See How Fast This Electric Corvette Can Run In Top Speed Test

Everyone is going electric these days, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. This electric Corvette proves it.

Genovation GXE

Corvettes are fast, but are they as fast as this electric conversion Corvette? Find out in this top speed test.

We looked at the Genovation GXE last year after it became the first street-legal EV to hit 209 mph. Based on the C7 Corvette chassis, the Genovation GXE tosses the old V8 engine in favor of a twin-electric motor setup with 800 combined horsepower that connects to the original driveshaft and powers the rear wheels via the Corvette's 8-speed automatic transmission. So while the power is electric, the performance is to be on par with the combustion-powered car.

Having that transmission is a boon for top speed as gearing means that the electric motors don't have to work as hard as the car accelerates. Unlike in something like a Tesla where the only way to go faster is to apply more power, gears allow that same amount of power to be used more efficiently.

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The GXE also has a Guinness World Record for the fastest EV to run a standing mile at 190.48 mph. Now, the GXE is at the Johnny Bohmer Proving grounds to see how fast it can run flat out.

To get up to speed, Mr. Bohmer actually gave the GXE a bit of a running start by using the taxiway. Normally he starts on the runway after a nice burnout, but not this time. This time, he's rolling to break a record.

As expected, the GXE blows past 120 mph like it's not even there. Getting to 150 mph is also a breeze, but the car seems to start having to work for it beyond that point. It's a smooth climb to 190 mph, but after that, the GXE is clawing for each additional mile.

At 210 mph, Bohmer finally lets off and coasts his way to a clean stop. That breaks the GXE's old record, although it's not quite as fast as upcoming road-legal EVs.

The coolest thing about the GXE is the sound, which is almost silent inside the cabin but is like a jet passing by on the outside.

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