Everything Mansory Is Bringing To Geneva

The German-Swiss tuning company Mansory is heading to Geneva, and they're bringing some crazy creations.

Everything Mansory Is Bringing To Geneva

German-Swiss tuning company Mansory is coming to Geneva, and they’re bringing some of their most insane creations with them.

So what do you do with a million dollar hypercar that already stands out simply by virtue of its rarity? Well, if you ask Mansory, you make it stand out even more with a little touch of flare.

Or a lot, in some cases.

Ferrari-812 interior
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Take the Stallone, Mansory’s bespoke and custom version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. One look at the completely carbon fiber body kit immediately brings to mind full-body conversions of imported sports cars from the late ‘90s, but Mansory doesn’t stop there. The Ferrari’s stock 6.5-L V12 engine now puts out 830 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque (from 789 hp and 530 lb-ft) thanks to a new exhaust and tweaked ECU.

Inside the car is just as eye-catching as out, with a red-leather interior complimented by red-trimmed vents and completely redone buttons and knobs.

Mansory Veyron
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Following up the Stallone is Mansory’s Bugatti Veyron 16.4, codename Vivere. This time Mansory leaves the engine alone (what with Bugatti engines already being tuned to within an inch of their lives) but the entire car is redone in marble-patterned carbon fiber. The entire car now looks like an extremely fast boulder raring down on some unfortunate Indiana Jones character.

If the exterior is outlandish, the interior is divine. The combination of white leather and marble dash just scream taste and luxury. Note the all-new steering wheel.

Mansory Veyron
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We move on to Mansory’s Aston Martin DB11. Called the Cyrus, Mansory once again dove under the hood to get their grimy paws even grimier tuning the 5.2-L twin-turbo V12 until it spat out an astounding 700 hp and 626 lb-ft torque (from 600 hp, 516 lb-ft).

A full carbon body kit is somewhat more subdued in comparison with the Stallone, but the redone interior looks like something out of a sci-fi spaceship. The white textured leather combined with the bridge LED screens just looks like something out of Star Trek.

Mansory Aston
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Along with those bespoke creations, Mansory plans to bring a McLaren 720S, a Bentley Bentayga, a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Mercedes-AMG S63, and a Panamera Sport Turismo—all of them with varying degrees of performance upgrades and outlandish visual updates.

Check ‘em out at Geneva if you’re there.


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