The 10 Most Reliable Luxury Electric Cars

While some motorists have their doubts about electric cars and hybrids, there are some great higher-end choices out there.

Hybrids are fast becoming the next big thing in the automotive industry. While they were quite plain and, to put it bluntly, dreadful when first broke in to the market, electric and hybrid cars have come a very long way. Not only on looks, but in performance and durability as well.

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With a combination of battery and petrol or battery alone, check out these top 10 luxury electric cars and see which one catches your eye for your next purchase! Lots of drivers are super skeptical about hybrids and electric cars, but perhaps some of the more premium models on the market may change a few minds?

10 Audi A3 Sportback E-tron

With the 2017 model of the A3 Sportback, you can rest easy knowing that some very important features have been updated, such as the accident mitigation system. In addition, a whole bunch of new features have been added, like the cross-traffic alert system in the rear and Audi’s signature Virtual Cockpit configuration system.

As Audi has made abundantly clear from the get-go, the interior is nothing short of impeccable, and the exterior... well, that can speak for itself. As for the electric side of the car, it has a 240 volt battery which will take you a reasonable distance in pure electric mode and takes roughly 2 ½ hours to charge up. If you wish to save some battery, you can do so, and for going down a hill, feel free to activate ‘glide’ mode to help with that.

9 BMW i3

The i3 is one of BMW’s first hybrids of any kind, and although it doesn’t look like a lap of luxury from the outside, it is luxury in a class of its own. Equipped with sustainable materials inside, such as bamboo wood, carbon fiber and aluminium, it really is quite unique.

You will get around 114 miles out of the battery and it takes 4 hours to fully charge, one of the fastest on the market. For those who are using the car only to get around the city, i.e. London (to avoid congestion charges), then you can opt for the version of the i3 fitted with a BMW motorbike engine.

8 Cadillac CT6 Plug-In

One of the first American-made luxury hybrid sedans, the Cadillac CT6 Plug-In is really something special. Being the flagship hybrid sedan, it comes equipped with plenty of high-tech gadgets, 2 electric motors and a turbocharged 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine.

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With a range of only 31 miles on electric, this Caddy runs at around 62 miles to the gallon. The battery takes 4 ½ hours to charge and includes features such as traffic sensors, night vision, and full 360-degree external camera. If you want to turn heads without the noise of a Ferrari, then this car may be for you.

7 Mercedes-Benz B250e

Want to be one up on all those other parents at school drop-off? The Mercedes-Benz B250e could be one of the very cars you need, then! Just like the BMW i3, the B250e is more for fans of electric cars than ones with luxury written all over them, but still has an element of typical Mercedes comfort.

With a higher ride and spacious interior, and being surprisingly sporty on the outside, it is perfect for a family looking to save a few hard-earned bucks on fuel! Tesla has provided the battery for this hybrid version and it has a range of 81 miles, taking 3 ½ hours to charge.

6 Porsche Panamera 4 e-Hybrid

Who would have though Porsche would enter the hybrid/electric game! The Panamera is simply stunning from the inside out, and the 4 e-Hybrid is the second version of the car, this time coming with 4-wheel drive as standard.

You would think that, being an electric car, you could only travel as fast as a turtle sunbathing on a beach, but no. the Panamera will reach 86 miles per hour on battery power, and will take 31 miles to drain on full-battery speed. Adding an extra element of luxury, the car comes equipped with air suspension as stock.

5 Tesla Model S

Tesla had to appear somewhere on this list, and they have brought the Model S to the party. The only car manufacturer to have pretty much mastered a car fully powered by battery alone, and one of the best-looking cars on the market inside and out to boot!

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Not only is this model one of the most elegant around, it also comes equipped with some space-age technology, such as semi-autonomous driving, rescinding rear door handles, hospital-certified air filtration, 17-inch touchscreen, and wait for it…Wi-Fi! The battery will last 265 miles for the base model, and over 300 miles for the top one. For this, however, you can expect to pay a premium, not just for the Model S, but for any other Tesla as well.

4 Tesla Model X

Tesla is at it again with the Model X. Similar to the Mercedes B250e, the X is more for a family. Being able to seat 7 people quite comfortably and 4-wheel drive, it is the epitome of a sporty, fuel-efficient, off-road vehicle, and the minimum distance you will squeeze out of the Model X is 295 miles. Remember, these cars are powered by battery alone!

The falcon wing doors place the X in a class of its own. No hybrid or electric 4-wheel drive, off-road/street car comes anywhere near it. It must be said, though, that all Tesla cars look like spaceships of one form or another.

3 Volvo S90 T8

The Swedes have done it again. Yet another simply magnificent, well-rounded car, and this time, combined with an electric vehicle.

The S90 T8 comes with upgraded legroom inside the cabin (taking total legroom to a whopping 40.5 inches), much larger rims for that sporty look and plug-in hybrid functionality as standard. The twin T8 engine provides the driver with a turbocharged AND supercharged engine, putting out 400 horsepower when at full torque!

2 Volvo XC90 T8

Just like the two Teslas (one sporty and one a sporty family car), the Volvo S90 and XC90 are pretty much the same. Except, of course, one is a 4-wheel drive and more family friendly. The XC90 is also the only 7-seater car on the market that is a plug-in hybrid.

The BMW X5, for example, had to remain as a 5-seater to fit the modern technology in the car, so this makes the XC90 a very special car. You will be able to travel 16 miles on the battery, and have to wait 2 ½ hours for it to charge. What separates this car further from its competitors, is that it maintains a sporty look which is very easy on the eye.

1 Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace gives Tesla a run for its money, which is actually what the British manufacturer set out to achieve.

Delivering optimal handling and performance, you wouldn’t know this car was powered by a battery, and can be considered a sporty SUV, rather than a sedan or hatchback. Not only does the I-Pace compete in the looks and gadget area with Tesla, it can also match battery length as well, travelling, on average, up to 275 miles.

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