10 Estate Cars That Revived The Station Wagon

Back in the day, station wagons were used the same way SUVs are used today. Sadly, the trend died off in the sense of style and desirability.

Back in the day, station wagons were used the same way SUVs are used today. A car with tons of room to store and carry our lives from one place to another. In some cases, people used the space to sit more kids while going on vacation. Sadly, the station wagon trend died off in the sense of style and desirability.

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Yes, there were wagons made to keep some traditions alive, but only such. Today, it seems like these new wagons make youngsters want these body styles more than sedans and even SUVs. Plus, most of these cars on this list have huge clubs' followings named after them. Here are the 10 estate cars that revived this body style.

10 Buick Regal TourX

People, millennials mainly, think of Buick as being a car for old folks. With the debut of the Regal TourX, it has been seen as nothing but a wagon that is desired by almost everyone if they can get their hands on it. It has a modern style and pizzazz that no other manufacturer can compare with.

It looks so laid back and wanting to take the road just as much as the driver. Priced accordingly though, for the middle-class family, it is a wagon made for the enthusiast at heart. Hopefully, the future looks bright that used specimens will be more affordable. Sure it is a recent model, but it still revives the wagon in this day and age.

9 BMW 3-Series Wagon (E46)

Road And Track

The E46 3-Series wagon is thankfully priced quite affordably to any enthusiast to buy. Who could want anything more than a BMW to have a wagon version of one of its best selling models? It is sleek-looking and with the elongated rear-end, the E46 wagon made enthusiast drool over wanting to own one.

Sure, the E46 wagon had a diesel variant, but it doesn't matter. Owning one, even in today's world, means that it was something that gives the owner a sense of fashion. BMW did a great job in making enthusiasts want to enjoy either the open roads or even the winding ones, want to drive this wagon and feel cool.

8 Mercedes-Benz E400 Wagon

The Mercedes-Benz E400 may be an expensive wagon for the enthusiast, but everyone knows just how badly the brand depreciates depending on the model. So in a few years, it will be quite affordable. The E400 is elegant and sleek all in the same breath. Plus, it is a Mercedes-Benz.

It is one of the desired brands of automotive enthusiasts. We know the price tag is hefty, but we are patient. The E400 wagon is no exception either. A touch of sportiness mixed with ride comfort is nothing short of desired when it comes to cars. Mercedes-Benz is no exception.

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7 Volvo V70 Wagon


The first-generation V70 wagon was not much of a looker. The second-generation was not much better looking. But these two generations led us to the third generation that was as nice as looking as the name estate. It means class, style, and prestige. Even though it is a Volvo, it made the enthusiast at heart sit back and realize that the V70 wagon is something that is reliable as a hammer to drive in a nail.

The diesel engine helped with fuel economy but enthusiasts want the comfortable ride and the smooth design that intrigued the population. It started the whole revival process. Minus the duller styling compared to the rest of the wagons on this list.

6 Audi A4 Wagon

The second-generation A4 wagon by Audi made the enthusiast fall for the wagon class of these years. What the market offered during the early 2000s did not seem to cater to the enthusiast who wanted a wagon. The answer was found with the A4 wagon. The German-built wagon made by Volkswagen took off like a rocket on the market.

Anyone who loves cars wanted it when it hit showrooms. The A4 wagon helped spark the revival in the wagon craze that we have today. So, thank you, Audi, for designing the A4 wagon to give enthusiasts something they never knew they wanted in the first place.

5 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

Who doesn't love the Volkswagen Golf? The German hot-hatch with great stability and sportiness debuted in showrooms across the world. Hot-hatch enthusiasts everywhere didn't know if they either wanted it or not but numbers don't lie. In the past 5 years, the Sportwagen sold more than 62,000 units.

Those are quite the sales figures to represent how much enthusiasts wanted it new. Either that or people of all classes wanted a wagon that much. Either way, the desire is there. A sporty and sleek looking wagon that has great performance in wagon form. The best of both worlds.

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4 Subaru Legacy Station Wagon

via 24carshop.com

The Subaru Legacy wagon that we have come to know today has the styling of the WRX that has been the craze of enthusiasts throughout the car world. The Legacy wagon added on to this fandom and made Subaru even more desirable since Mitsubishi didn't have much competition in the wagon department.

With the handling and performance capabilities as the rally car for Subaru, it was not much time until the showrooms emptied themselves of these cars. Now, enthusiasts can buy one for a cheap price to live out their dream of owning one of these gems.

3 Acura TSX Wagon

People never would have thought how popular the TSX would be. With a huge fanbase and various car clubs named after them, the TSX wagon became a big hit. With the luxuriousness of a higher-end Honda with a bit of sportiness and added on styling, the TSX began the luxury side of a wagon for enthusiasts and others alike.

A trend started, but it went further than that. A following took over and the TSX wagon is a popular luxury body style that other manufacturers followed after and made better.

2 Dodge Magnum

Via Mecum

The Dodge Magnum may not have been the prettiest wagon, nor maybe even the most reliable, but it offered the space and ride comfort everyone was looking for. Not only that but Dodge decided to throw in the V8 Hemi engine and give it an SRT nameplate. The people decided to either buy a Magnum or ignore it.

But who could ignore an American V8 under the hood? Exactly. Other cars usually offered V6s or a V8, but an American V8? Not a chance at all. The Magnum is one of the spacious American wagons on the old market. Sadly, it was killed off, but not without a fight first.

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1 Ford Taurus Wagon

Via CarWagon.com

The Ford Taurus revamped the station wagon when it came out. Sure, it is not a looker, but it started something. It offered space and comfort. Reliability was not much of an issue for most. Fuel economy was not bad for the time either.

The Taurus wagon was seen as a family car so not everyone bought it, but it made the difference for others to continue on making wagons. The station wagons before this and after the ones that were in style before were not what most would call appealing. But the Taurus wagon kept the body style alive.

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