Electric G-Class: Everything We Know So Far

Mercedes Electric G-Class is coming, but what are all the news & info that you need to know? Here's your guide for that.

In a tweet, Daimler’s Head of Digital Transformation shared a quote from the current CEO, Ola Källenius during this year’s Automobilwoche Kongress. The transformative quote states that Mercedes Benz was looking to manufacture the first-ever, G-Class full-electric luxury EV. To close competitors like Range Rover, this was a chance to brace up for competition, but to the motoring world as a whole, it’s a complete game-changer considering the German manufacturer’s reputation in the industry.

While there are not enough details about the specs and overall makeup of the anticipated refined classic luxury off-roader, there’s enough room for speculation given the manufacturer’s ambitiousness in combining elegance, performance, and auto mechanics. Here’s everything we know so far about the Electric G-Class.

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10 G-Class Going Green

According to a tweet by Sascha Pallenberg, Daimler’s Head of Digital Transformation, the G-Class will spawn a fully electric luxury EV with zero emissions. There were rumors that the G-Class was officially going to be dropped, but it seems its rebirth is with the all-electric version.

9 Launch Date

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At that time electrification of the G-Class Mercedes wasn’t on the priority list due to poor sales and apprehensions about extra weight the battery packs would have on the luxury EV.

8 G-Class History

The new electric version will be the opposite of what it currently stands for. According to Mercedes, it will be fully electric with zero emissions. There’s a good chance it will ride on the same platform, with a quieter, greener, more torque-happy performance.

7 Most Expensive G-Class Mercedes

Experts predict that the full-electric version of the Mercedes G-Class will be even pricier. It’s expected that the Mercedes Benz Electric G-Class will be the least affordable of the line-up.  Since the G-Class is a chunky off-roader, it will come with an equally heavier and costly battery pack, adding to the total price.

6 EQG Nameplate

The new all-electric G-Class Mercedes will likely fall under the brand's EQ sub-brand, with its pioneer brand—the Mercedes EQC crossover. Mercedes has already begun its all-electric campaign with the EQA and EQC already in development stages. Therefore, the new full-electric G-class luxury SUV will fall under the nameplate EQG and is expected to cost considerably more than its predecessors.

Since the company is taking its time in development, we don’t expect a rush job, when the time is right, Mercedes will show the world, just like they have done for decades, what the future of luxury electric vehicles really looks like.

5 Performance

The new all-electric G-Class Mercedes doesn’t have any specs out yet, at least not from the manufacturer. However, it's likely that the firm is looking to add on the 282hp and 443 lb-ft of torque generated by the standard model G-Class automobile.

Industry experts feel extra power is definite since the battery pack will add considerable weight to the already chunky G-Class Mercedes. The Mercedes EQS luxury EV already in production uses a dual electric motor expected to produce 469hp and 560 lb-ft of torque. Based on the European estimates the EQS does zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds.

4 Sit on a Standard G-Class Architecture

It’s still unclear if the Mercedes G-Class luxury EV will sit on the same platform as the current G-Class, however, its highly likely that Mercedes will make use of a similar platform, and perhaps even distribute the power to an additional electric motor to help improve single wheel traction during off-road conditions.

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Currently, it's still hard to make a definite conclusion about the incoming luxury EV, apart from the fact that the compact version of Mercedes’s new global architecture had electrification in mind during the design process.

3 Four-Wheel or All-Wheel?

While it's still uncertain, many experts expect the G-Class fully electric luxury car to borrow from the success expected from the EQS. Even though Mercedes hasn’t made the specs of the new all-electric vehicle public, there is an assumption that the G-class will have an improvement on its current 282hp rating.

2 Range

Based on that data, the new full-electric G-Class variant is likely to sit anywhere between 249 miles and 370 comparable to its EQE Electric saloon. The EQC, on the other hand, has a driving range of 200 miles per charge and can do zero to 60 mph time in 4.5 seconds.

1 More Electrical Models by 2025

The EQE is just one of 10 new electric models under the Mercedes banner that should be ready by 2025. The brand set aside $14 billion for the development program, and the G-Class luxury EV is part of this project. Mercedes has also invested an extra $24 billion on battery cell technology that will account for more than half of the manufacturer’s sales in the next ten years.

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