Everything Matt LeBlanc: 15 Sick Cars And 9 Little Known Facts

When we hear the name of Matt LeBlanc, the first thing that crosses our minds is Friends and those days when he used to play the role of Joey Tribbiani. And somehow that perception of "not-so-bright" of Joey has stayed with us over time, along with the actor Matt, especially after the episode where Joey finds the keys to a Porsche in Central Park and pretends that the car is his. But when we talk about Matt LeBlanc in real life, some would be surprised to know that he is a true gearhead. Cars and speed have been his hobbies since he was a kid.

In fact, during an interview for the Wired website, with Jack Stewart, he talked about his love for cars and automotive engineering. The actor grew up in Massachusetts and his father was a mechanic so he learned everything about cars from an early age. “I love cars, I know quite a bit about them,” he said. “I like things that have engines in them," he continued, getting more and more excited. “I’m fascinated that you can take a collection of inanimate metal objects that are machined to fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and they’ll harness an explosion made by fuel and air compressed together, and use that energy to roll a set of tires down the road. I just think that’s one of the coolest inventions ever," he explained to Stewart during the interview. For this reason, here we will talk about the actor's collection of cars throughout his life and some fun facts about him and his passion for vehicles.

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24 Sick Car: Ferrari 360 Modena

Wikimedia Commons

The Ferrari 360 Modena is one of the favorites among Hollywood celebrities and a beauty that Leblanc could not resist buying. This car was designed by Pininfarina and has a body that is not only beautiful but also effective, and flows naturally without the need for ailerons, it is also capable of generating the downforce necessary to adjust to the ground and develop its potential with great security.

Currently, this car is considered one of the classics among sports cars and one of the favorites among lovers of speed and luxury cars. According to its technical features, it has a 3.6-liter V8 engine with double cam and 5 valves per cylinder, its transmission is semi-automatic with 6 speeds, with 394 horsepower and a torque of 583 Newton meters. 

On the other hand, the 360 Modena has advanced aerodynamics because it was designed intelligently, through the Pininfarina wind tunnels. It lacks ailerons and aerodynamic accessories, as it does not have the folding headlights because they affected the aerodynamics when they were lifted at high speeds. Its creators sought to create a car that did not have to resort to any accessory or extra help to stick to the ground and develop the power it sought, and the 360 Modena was the result of this work.

23 Sick Car: 458 Italia

Bentley Gold Coast

Then, after 12 years of driving the Ferrari 360, Matt Leblanc decided to try the new Ferrari 458. This being a Ferrari, we are talking about atmospheric mechanics of high revolutions, this vehicle includes a block of 8 cylinders with direct injection due to its 4,499 c.c. delivering 570 HP at 9,000 rpm and exceeding its predecessors. It also offers a specific power of 127 HP / I without supercharging.

The Ferrari 458 has the motor located in the central-rear position, longitudinally a dry sump lubrication is achieved, a technique that competitive models use to achieve that the G-forces to which the vehicle is subjected to sports driving during a circuit so as not to penalize the lubrication of this high-performance mechanics. The compression of the engine is 12.5 to 1 and the engine includes a variable distribution system which allows it to have a better performance and obtain high revolutions. On the other hand, as far as benefits are concerned, the 458 achieves a speed of 325 km / h and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds, while it can go from 0-200 km / h in 10. 4 seconds, and after the first 400 meters from zero takes 11.3 seconds, and 20.3 seconds can complete the first kilometer.

22 Sick Car: Carrera 4 GTS


It seems that for Matt Leblanc enough is never enough, and when you have a wallet like his, no car is out of our reach. The car enthusiast and faithful buyer of the Porsche brand also has a Carrera 4 GTS of 2012.

Apparently, Porsche knows how to keep a smile between the fans of the brand and buyers, the Carrera 4 GTS of 2012 was among the favorite cars of that year. This model comes in two body styles, Coupe or Cabriolet, it also includes a standard traction and allows to choose a manual transmission at 6 speeds, while it is optional the PDK seven-speed dual-clutch unit. With 408 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of 3.8-liter inline six-cylinder engine torque, it also features a guttural sound sports exhaust system and stability control from Porsche Traction Management. The rear suspension is deformable parallelogram (helical spring), while the front is McPherson type (helical spring) thanks to this drivers get better running agility, safety, and interior comfort while they're behind the wheel, besides the combination of this type of suspensions are the most used in vehicles because the two achieve a greater performance when the car is underway.

And regarding the times of acceleration, the Carrera 4 GTS offers 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds, in the Coupé (manual transmission), and 4.8 seconds for the Cabriolet. And finally, the PTM system can send optimal torque levels to the front wheels through a multi-plate clutch to help prevent the wheels from sliding.

21 Sick Car: 964 Carrera


The Porsche mentioned above was not enough for Matt Leblanc, he also had in his hands a classic of the brand, a 964 from 1988, that was sold between the years 1988 to 1993, conquering the automotive market due to its new reforms. With 85% new parts compared to the G series, the 964 adopted some technical solutions to the sport 959, this beauty has a boxer engine of 3.6 liters and developing 250 horsepower.

The main features that stand out are the fact that the 964 incorporated a Triptronic gearbox (optional), the chassis was developed from scratch and incorporated coil springs instead of rigid suspension with torsion bars, and it also includes airbags and power steering.

On the other hand, the popularity reached by this car was of such magnitude that Porsche diversified the range by launching a Carrera 4, the Cabriolet, and Targa versions. In 1990 they also included the 964 Turbo that had a 3.3-liter boxer engine, although, in 1992, it was replaced by a 3.6-liter engine that developed 360 horses. Then the Turbo S, the Speedster, and the Carrera RS versions would be added.

Finally, something that we should highlight about the 964 is that although the body was initially not so vanguard with respect to the G Series, the 964 included details that only gearheads could differentiate at first glance between one model to another, though the most striking change without a doubt was in the bumpers that were made of polyurethane and were more stylized.

20 Sick Car: Turbo 930

Bring a Trailer

Yes, the well-known former Friends actor was also behind the wheel of a second-generation Porsche, the Porsche of the 911 range known as 930 from 1987. And this is because Matt considers himself a true fan of the brand because only Porsche, with its models of the 911 range, can offer to the drivers a real experience behind the wheel.

The Porsche 930 of the Turbo range is an icon in the automotive history of the German brand, known for incorporating a few bumpers capable of absorbing energy in the impacts at low speed due to the new US safety regulations, that required a redesign to the entire front and rear, in 1974. However, the 930 had to face several obstacles before reaching the market and becoming what we know. In 1973 when the Oil Crisis broke out (Arab-Israeli war) it caused big brands to decide to stop the production of supercars, but Porsche decided to go ahead with the 930 project. In 1974, the first model of this series was released, with a displacement of 3 liters for a better response of the bass and allowing the driver not to feel the "turbo effect", also had a power of 260 hp at 5,500 rpm and managed to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6, 1 seconds.

Since 1975 many of the improvements that were used in the 911 Turbo 3.0 were extended to the rest of the models, improving considerably the performance of each car with years and models. The production of the Turbo 930 series was from 1975 to 1988, but it was thanks to Peter W. Schutz who took the presidency of the German firm between 1981 and 1986, and his love for the 911 that allowed the engineers to create new improvements for this series.

19 Fact: His Wildest Ride Was Driving One Of His Cars


For a car enthusiast and Porsche owner like Matt Leblanc, enjoying the experience sometimes means taking the capacity of the vehicles to the limit and seeing what they are really made of, and of course, it is a way to test yourself behind the wheel. So it's no surprise that one of his wildest rides behind-the-wheel has been driving his Porsche 911 GT2 RS, a 620-horsepower beast, manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive that is capable of bristling the skin of the person who is driving it.

Moreover, during his interview with Men's Journal, the actor said that so far no driving experience compares to what it feels like to be in a 911 GT2 RS.

In fact, during his interview with the website with the journalist Jesse Will, the actor said that for him "a Porsche needs to be to 911. That's just the way I am." And this is because no other sports car is compared to the engineering and design of the models of these brand. And of course! we must remember that these cars are designed specifically for hardcore drivers who understand the engineering behind the design of these cars, that's why we must to mention Leblanc's experience and knowledge about mechanics, for which the actor has expressed on several occasions that he enjoys modifying his cars with new accessories and toys that improve the performance of each car in the streets.

18 Sick Car: Turbo S 2014


How many Porsches is it legal for a person to buy? If our budget allows it, there is no limit, and this is the case of Matt Leblanc, who also acquired at one point in his life a Porsche Turbo S 2014 because there can never be too many in his garage, especially because we are talking about one of the most fierce and innovative brands in racing cars throughout history.

The 2014 Turbo S has an elegant body, ideal for day to day, but when we do an x-ray of this car we realize that it is a wolf dressed as a lamb, this car has 6 cylinders Boxer, a power of 530/6750 hp/rpm and a bi-turbo intercooler sequential indirect injection feed. While its performance is equally spectacular with an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 3.3 s and reaches a maximum speed of 315 km/h.

On the other hand, regarding the transmission and the chassis of the 2014 Turbo S, it has a rear engine with an all-wheel drive, a 7-speed PDK transmission, independent McPherson-type front suspension, while the rear suspension is multi-link SLA (Short- Long-Arm) and have a hydraulic power steering. And finally, the front tires are 235/35 / R19, while the rear tires are 305/30 / R19.

17 Sick Car: Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG

Motor Trend

But after all, Matt Leblanc can not be driving sports cars all the time, from time to time he must do things like us, the rest of the mortals who do not have a Porsche in their garages, and that is why Matt decided to buy a car that he could use for basic stuff, during his day to day, especially when he has to do errands and does not want to ride in one of those luxurious Porsches.

For that reason, the former Friends actor decided to buy the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, which of course is not a regular car, the ML63 AMG is as fast as any of his sports cars and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds thanks to its V8 biturbo engine of 518bhp and 5.5 liters.

Leblanc is also a fan of modifying his cars to improve his performance, although not much is known about whether he has modified his ML63 AMG or not, it is likely that he will do it in some point. On the other hand among the negative aspects of this car, we must emphasize its high consumption of gas, though it compensates with other virtues such as reaching 100 mph in less than 10 seconds.

16 Sick Car: Fiat X1/9

Hemmings Motor News

If something we have noticed throughout Leblanc's car collection is that he loves classic cars, and another of his prized acquisitions is the Fiat X1 / 9, another favorite among collectors of this type of cars.

So, what makes this car so special? This vehicle was launched on the market for the first time in 1979 and its production ended in '89, it entered the market of sports cars with a central engine in the '72 with the X1 designed by Bertone, although it was never a very fast car, it won several races. Moreover, as the years went by, several modifications were added. The Fiat X1 / 9 has a cross-sectional central engine of 4 cylinders in line and 8 valves double carburetor, increasing 1.5 liters compared to the previous version to 1979, this car also has a maximum power of 85 hp at 6000 rpm, in addition to having a 5-speed manual gearbox. On the other hand, it has a propulsion transmission and the tires are 165/70/13. Regarding its consumption, it is mixed of 8.1 L / 100 and has a weight / power ratio of 11.9 kg / CV = 62 kW / T.

However, one of the great advantages of this car is that it can be easily modified to achieve greater performance. Usually, the owners of a Fiat X1 / 9 usually add cylinder heads, air filters, exhaust systems, carburetors and turbochargers, and even some fans come to place larger engines in the range of these Fiat. A car in excellent condition can improve considerably after adding springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bars of the new generations.

15 Sick Car: Porsche 911 R


For some, even having the opportunity to sit in the co-pilot seat of a 911 is a privilege, but to drive one of those beauties? that's a gift from the gods of automotive engineering. And believe it or not! Matt Leblanc is the proud owner of one of these cars.

The 911 R is a clear tribute to the Porsches of this range mainly during the 60s, its body seems to have been designed taking as inspiration the Porsche 911 GT3, and also has the classic vinyl at the bottom of its doors, with longitudinal stripes red being a clear reminder of the small sports car that was sweeping competitions of the caliber of the Tour de France or Targa Florio. However, it does not have extreme aerodynamic details, such as the fixed rear spoiler characteristic of the GT3. This car came on the market at a time when most of the 911 range just made the transition to turbocharging, but the new 911 R is an ode to all those details that characterized Porsche and that lovers and old-school drivers will adore, due to its atmospheric engine, its manual gearbox, and its lightness, being the lightest Porsche 911 in the range.

14 Sick Car: Porsche 911 GT2 RS


Matt Leblanc has expressed in several interviews his love for speed and "Porsche-a", in fact, he considers himself a big fan of the brand, so it should not be surprising that he has another of these beauties, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Leblanc, who considers himself a car enthusiast, explained during an interview with BBC Radio that the car scares him, and of course, the 911 GT2 RS has 620 turbocharged horsepower, rear-wheel drive, and the six-speed manual.

In addition, he explained "It does everything, you can go to the store in it, it's not too ostentatious and nothing comes off the apex like a rear-engined car. You can go to power quicker, I think, in a rear-engined car, so you have to go in easy on the brakes; you can't really trail brake too hard, or it'll swing around on you, but you can go pick up the throttle quicker."

The 911 GT2 RS is a beast, here we are not talking about a children or beginners game, this car was designed by and for lovers of extreme cars, so do not confuse their acronyms, this car is even more powerful than the GT3 , and compared to a 911 GT2, it is 70 kg lighter and have added 90 HP of power to the engine, it can also reach 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, while reach 300 km/h in 28.9 seconds. Its time in Nürburgring, 7 minutes 18 seconds. The 911 GT2 RS is definitely a car worthy of god's behind the wheel.

13 Fact: Only 500 Examples Of The GT2 RS Were Built

Car Keys

And, Yes! Our beloved Joey (Matt Leblanc) is one of the lucky 500 people in the world, who has this car in their garage. In fact, only about 135 copies arrived in the United States.

As I explained earlier, this is not the kind of car you buy just to show, it's made for lovers of hardcore automotive culture, who seek better experience behind the wheel and it is definitely not designed for casual fans, this car is for people who know about this business.

And just notice that it's not the kind of car we usually see in the streets of Hollywood, but unlike many celebrities, Leblanc understands the language of cars and does not buy vehicles just for the sake of bragging, so it's rare to see celebrities in cars like the GT2 RS, usually the most popular celebrities in the world of entertainment look for the best sports cars just for show, but they have no idea what type of machine they are driving because these beauties are not just for only "go faster," it is about learning to take advantage of each of its virtues to the fullest.

So definitely, the GT2 RS is not the type of car that is purchased by accident: the person who buys this car in particular, know what they are acquiring and why. Which is why we will never see celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner or Floyd Mayweather, behind the wheel of a 911 GT2 RS.

12 Fact: The GT2 RS Now Costs Double

Periodismo del Motor

The Porsche GT2 RS has so many exclusive details from its mechanical engineering to its physical aspect making it impossible not to fall in love with this car at first sight. And without a doubt, the masterminds behind its creation did their homework, a 3.6 boxer engine of six cylinders that seems infinitely usable, the power is transmitted to the rear axle by manual transmission, brakes carbon ceramic series, PCCB, suspension with specific adjustment; In addition to having PASM systems (Porsche Active Suspension Management ) and PSM (Porsche Stability Management), the car also incorporates roll bars to take advantage of the journey with greater stability, just a vehicle delight at the reach of our hands and pedal.

In 2011 the Porsche GT2 RS went on the market with a price of $ 245,000 but of course, this price has been revalued over the years, because this type of cars become the target of the gear heads or collectors of luxury cars, and due since there are only 500 of them around the world, the GT2 RS has become one of the most sought-after cars. Currently, it is estimated that this beast costs the double of the initial price when it was released to the market, however, sometimes the prices may be higher in case the car has another type of modifications.

11 Sick Car: Ford Focus RS

via motorauthority.com

As a sports car fan, Matt Leblanc enjoys finding new vehicles to test on the streets and add to his collection. Matt always seems to be hunting for new vehicles that can acquire and have the potential to be modified to be able to fully explore their capabilities, and for this reason Matt is not afraid to try different brands or models, and that's why it should not surprise us, that he decided to buy the Ford Focus RS, in fact during an interview with Jesse Will for the website Men's Journal the former member of Friends talked about it, saying "You know what I'm going to buy next? One of those new Ford Focus RS, wheel drive, 350 horsepower, turbo four, Sounds fun. "

Ford Focus RS is a balance between price and quality, this 5-door car can also be used as a family vehicle, but believe me, if Matt put his eye on this car is because it is more than "a city car."

The Ford Focus RS has a three-cylinder engine, has 1.0 Ecoboost 125 hp for greater strength and optimization of the range of revolutions. Although the Ford Focus EcoBoost engine continues to offer significantly higher consumption than a diesel equivalent.

What would have improved the most, by far, its the entertainment equipment of the car. For the first time, it will come with SYNC 2, a system based on 8" high-resolution touch screen, with voice controls, navigation, climate control and we can synchronize our mobile apps. It has also improved its automated parking system, Active Park Assist, with an improved perpendicular parking function.

10 Sick Car: 1973 De Tomaso Pantera

Coys of Kensington

Matt Leblanc during an interview with John Pearley Huffman for the website Car and Driver said that the first thing he did with the money he made with the sitcom that launched him to fame, Friends, was to buy a Pantera sports classic. He also explained during his interview that "it was a labor of love eventually. I ended up spending a lot of money on that thing."

The Panther became one of the most popular sports of De Tomaso, after its first official appearance in 1970, stealing all the attention due to its body manufactured by Vignale, according to the design of Tjaarda and assembled in Modena, with a self-supporting chassis and a rear engine of V8 Ford of 5769 cc that reached 310 hp. In addition, it had a box of changes ZF of 5 speeds, brakes of disco Girling assisted in the 4 wheels, suspension of 4 independent wheels and direction of the rack. Regarding its other features, this vehicle included iodine headlights, stereo radio, engine compartment lighting and air conditioning as an option.

On the other hand, its manufacturer presented it to its potential buyers, most of them, Americans, in a catalog illustrated by a yellow copy where you will see the car and the Roman Trevi fountain, and described it as "Pantera by de Tomaso, imported for Lincoln -Mercury," highlighting in its gestation the contribution of the coachman Ghia.

9 Fact: He Loves Bikes Too


On the other hand, Matt Leblanc has shown us that he is a true fan of speed, racing, and extreme sports, which is why he decided to buy a ranch in California and adapt it to be a motocross track. And the fact that he bought the Caterpillar D6M XL Bulldozer, tells us a lot about Matt's passion about cars, automotive engineering, speed and the technological advances that we can implement in these extreme vehicles.

During an interview with John Pearley Huffman for the website Car and Driver Matt said: "I love to work on dirt bikes." A dirt bike has the absolutely essential "s---t to run." and putting them back together, it's like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

It evacuates my mind of things that I love to not spend time thinking about. "While in his interview for the Men's Journal website, the actor talked about his passion for modifying vehicles to achieve better performance. "I've rebuilt a few engines One bikes I had a little Aprilia 50cc scooter and I ordered a 70cc big bore kit to swap in, and timed myself how fast I could do it I thought I did it in a couple of hours - changed the head, the pistons, the cylinder, and the black box."

8 Fact: His First Car Was A 1984 Nissan Pickup

Nissan Forum

But not everything was always luxurious for Matt Leblanc during his life, Leblanc's first car was a Nissan Pickup, and during his interview for the website, Men's Journal, the actor expressed the following about the car "A brand-new 1984 Nissan pickup. Kind of bummed because I took auto mechanics as an elective in high school, and there was not anything needed fixing."

In '85 Nissan launched a new member in its range, the 720 generation that was the most popular during its launch, overshadowing its predecessor the Nissan 620. Moreover, the 720 pickup was available in two basic bodies, Regular Cab and Crew Cab, although afterward, they added other variations that include the body Truck Sport (ST) and Deluxe (DX). Among its internal features highlights its 2.4-liter camshaft carburetor (SOHC) Z24 with a power of 103 horsepower at 4,800 rpm. Using a computer controlled carburetor as its main fuel system, but a fuel injection system was also introduced in late 1985 with the modified Z24i engine. The standard transmission is five-speed manual, with the option of a three-speed automatic transmission.

Among other features, the 720 came with independent front suspension A-arm with torsion bars and a crossbow-type rear suspension. While the series of brakes is front disc and rear drum brakes.

7 Sick Car: Chevrolet 1978 Blazer

Mecum Auctions

But Matt was not satisfied with the Nissan, he was looking for something that represented a challenge and that really needed internal changes that he could solve, especially because Matt has expressed in several interviews that he enjoys adding modifications to his cars that allow him to get the best potential and performance of each vehicle. And thanks to the fact that his father was a mechanic from an early age, he learned how automotive engineering worked, so he decided to sell his Nissan Pickup for a Blazer. During the interview with Men's Journal, the actor stated the following "So I sold it and bought a 1978 Blazer, and that needed a lot of work." Eventually, I said, "You know what? Maybe that Nissan was not so bad. "

Among the specifications of the Blazer of the second generation (1973-1991), it had a wraparound board, four-wheel drive and had removable roofs. However, we must emphasize that by the time the Blazer was in the market along with Jimmy ( GMC), and both models during that time were quite similar, although we could emphasize that Jimmy was always a little more elegant. For the 1975 Blazer model, new grids and a 6.6L V8 had been added and some would also get a catalytic converter that required the use of unleaded gasoline. The following years added subtle changes but the base remained the same, but in 1978 the electric windows and locks were added for the first time. By 1979 Blazer and Jimmy had catalytic converters, but both rivals did not change much since 1978.

6 Fact: His Start On Top Gear Was Not Smooth


Top Gear is a British TV show from the BBC franchise that focuses on the automotive world. Basically, the program seeks to test different types of vehicles, from the most luxurious to the most common, making them go through different tests while the hosts travel around the world, to see if they comply with what manufacturers offer. In addition, the program from time to time invite certain celebrities. Initially, the program was led by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, who were the hosts for more than a decade before switching to the new hosts in 2016. At that time the name of Matt Leblanc came up, who has already appeared in some episodes of the program.

The producers knew about Matt's background, so they thought of him as one of the hosts, but when the news came out some critics and the audience were not quite sure with him among the hosts of the well-known British show, after all, many people kept seeing him as the Friends guy.

During an interview for The Times, the actor explained how he felt about the criticism when he joined the Top Gear team. "I did not realize I'd be stepping into the middle of the middle s***storm," Matt explained regarding accepting a place on the first series. "I did not know if I was leaving," LeBlanc told the publication. "I get along fine with the guy. I read it in the paper. "And he finally said" I was just there to deliver some jokes and drive some cars, "he added. "I think the second season after Chris Evans left, it became more of a collaboration. In Chris's hands he was the guy in charge and when he left it became more of a collaboration. "

However, Matt has shown that he is up to the task of leading the Top Gear program and that he has the experience of a complete gear head. Currently, Matt LeBlanc and automotive journalists Chris Harris and Rory Reid present the program, with Matt being the first American host of the franchise.

5 Fact: He Gets Driven Around London In An S-Class


Since he was selected to present the Show Top Gear, Matt is in London to record each episode, and during an interview for the website Car And Driver when the journalist asked him what car was he driving in the British city he answered the following "I do not have a car in the UK. I sit in the back of an S-class because I'd never find my way around London. At work, I drive on the racetrack so I do not feel the need to get anything out of my system, Here (U.S), I drive myself everywhere."

Currently, the generation of Mercedes S Class offers the most complete ranges, and this is because they have a total of six bodies created under the same base, the difference is that they have been created for different audiences and needs. The S-Class offers to consumers a wide range of thrusters, can be used configurations of 6 cylinders in line V8 or V12 supercharged by turbochargers and with power forks ranging from 367CV to 530 HP, while the transmission is always automatic 7 to 9 relations, but Mercedes also offers the option to choose between a rear-wheel drive or 4MATIC all-wheel drive. And finally, it has a semi-autonomous driving system that allows the vehicle to drive on its own. And also, it offers the system ENERGIZING system that allows recognizing the mood of the driver to offer different environments to improve the comfort and attention of the driver by using the air conditioning system, ventilation, heating and massage functions of the seats, music, among others

4 Fact: He Would Never Buy A 914


And yes, even for a faithful buyer of the German brand, Matt believes that not all cars that come to the market by Porsche are an intelligent purchase, and the 914, according to the actor, is not worth it. According to Men's Journal the actor and host of Top Gear declared the following "I'm not a fan of the 914, though I know there are some die-hard fans out there. I'll get letters about that."

So, it leaves us wondering what's wrong with the 914! This Porsche was a 2-seat roadster with a central cover. Its production began in '69 and about 118,978 automobiles were manufactured until '76.

The 914 had a compact design with a power boxer engines that was channeled to the rear wheels through a manual gearbox 5-speed, and also had independent suspensions. But, although it handled the curves well is not strong enough in acceleration, in fact, the standard versions came with 4-cylinder engines cooled by air, while the most powerful was a 2.0-liter engine with fuel injection, generating 101 horsepower.

On the other hand, the most popular option among users was the Volkswagen 1.7-liter model, which though it was not a performance engine with 80 hp, besides, despite being a light car it takes to the 914 at least 12 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, remaining behind with respect to capacity if we compared to other sports cars of the 70s.

3 Fact: He Has A Need For Speed


Matt Leblanc loves racing and everything related to vehicles. In fact, during an interview on The Graham Norton Show, he explained that being part of the Top Gear team was somehow his dream job because he has always been a fan of automotive engineering and speed, for which he was subscribed along the years on thousands of magazines about cars and he has stacked them in his house, but finally all that reading about automotive engineering has helped him to get a fun job.

But Matt has not only stayed with the theory, we also know that his father and the elective class he took in high school about mechanics have helped him to understand everything about motor engineering.

While in terms of speed and learning to drive he has attended several driving schools. During his interview with the website Cars And Drivers, the actor said:"I’ve been to a couple of racing schools. I do a lot of track days on my bike—road-race days. On a motorcycle, your line choice is crucial. You can’t put the power down until the bike is upright. So that and the driving schools and, to be totally honest, the talent pool in the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” is not very deep. Let’s call a spade a spade. It’s not like I was battling with the F1 guys. Chris Harris can drive circles around me. That guy is quick. I love Chris Harris. They can be racing wheelbarrows in Sweden and he’ll tell you who’s leading the points."

2 Fact: He Had The Fastest Lap On Top Gear

Top Gear wikia - Fandom

Top Gear not only mixes speed and cars, from time to time they enjoy inviting celebrities to the studio to chat a make them take a timed lap test. Guests must complete a full turn in a particular vehicle that will be provided to them, and that tour must be finished as quickly as possible while the hosts are checking their time. After season 15 they retired the Chevrolet Lacetti and replaced it with the impressive Kia Cee'd that is more powerful and it was in this car that Matt Leblanc broke the record to the fastest lap timer with 1: 42.1., in the year 2012 when it was invited to the program, beating Rowan Atkinson's 1: 42.2 into second place, while in third place is John Bishop with a respectable 1.42.8 and finally in fourth place is Michael Fassbender with a lap of 1.42.8 (Ice).

And without a doubt, all those driving school classes plus his knowledge of automotive engineering helped him to stand out in the test and place himself as a winner in the chart. This fact would later help him to get the job as one of the new hosts in the Top Gear program some years later.

1 Sick Vehicle: Caterpillar D6M XL Bulldozer

Team Coco

But not everything in the life of Matt Leblanc revolves around the universe of the sports cars of the German brand, the actor also enjoys other vehicles such as the case of the Caterpillar D6M XL excavator. According to the article by Ryan McElroy on the website Car Keys UK, the actor after buying a ranch in California L.A. decided to buy the excavator to accommodate the terrain and create the motocross track of their dreams, also adapted to ride trail bikes around. Although the actor admitted during an interview that he sometimes only enjoyed drinking a few beers, sitting behind the wheel of his D6M XL “ride around and knock some s--- down”.

And of course, when it comes to automotive engineering Matt is accustomed to buying the best, and among the characteristics of the D6M XL include its transmission of change of force of speeds, 3 numbers of forward and backward movement, a speed maximum forward 10.3 km / h, while backward is 12.7 km / h. On the other hand, it has a Caterpillar engine with 6 cylinders, a total power of 114.1 kW and turbocharging, while the blade has a depth of cut of 444 mm.

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