Electric Mazda MX-30: Everything We Know (So Far)

The first fully-electric powered car from Mazda, here's the guide for everything we know so far about the MX 30 !

Mazda recently launched the electric MX 30 at the Tokyo Motor Show and the whole industry has been buzzing and raving about it everywhere for months now. The first fully electric car from Mazda available for the masses has been checking all the right boxes and we can't wait to get our hands on one to experience this distinctive piece from Mazda.

Today, we are going to share with you ten things that we know about this EV crossover so far. So strap in for some knowledge on this electric-powered guide.

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10 Design

The brand new and first of its kind from Mazda, this crossover EV is nothing short of a wonder in terms of design. The freestyle super cool rear doors, coupe-like sleek body, dramatic winged C pillar and handsome front grille, all give this one an uber cool look.

The model has been designed on the basis of the Japanese concept of Jinba ittai meaning establishing oneness between the rider and the horse, which can truly be seen in this distinctive design. Although the design is compact and efficient, a fanatic will surely miss the Mazda signature design language and seductive curves.

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9 Exteriors

The front doors can open up to 82 degrees and the rear doors can stretch as wide as 80 degrees which makes the entry and exit effortless, thereby rendering it highly accessible. The suicide doors were previously used in the old model RX8.

The exterior of this compact SUV looks rugged and sturdy, while the body from the above the waistline is strikingly attractive with Mazda's signature sweeping shapes. Although this one is really a stunner, they have gone a bit too far in their experimentations and stripped much of their useful trims, claiming it to be Zen.

8 Features

The Mazda MX 30 comes with suicide doors, steep rear windshield, eSkyactiv and plastic bodysuit for the bottom. Skyactiv is an electric motor mounted in the hood. The motor is powered by 35.5KWH lithium-ion battery and it delivers 141 horsepower and 195lb ft torque which is not very powerful, but not inefficient either, being still much more than the range that the daily drivers use.

A 100-mile drive range might work well with the European daily drivers, they certainly would need to amp their game up for the North American markets.

7 Specifications

The engine is an eSkyactiv powertrain with 141 hp and 195 pond ft torque, and the power train is a set of an eSkyactiv electric motor, the batteries, the inverter and DC to DC converter. The SUV once powered up, does not stop or experience any lags. It can literally be started at one click.

The compact is around 4.8 yards long and has a 2.9 yards wheelbase. It comes with 35.5KWH battery rendering 141hp, a rather low drive range of around 120 miles and fewer lifecycle emissions due to its small size. They have unnecessarily added an artificial sound to imitate the noise produced by a combustion engine car and there might be an option to silent that in the future.

6 Infotainment System

The infotainment system looks futuristic in the MX 30 EV with a floating console including a touchscreen display of seven inches. The controls are user-friendly and intuitive, although there are not many options. The touch screen can control air conditioning for the first time in a Mazda model apart from also controlling the safety and the tech features.

With the floating console, the forward and reverse can be dynamically controlled. Several physical buttons have been retained for HVAC though.

5 Interiors

Mazda has tried too many different things with MX 30 and environmental friendliness is one of those. Leather has been replaced by vegan trims, corks have not been manufactured by felling new trees, rather the leftover corks from the bottle stops have been used for the door grips and the in-car storage.

Plush for the trims have been scoured from recycled fabrics and the door trims uses recycled plastic too. That's such a green move. We owe you one for that Mazda! If we talk about space, the front seats feel roomy and comfortable, unfortunately, the rear seats do not. They are far more cramped and the leg space and headroom are honestly, minuscule. Moreover, the cargo space has been highly compromised due to the airy suicide doors and is barely enough for a couple trolley bags.

4 Performance

The MX30 does not offer a very powerful hp or torque and the drive range it offers is a tad low, average being 100-120 miles. Although they claim it is still higher than what daily drivers use, that won’t fly on the American roads.

With no gas station visits, charging flexibility and pretty low maintenance costs, the performance is quite tolerable. Ground clearance is decent and visibility is reasonable. I'm light if all these, MX 30 is not power-packed, but, is eager to perform and offers a decent ride.

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3 Fuel Economy

The MX30 consumes around 290 Wh per mile on city roads and motorway.

They haven't released the fuel economy rating yet, and if similar models like Bolt EV or Kona electric model or the estimated energy consumption are anything to go by, the fuel economy rating should sit somewhere around 120 to 140.

2 Safety

Honestly, it is a relief to see Mazda has not compromised with the safety features and has kept in line with the international standards. It comes with a standard driver safety feature called I-Activsense.

The I- Activsense includes a bunch of safety features like lane departure warnings with Lane-keeping assist, automated emergency braking, pedestrian detection, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, collision-mitigation and more.

1 Reliability

Despite doing a great favor to the environment, the MX 30, with a range of 100-120 miles, average ride quality, nasty wind drag, tiny battery, low fuel economy and squareque uninspired looks, we don't think, is a very reliable car.

There are far more efficient electric models available in the market which run well on American roads.

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