Enthusiast Revamps 1988 Fiero GT As A Full On EV

Sometimes, drivers just want to ride in a 1988 Fiero GT without paying for gas, that's why one enthusiast revamped his as an EV!

Enthusiast Revamps 1988 Fiero GT As A Full On EV

A mildly insane Pontiac enthusiast has remade a 1988 Fiero GT as a fully electric car.

And now he’s going to sell it.

“Are you interested in a zero-emissions commuter vehicle but you don’t want to drive one of those cookie cutter OEM models?” Begins the eBay listing for this one-of-a-kind all-electric sports car. “You will definitely stand out as I have for the past six years in this EV.”

For those of you born after the 1990s, the Fiero GT was America’s first foray into mid-engined sports cars. Built by GM between 1983 and 1988, the Fiero was an American response to then-popular European mid-engined sports cars, even adopting an Italian name which means “very proud.”


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However, Fiero owners were usually anything but. As was typical for US-built cars in the ‘80s, the Fiero was plagued with reliability issues and most complained about poor safety for occupants and somewhat anemic performance. About the only thing going for it was the incredible mileage the 2.5-L four-cylinder engine had on the base model, achieving 50 mpg on the highway.

This model was the up-engined GT version, sporting a 2.8-L V6 that didn’t get nearly as many highway miles. At least it was until this enterprising Fiero-lover tore out the engine and replaced it with an entirely electric drivetrain.

Now the car is powered by an HPEVS AC-50 unit connected to a 34-cell stack of Thundersky LiFePO4 battery cells. The system runs at 114 volts and produces 76 hp and 120 ft-lb. If those numbers don’t sound particularly impressive, the range won’t really blow you away either at around 103 miles.

Things get worse when you realize the electrification process adds 400 lbs to the car, stretching those 76 horses awfully thin. The owner did upgrade the suspension to deal with the added weight, however, getting to 100 mph “requires a stretch of road as well as very specific environmental conditions which include, temperature, humidity, grade, and daylight.”

Still, this car will definitely turn heads. Bidding started at $6,995 and has already jumped to $7,995, which is a steal when you consider a gas-powered version of the same car in the same condition would sell for much higher.


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