Old BMW Series 1s Can Look Just Like 2002s Thanks To Everytimer Automobile

They say the world of fashion progresses in looping timelines as designers look back searching desperately for sources of future inspiration. And while the automotive world certainly trends towards nods and homages to the industry's past, a new German tuner, Everytimer Automobile, is taking retro style to the next level.

Along with an all-electric Ford Mustang coming out of the UK and after all the misguided attempts by Detroit to bring back retro styling in the Chevy SSR or Ford Thunderbird of the early-2000s, Everytimer Automobile provides a novel route to take for the historically-minded among us. And given the fact that values are approaching stratospheric for some vintage cars—the Porsche 911 and BMW 2002 certainly come to mind—perhaps taking a basic modern car and retro-modding it seems like a good idea.


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But where most backyard wrench-monkeys end up producing Frankensteins without an identifiably positive quality of either modern cars or vintage classics, Everytimer Automobile looks to have hit the nail right on the head. Their route takes an E88-generation BMW 1-Series convertible—built from 2007 to 2013) and restyles it to resemble, at least in part, the 2002 of old. The design results speak for themselves, with the shark-nosed front end and distinctive grille shining through as highlights.

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On the interior, a selection of finishes results in more of a retro theme than a build, given that a modern infotainment system, complete with selector knob and automatic gearshift lever, remains intact. They've named the creation the ETA 02, and are optimistic that potential clients will remain enthusiastic that their cars retain modern touches like bi-xenon headlights, keyless entry, and park distance sensors.

The hand-built ETA 02 utilizes a carbon exterior shell atop the 1-Series convertible's underlying platform. The quality workmanship must include a bit of wizardry, as well, given that those roundeye headlights and taillights still utilize modern componentry. Everytimer Automobile's website doesn't list a price for how much their work will cost, but given the bespoke elements that their website advertises as possibilities, it seems unlikely the final total, including a 1-Series convertible, will cost less than mint-condition 2002. But it seems unlikely the 2002 came with adaptive cruise control.


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