Elon Musk Would Prefer We Not See These 19 Tesla Pictures

Prior to his success with Tesla, Musk was known as the co-founder of PayPal and a savvy tech entrepreneur with companies like SpaceX and Neuralink. However, the introduction of the Tesla brand completely changed everything for Musk.

Specializing in electric cars, along with the aid of his other company SolarCity, Musk wowed the consumers with a stunning concept. As of last summer, the stunning concepts turned into realities. Nowadays, the Models, Model X and Model 3 are all available. This was a long time coming considering the company first launched back in the summer of 2003 – lots of work went into the production and development of these high tech rides. Clearly, the project worked and now Tesla is among the most popular car brands in the world with sales skyrocketing each year.

It isn’t all good, however. With such technology, there’s bound to be problems with the car. That’s exactly what took place, even as early as the first models to be sold. The same problems continue today with Tesla facing various court battles whether it be due to their faulty battery pack system or faulty Autopilot mode that has caused a lot of headaches in the past. Let’s not even start to discuss the running out of power issue, we’ll see plenty of that in this article.

As great as Tesla is, the company still has a lot of problems. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of them in the form of candid images. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started.

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19 Cruise Control & Autopilot Problem

via Twitter

Another faulty problem with the sensors. According to a Twitter user, the EAP sensors were in disarray thanks to the dried salt out on the road. Steve Shi, another Twitter user elaborated on this problem claiming he encountered a similar malfunction with his Tesla; “This happened to us during a trip too. Lost cruise control and autopilot. Thankfully a car wash fixed the problem right away!”

Now it isn’t a big issue but still, a faulty problem that needs to be sorted out. Without a doubt, Musk doesn’t want his cars to be faulty because of something as simple as salt.

18 Rust On The Tesla Door

via Torque News

This one is an absolute no-no. According to Torque News, both the Tesla Model 3 and Model X both showed signs of rust. The Model X has an example on the spoiler while the Model 3 has images of rust on the door. Given how new these rides are, that isn’t the greatest endorsement and one Musk doesn’t want us to know about, surely.

This is what the user had to say about the problem on the Model 3; “Yes the door is aluminum. Took a strong magnet to the bottom of the door just in case there was steel in the edges - not ferrous. It definitely looks like rust and won’t rub off with a microfiber. Can only imagine it is a stain from rust runoff from something within the door. Will bring this up along with the next round of issues at the next service visit."

17 Road Trip Problems

via Twitter

Time and time again, we see Tesla owners making the claim that the vehicle might be too advanced for its own good. This Twitter user seems to agree as his road trip completely stalled out of nowhere.

He was 1,200 miles away from his destination when the car computer crashed. Several warnings came up on the screen including, vehicle shutting down, car needs service and air suspension needs service. Those aren’t the things anyone wants to see during a road trip. This just gives people the impression that Tesla isn’t a reliable ride for long trips.

16 Model 3 Bumper Comes Off Because Of Rain

via Electrek

You would expect a bumper to come off in the event of an accident but not during heavy rain. According to Electrek, not one but two Tesla 3s completely lost their back bumpers because of rain. Making matters worse, one of the owners had just purchased the Tesla literally hours ago.

Tesla responded to the statement during a shareholders meeting claiming they were further investigating the issue; “No production target is more important than sustained quality, which is why every vehicle we produce goes through a thorough set of measurements and tests before it reaches the customer. Model 3 quality continues to improve every month and is already on par with Model S and X.”

15 Cracking Windshield ($880 Fix)

via EV Obsession

When the Model 3 was to hit the market, according to Inverse, the glass was unique compared to other cars and produced internally. However, despite all the hype, some Tesla owners complained about how fragile the glass is. This Tesla owner got a crack on his windshield and according to Inside Evs, the cost to get it fixed was $880. Fixing the crack wasn’t enough, Inside Evs claims the entire windshield altogether needed to be replaced.

The incident took place with the Tesla Model X. The user claims that the situation arose because of a small rock that hit the windshield while driving on a family trip. It turned out to be a costly one, to say the least.

14 Defective Door Handle Mechanics

via Inside Evs

Another problem with the Tesla Model X and S, faulty door handles. According to Inside EVs, Musk and his engineers took the technology a little too far and it led to lackluster results.

According to the same site, the problem can cost hundreds of dollars to fix at the mechanic. Thankfully, several DIY videos are available online which really cost as little as a couple of bucks. You’ll just have to listen to the tedious instructions involved – that might be well worth it as it’ll save Tesla owners lots of money. DIY or not, Musk would rather this problem fly under the radar as a minor blemish.

13 Running Out Of Battery

via YouTube

YouTuber Ben Sullins tried to test out the battery to its absolute fullest. As you can imagine, the end result featured Ben running out of battery just a couple of miles away from the Tesla power station.

Surprisingly, the car was attached to the flatbed tow truck by its wheels. The Tesla owner also claims that driving on manual wasn’t even an option at that point. At the very least, he claims that the towing process was very easy and that the Model 3 had no problems getting on the tow truck. At the very least, it isn’t a hassle.

12 Towed For The Third Time

via Flipboard

According to Inside EVs, YouTube user DamienG needed a tow truck on three occasions during his first three months with the Model 3. As if that isn’t bad enough, it was the exact same problem in every instance.

The car was constantly reporting that an error was taking place. The third time, the problem was finally resolved. If you can believe, the error constantly taking place was a loose grounding bolt, according to the same source. We can understand safety hazards but Tesla definitely needs to improve on this part of their faulty technology. As the same source notes, this is usually the case with first year models.

11 Breaking Down On The Way Home

via Twitter

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to be thinking about is car troubles. That works double when you buy a new Tesla. However, for this Twitter user, the struggle was real on his way home from work. A caution sign was detected on his dashboard signaling a braking problem and that he should proceed with caution.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the touch screen became completely faulty with a laundry list of errors. The car stayed completely parked and stationary during the entire ordeal. He needed assistance to get out the predicament.

10 Stranded Calling A Tow Truck

via Jalopnik

According to Jalopnik, the example above features a completely drained Tesla Model S. The driver was forced into rolling at less than 45 miles per hour as the battery was on its last gasps. Even when the tow truck was called, the ride didn’t even have enough energy to make it on top of the truck. This was contrary to the belief issued by Tesla that the car still ran while it was on the tow truck (according to a statement they issued about the ordeal).

Ultimately, this was proven to be false as the tow truck driver even called the Tesla service line for info on how to tow the car since it was completely finished.

9 More Running Out Of Fuel

via YouTube

Via YouTube on the GR Garage channel, the two buddies knew that taking the Tesla Model X out for a road trip could have provided some serious issues especially when it came to refueling the car.

Of course, that’s exactly what happened. The battery was pretty much out, though thankfully they weren’t too far from the Tesla station. Ultimately, they were forced into kicking the car in neutral while riding at 15 miles per hour. Thankfully, they made it but once again this isn’t a problem drivers want to have in the future, especially during a lengthy road trip.

8 Model X Accelerates On Its Own

via Twitter

Ah yes, another example of a Tesla working on its own. Now that might be the future of cars but for time being, we’re still ways away. That’s especially evident with Tesla rides that also have a bad record of accelerating on their own. This is yet another example as the car ends up on a patch of grass. We also saw other examples, on, in particular, ended up inside of a gym as it accelerated on its own.

For those that don’t want to stress over advanced technology, it might be best to look the other way and avoid such faulty features.

7 More Getting Stuck Troubles

via Pinterest

This features a different kind of stuck. Auto Mobile Mag details the story of a couple taking the ride up the Los Angeles mountains. As they hit the top of the mountain and put the car in park, they went off to enjoy the beautiful visuals.

However, once they got back, things became a little sketchy. The car doors simply wouldn’t open and they were ultimately locked out. Making matter worse, the reception wasn’t all that clear. After a number of tactics, a tow truck came to the rescue. Out of all things, according to the same source, the solution that opened the doors included a balloon and stick... Technology huh...

6 Tape Work Of Art

via Nava

Musk would rather we didn’t see this photo given the condition of the vehicle with tape all around it. However, Musk couldn’t get this model out of the headlines as various sources linked the artist Banksy as the one behind this creation. Navva elaborates;

"Banksy has already left his mark on his work in different cities. Now apparently one of his newer creations has stopped in St. Gallen. As the online portal "Fm1today" reports, a passerby discovered a red Tesla there on the evening of Sunday which is completely covered with tape. Already at the beginning of December, the same car was spotted in Pratteln BL, as can be seen on a Youtube video.”

5 Towed Away

via YouTube

Another Tesla, another tow truck. Running out of battery is the problem yet again. This might continue as according to Inc, some truck owners are now even going as far as to block Tesla power stations with their pickup trucks.

According to the same source, a Tesla owner took exception to this. With their Model X ride, they actually attached the pickup and wouldn’t you believe, the car was strong enough to haul it out of the way. Those against Tesla might have to think twice when trying such prevention methods. It might take a tank instead...

4 Stuck On The Beach

via North Beach Recovery

We can see a massive pickup and SUV towering over the vulnerable Tesla in the photo above. Clearly, the Tesla tires weren’t ready for any such activity. North Beach Recovery posted this photo as they came to the aid of the Tesla, why the user would even contemplate this maneuver we really aren’t sure – let’s hope it wasn’t the autopilot feature creating another headache.

The wheels appear to be completely trapped in the thick sand. The likely scenario here is attaching a rope to the massive SUV or pickup and pulling it out. If you’re bringing this bad boy to the beach, choose your parking spot wisely.

3 No Drainage System For Trunk

via Motor Illustrated

Recent Tesla models include a lot of improved features. However, according to Motor Illustrated, the company took a step backward with the Model 3. Although the design seems to be visually appealing, the trunk has a serious defect. When opening the trunk, the back of the car doesn’t have a drainage system which leads to everything getting wet in the event that it rains. Once you pop the trunk open, in all likelihood, all the water just slips into the trunk area.

The same site notes that this can also turn into a serious issue during the winter time with snow. Basically, you’ll only get lucky in California with this faulty feature.

2 Model 3 Can’t Get Out Of The Snow

via YouTube

Even with traction control on, YouTuber Joshua Schultz couldn’t get his Tesla out of the snowy terrain. Instead, he was forced into wedging it out attached to another truck that was accustomed to such terrains.

According to the same video, the Model 3 might need different types of wheels when it comes to navigating rigorous conditions like snowy or muddy areas. Once again, this gives some car buyers the impression that the ride is only capable in warmer climates like out in California. Taking it for a spin during the winter months in places like Montreal might not be the best idea, especially with its original tires on.

1 The Front Trunk (Frunk) Gets Stuck

via autoweek

Another innovative Tesla feature is the Frunk. The front trunk provides the owner with extra cargo space, however, it might be a better idea not to put valuables in the extra area. According to this Reddit user, the trunk was completely stuck when trying to open it, making matters worse, the person’s purse was stuck inside.

A different Reddit user commented on a similar problem that took place during a road trip. The Frunk didn’t open and it took manual assistance at a mechanic to finally pop it open. Note to self, leave valuable belongings in the backseat or trunk, forget about the Frunk!

Sources – YouTube, Twitter, Navva, Auto Mobile Mag & Jalopnik

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