Electric Ford F-150 Prototype Tows A Million Pounds

Ford has revealed its electric F-150 prototype by making it tow over a million pounds.

Linda Zhang, chief engineer of the Ford F-150, shows the capability of a prototype all-electric F-150 by towing 10 double-decker rail cars and 42 2019-model year F-150s, weighing more than 1 million pounds.

Ford has debuted its electric F-150 prototype with an impressive demonstration: towing 1 million pounds-worth of train cars and pickup trucks.

We’ve known for a long time that Ford was busy building their own electric pickup. Spy photos have been floating around the world wide web for months now, but Ford has remained tight-lipped about their plans for electrification. Until now.

Breaking the silence in perhaps the best way possible, Ford decided to demonstrate just what their electric F-150 could do by taking it down to the shipping yard to tow 10 empty train cars with a combined weight of over 1 million pounds.

An all-electric Ford F-150 prototype during a capability test. The battery-powered truck successfully towed more than 1.25 million pounds of rail cars and trucks during the test.
via Ford

Chief engineer Linda Zhang was on hand to show a quintet of F-150 owners just what the next generation of electrified pickups can do. Everyone piled into the prototype truck, Linda pressed the vehicle start button, and the F-150 silently and easily pulled a million pounds-worth of train cars.

Not satisfied with just a million pounds, Linda then loaded up the empty train cars with 42 F-150s and then performed the same feat again only this time towing a combined 1.25 million pounds.

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The amount of torque necessary to perform this feat is truly astronomical, but then that’s the benefit of an electric powertrain. Even with zero RPM, an electric motor provides all of its torque all the time.

Ford didn’t provide much info on the prototype itself, but we can glean a few details just from the video. The prototype seems to be based on the Platinum trim with a Super Crew cab and a regular bed. Everything else seems pretty standard for the F-150, except the truck seems to be raised up several inches. There’s a pair of side steps to help Linda and company get inside, and a skirt hanging off of the front bumper.

We know that Ford signed a deal with electric truck maker Rivian last April, so it seems likely that the skirt is covering up an electric skateboard chassis with an F-150 body placed on top.

Ford said that the electric F-150 would be preceded by a hybrid version out next year. No word on when the electric F-150 will make its official debut in production form or what it might look like when it does, but we bet it won’t look too different from the regular pickups out there.

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