10 Every Day Cars Of Formula 1's Top Drivers

People who dedicate their lives to cars must know a thing or two about what makes a good vehicle.

F1 drivers are some of the most incredible drivers on earth and get to showcase that all across the world on some of the best race tracks where they drive at ridiculous speeds on tight corners to showcase that.

However, when they are not in the racing world they all still need to drive in order to get from place to place and just like everybody else they own several normal everyday cars, but of course with F1 drivers there is a twist.

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With the money that most earn there is the opportunity to buy some incredible cars, which is an opportunity most take, in order to keep the speed high on the streets as well. Within this article, we will look at 10 F1 drivers and the everyday cars that they own.

10 Charles Leclerc: Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Charles Leclerc is a perfect example of amazing gifts that Formula 1 drivers can receive when they start bursting into the mainstream due to their performances on the track, with the young driver being gifted a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider.

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The car is incredibly powerful, with Leclerc comparing it to being out on the F1 tracks in terms of how it feels behind the wheel, which is a huge testament to just how fast this Ferrari is able to go.

When it comes to everyday cars to drive around for daily use, a Ferrari 488 Pista Spider isn't a bad option to have, and it's unlikely that Leclerc is complaining about it.

9 Jolyon Palmer: Renault Megane

Jolyon Palmer, the son of Dr. Jonathan Palmer who owns many of the bigger circuits in the UK, might be comfortable driving around an F1 course at breathtaking speeds, but when it comes to his real-life he seems to like a much more normal pace.

Unlike other examples in this list, Palmer has opted for the slightly tamer, Renault Megane as his everyday car, which isn't exactly the most thrilling vehicle to be driving around on a regular basis.

Considering his family history you would think Palmer might have a slightly more interesting rid, but perhaps he is waiting to splash out in the years to come.

8 Lewis Hamilton: 427 Cobra

A perfect example of F1 drivers choosing to drive a speedy car is Lewis Hamilton's 427 Cobra, with this being a classic car that he loves to drive, and pose for Instagram photos next to on beaches.

The car dates back to 1966 and his version is all original, which means it really is a collectors dream, with Hamilton keeping the car in LA, where he now spends the majority of his time.

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The car is certainly a sleek vehicle and the old-school style really does suit him, with Hamilton likely more than enjoying unwinding during his time off behind the wheel of it.

7 Daniel Ricciardo: Aston Martin

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most popular men in F1 history, with the widest range of facial expressions to have ever graced the sport, but it is likely just an expression of happiness that he has when driving his Aston Martin.

The car was actually given to him by Aston Martin Beverly Hills to help him get around in the US whilst he was there, and it's unlikely that he will have been complaining about driving such an incredible vehicle during his time away from the racecourse.

Whether he opted to keep the car is unknown, but he will surely be hitting up the Aston Martin branch the next time he is Stateside and needing a vehicle to get around.

6 Nico Rosberg- Mercedes

Nico Rosberg created one of the most shocking moments in F1 history when he retired immediately after winning his first championship back in 2016, and perhaps that was so he could enjoy all of the Mercedes cars that he owns.

Rosberg is clearly a big fan of the company as he owns a; Mercedes SLS AMG, a Mercedes G 63 AMG, a Mercedes GLE, and a 1970 Mercedes 280 SL, sparing no expense to create his iconic collection.

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Despite the fact he owns so many Mercedes cars, which could have been due to the fact he raced for the company, his dream car is actually a Ferrari 250 GT California Spider SWB.

5 Max Verstappen: Renault Clio

Max Verstappen is another Formula 1 driver who doesn't spend his time racing around in the real world as he actually just drives Renault Clio, which might seem like quite an ordinary car, but is a vehicle that has a lot of nostalgia for him.

Verstappen was only 17 years old when he started his racing career in Formula 1, which is a young time to start his career and is even more impressive considering that he hadn't even passed his actual driving test until he was 18, a year into his career.

Verstappen learned how to drive in a Renault Clio that he had actually bought for the sole purpose of learning, and he has kept hold of that, although he has purchased a $400,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS since then.

4 Jenson Button: McLaren 675LT Spider

Jenson Button may no longer be a Formula 1 star, but during his time he was one of the most popular drivers in history, winning the hearts of the fans, especially in the UK as he worked his way up the rankings.

Button is a known motor enthusiast, aside from the fact he spent his life dedicated to driving, with his car garage being incredibly impressive, with the McLaren 675LT Spider being the highlight of that.

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With a V8 and 675 horsepower, the car is incredibly powerful and was specifically shipped out to Button, proving just how much he wanted the car in the first place.

3 Lando Norris: McLaren 570S Spider

Lando Norris was very fortunate to be gifted a McLaren 570S Spider after he had passed his driving test, showing off the team's sports range on a daily basis as he drives around in the fantastic car.

Norris showcased what he had gone from on social media, going from a Volkswagen to the incredible McLaren, with its eye-popping orange paint job, the new F1 star is certainly catching plenty of attention with this car.

Even though he is young, Lando has shown all the promise of being a top star for the future of the sport and therefore it isn't a surprise to see him gaining top cars such as this.

2 Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari California T

Sebastian Vettel, much like most F1 drivers, has a wild collection of cars that he uses on a daily basis, with the pick of the bunch being the Ferrari California T, which was launched back in 2014 and was produced until 2017.

Containing twin-turbo V8 engine, with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the car is incredibly powerful and costing an extreme $231,600 minimum, it isn't a surprise that there aren't many of them in the world.

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With a net worth of around $45 million, which is still rising, it isn't a major surprise that he can afford such an incredible car to be driving around on a daily basis.

1 Lewis Hamilton: Pagani Zonda 760LH

You might have noticed the LH at the end of the car name above and had a question mark over it. Well, it's not a typo, instead, it is because this one-off version of the supercar was made specifically for Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton is known for sharing his car collection with his followers on his social media accounts, and the Pagani is one that he often shares, using the hashtag #batmobile, to show it off to the masses.

The supercar has 760 hp and can go from 0 to 62mph in less than three seconds, which is a speed that Hamilton is more than capable of coping with, with this being one of the most impressive cars that an F1 driver owns.

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