family that you’re looking to bring into the green age, this is going to be an essential, and quite substantial, purchase for you.

4 2019 Tesla Model 3

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Tesla claims yet another spot on this list, but this time with a slightly more affordable option. This one will set you back only about $40,000, but still tries to include the luxury and class the brand is known for. However, early reviews have been less than spectacular. Reviewers point out that while adding value with a highly interactive touch screen system it might not have been the way to go.

It is integral to operating the vehicle and is difficult for first-time users to operate while driving. It offers up to 310-miles per charge so if you can get past a few issues that, in all honesty, will most likely be corrected, it may be the best option this year.

3 2019 BMW i3

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One of the companies that are new to the electric car game is BMW. This year they’ve introduced the BMW i3, which is capable of 153-miles per charge. However, there is something else about this car. While it can be run completely on electricity (thus excluding it from the hybrid classification), it does have a range-extender powered by gasoline. By utilizing this feature it brings the distance you can travel up to 200 miles. While BMW isn’t fully committing to electric, they still kept their standard for class and style with the car being one of the coziest and best-looking vehicles out there costing a little over $45,000.

2 2018 Jaguar I-Pace

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Even though this car was created in 2018, it still stands strong to be one of the top cars this year. Jaguar is another well-known luxury brand and this particular model is their first fully electric car. Needless to say, they’ve done quite well for their first try. It gets 240-miles per charge with its front and rear electric motors that combined put out 394 horsepower. Jaguar wants you to know that just because the car is electric, it doesn’t mean it can’t tear up a highway. Another unique feature is a “smart” suspension. It raises or lowers by sensing the speed of the car as well as the terrain beneath it for better handling. All for under $70,000.

1 2019 Kia Niro Electric

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Last but not least, the completely electric version of the 2019 Kia Niro is a great ending to this list. With an estimated price of $38,000, it's most likely at the top of the average consumer’s budget, but it makes up for it with 239-miles per charge. The interior is quite spacious, has loads of safety features and is a quiet speedster. In addition, it is advertised to get an 80-percent charge in a mere hour and fifteen minutes, so charges are more like pit stops and less like an overnight affair. Also, if you’re willing to wait until 2020, Kia has announced that many of their electric cars will be released with substantial improvements.

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