10 Best Entry-Level Luxury Cars

Luxury cars usually end up costing quite a pretty penny but there are a handful of entry-level cars to get you the luxury you crave, cheaper.

Today, high-end luxury is a concept that is no longer enjoyed only in the largest, most expensive and excessive automobiles; it can be found in more compact and affordable packages as well. Due to the oversaturation of the automotive market, buyers are faced with an increasingly difficult decision when searching for a car to suit their preferences. Therefore, we are today listing the 10 most luxurious cars that can still be attained by an everyday person for an affordable price.

Though successfully competing in the same segment, most luxury cars on this list put a noticeable emphasis on different benefits, such as sportiness, space, comfort, or affordability. This is why it is important to separate them and emphasize their key distinguishments in order to be able to make a successful purchase decision.

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Stepping into any of these cars, you will immediately be distanced from your woes and delighted by their features. Combining performance with ample space and posh trimmings, the cars on this list provide an upscale experience for both the driver and the passengers alike, and all that for a reasonable price. So, strap your seatbelts because these are the 10 best entry-level luxury cars on the market.

10 2020 Jaguar XE

The fact is Jaguar is not doing well today; the now Tata-Motors parented company has been experiencing steep slumps in sales and ratings. But how can that take away from the company's century-old persistence in delivering top-notch luxury automobiles that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The new XE is the epitome of the Jaguar ideology in a smaller and more affordable, $38,000 package. It improves on the shortcomings of its predecessors by offering a beautiful and competitive design bolstered by more aggressive lines, different bumpers, and new LED headlights. Things get even better inside, where the owner can opt for having up to 4 display screens across the cabin. Plush and luxurious leather seats combined with wood detailing and quality materials on all hand rests make the cabin an upscale experience. The old V6 is gone, and replacing it is a simple yet powerful inline-four that pumps out up to 296 horsepower.

9 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Giulia is indeed one of the best entry-level luxury cars, with all the features and tech that make for a great and upscale cabin experience. However, in this case, you're trading off a bit of interior space (compared to the likes of the C-class) for segment-leading performance. It still comfortably seats five, although the front seats offer a measurably better ride. The materials it uses are also high-quality and beautifully incorporated into the Italian interior design, yet they're not as posh as those in a Mercedes.

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The engine is where it shines. Italians have always had a knack for packing some extra heat under the hood, and the Giulia is no different. Putting aside the beastly 505-horsepower Quadrofoglio performance trim that will cost you an extra 30 grand, the standard Giulia models offer AWD powertrains all featuring 280-horsepower engines. The base model will set you back approximately $38,000.

8 2019 Volvo S60

At a base price of $36,795 The S60 sits firmly and comfortably among the top-rated luxury cars in the midsize segment, and offers one of the best cabin experiences in that price range, paired with a satisfying roar of a powerful engine. In fact, the best trim will provide you with 400 horsepower at the gas pedal, while the starting one will already offer a decent 250 hp.

The new model offers both a luxurious cabin and a powerful engine, while it also covers almost every important feature a modern luxury car should provide. It comfortably houses four people inside the posh cabin, fully upholstered in leather, with heaters and coolers underneath all five seats. With a beautiful design to add to the list of its virtues, the S60 gives everything you can look for in a midsize luxury sedan.

7 2019 Audi A5 Sportback

The car still seats five, yet rear-seat passengers will definitely not have as nice a time as those sitting in the front. Nevertheless, the interior is fully equipped and definitely up there with the likes of Mercedes or the Swedish Volvo - class leaders in terms of luxury. The benefit of opting for the A5, however, lies in the athletic performance and handling, bolstered by a powerful engine with outputs ranging front 252 to 354 horsepower.

6 2019 Tesla Model 3

This newest addition to the Tesla family is currently the only all-electric contender for the best affordable luxury car. Minimalists will be thrilled to sit in the Model 3's sparse and forward-looking cabin packed with an enormous 15-inch touch-screen display that connects the passenger with all the many technology functions of the car. The upscale experience is much bolstered by wooden inlays that surround the interior. Features include dual-zone climate control, key-less entry, and voice commands. The five passengers comfortably seated in the car will enjoy a roomy and elegant atmosphere due to the car's large glass roof, while high-quality materials aided with heating and cooling for both rows will make for an extremely satisfying ride. Don't forget the added comfort bonus from the superbly quiet all-electric engine generating a decent 258 horsepower for the weakest trim.

5 2019 Buick Regal GS

We had to give props to the Regal (in Europe manufactured as Opel) for managing to bring a comparatively upscale and luxurious cabin experience with plenty of room at the most affordable price on this list. It boasts rich standard features, including a 7-inch display, vehicle Wi-fi, plenty of USB ports, Apple CarPlay, navigation, and a glass roof panel. It also uses satisfactory materials and interior design features, that in no way compare to the segment leaders like Mercedes-Benz C-Class, but are still very well incorporated and visually attractive.

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Inside the deceivingly well-implemented boot, you'll find up to 60.7 cubic feet of cargo space, which can compete with many small SUVs. It doesn't falter on cabin spaciousness either, with all five passengers having plenty head and legroom to spare. And you'd be wrong if you thought this affordability means the Regal compromises on power: the weakest trim offers a 250-horsepower engine. And it does all this for roughly $25,000.

4 Genesis G70

Easy on the eyes and with a stunning interior, the G70 is surely among the best luxury cars in its price range. The car ticks the boxes of all features a well-versed luxury sedan should include; from an aesthetic design and a comfortable upscale cabin to a powerful and athletic powertrain. Detailed stitching and leather-upholstered doors make the car seem a lot more expensive than it really is. And the intuitive command control and abundant gadgets arouse delight in even the most demanding users.

It will comfortably seat five while providing abundant headroom and average leg-room in the back seats. As for safety, the car is actually rated as the best safety choice by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in 2019. Add to this a powerful engine that revs from 252 to 365 horsepower based on the trim, and the base price of roughly $35,000 seems like a bargain.

3 2020 Acura RDX

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Wi-fi, Bluetooth, voice commands, 9 speakers, 10.2-inch touchscreen display, and many more features come standard in the RDX. The engine does not disappoint either, churning out 272 horsepower for all trims and connecting to either an AWD or a RWD. For the base model, you will have to set aside roughly $37,000.

2 2018 Mercedes-Benz C-class

Real wooden accents decorate everything from the middle console to the doors, while the leather-upholstered seats comfortably seat five people. In addition, all of these materials are neatly incorporated into the overall sleek interior design and have a high-quality feel to them. Things are equally nice under the hood. The new C-Class starts with a 255-horsepower base engine, while the most powerful AMG beast can rev up to 503 horses, with an AWD system always optional.

1 2019 Kia Stinger

Kia left quite a few people surprised with the quality and competitiveness of their newest midsize luxury sedan dubbed the Stinger. The closest counterpart to the Giulia (also on this list), the Stinger is supposed to assume a sporty outlook on the whole luxurious sedan thing and manages to attract both with its performance and its overall quality. The fact that it's more affordable by no means implies the car compromises on luxury: leather is standard, and so are most luxury gadgets and features you'd expect to find in a high-end luxury car. These include a 7-inch touch screen display, USB, seat ventilation and heating, auto climate, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and an intuitive infotainment center.

In the back, the boot is impressively large, packing up to 23,3 cubic feet of space. However, most surprising is the engine - a four-cylinder that can produce at least 255 horsepower for the weakest trim, and up to an impressive 365 horsepower for the most powerful. The starting price for one of these is roughly $32,000.

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