10 Expensive Cars With Surprisingly Low Horsepower

For individuals who can spend a large sum of money on a single car, most would think that such a vehicle would come with every bell and whistle possible: Amazing looks, comfort, and power. However, this isn't always the case.

In the current automotive market, there are a good amount of cars, both new and old, that cost a lot of money yet don't provide impressive horsepower and torque outputs. This can be explained for a multitude of reasons like personal preference or a larger focus on comfort, even a lack of technology at the time.

Nevertheless, here's a selection of 10 expensive cars with surprisingly low horsepower:

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10 Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln is not known for its outright speed, rather their luxury. The Navigator is no exception with a comfortable interior, great looks, and comfortably rivaling that of Bentley and Mercedes. The most expensive model will run close to $100,000.

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The Navigator has around 450 horsepower. At first, you may say "This is plenty," however, the SUV weighs around 6,000 pounds. This means that the number of power it has isn't enough to propel it to incredible speeds, especially for its cost. Then again, that was never this vehicle's goal.

9 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Although this isn't in the million-dollar category, it is still an expensive luxury vehicle above that of the average car on the road. Still, though, the A-class sedan only amounts to about 180 or so horsepower as a result of its meager 2-liter 4-cylinder.

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Once again, the intent of Mercedes in making this car was to not make a racing car, but to make something reliable and enjoyable. There are options for faster versions though they cost much more for the AMG badge.

8 Lancia Stratos

Rally fans will be very familiar with the Lancia Stratos as it is a legend amongst the World RallyCross Championship. It won three championships in a row in the Brand World Championship '74, '75, and '76. An incredible performance known as a "hat trick" with three in a row. Not to mention several wins at the Monte Carlo Rally and many others.

This history doesn't come for cheap with the most expensive Staros selling for around $500,000. Even with this car's pedigree and wins, it only puts out about 190 horsepower. The light body and technologically advanced design help, of course, but it is surprising nonetheless.

7 Audi A4

Like the Mercedes A-class, the A4 is a relatively expensive Audi sedan with a strangely similar 2-liter 4-cylinder producing the exact same power: 180 horsepower. The family-oriented A4 most certainly does its job for the average upper-class individuals though.

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Audi is one of Mercedes direct competitors, so it makes sense why they would produce a similar luxury sedan with low power outputs and luxury touchings. Regardless, it's horsepower is not enough to do much with without a few modifications.

6 Lamborghini Jalpa

"A Lamborghini with low horsepower? That's impossible." You may think that, but have you ever even heard of the Jalpa? The Lamborghini Jalpa flies under the radar for a good bit of car enthusiasts since it was not produced for very long and didn't hang on many bedroom walls as posters in the '80s.

The Jalpa had close to 250 horsepower, although most nowadays have not retained its original status and fallen closer to the high one-hundreds. And since the Jalpa is still a Lamborghini for all intents and purposes, it cost close to $100,000 or more depending on the condition.

5 DMC Delorean

It's time to go back to the future. Well, actually the past, because DMC (Delorean Motor Company) is no longer in existence. After the DMC Delorean was immortalized in the blockbuster film Back To The Future, the company owner, John Delorean, came under some legal troubles and was arrested. Subsequently resulting in the collapse of DMC.

Despite all the trouble, Deloreans are still famous, allowing them to go for large sums of money. Even over $100,000. Sadly, Deloreans are not as fast as the movies make them out to be, making 88 miles-per-hour look more like a chore. The Delorean is incredibly slow due to its lacking 130 horsepower. Going back in time is going to take some effort is it has to reach high speeds anytime soon.

4 Renault 5 Turbo 2

Like the Lancia Stratos, the Renault 5 Turbo made its fame in the Rally scene. This well known Renault won a few very important races like the Monte Carlo Rally, French Rally, and the Portugal Rally. Even though it was not as much as some other competitors, the Turbo 2 is cemented into the culture of the classic rally.

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The engine powering the Renault 5 Turbo 2 is a small 1.4-liter I4 with a total power of just 160 horses. The power-to-weight ratio is very good though, so the car isn't slow by any means, just surprisingly low of a figure for such a historical and expensive race car (going for well over €85,000).

3 Mercedes-Benz 540K

There are a lot of expensive classic cars, especially Mercedes brand ones. The Mercedes-Benz 540K is one such Benz that had recently sold for $9.9 million dollars. That's a pretty penny for a really old car, although the 540K was the car of leaders back in its day. Both famous and infamous characters rode in 540Ks—and others like it—for one simple reason: Because they were the peak of luxury at the time.

The maximum horsepower figures from the 540K were around 160. Very impressive for the time, but still slow by our standards with a top speed of 110 miles per hour. On the other hand, V.I.P.s don't like to be thrown around in the back seat.

2 1952 Ferrari 212 Export Touring Barchetta

The 1950s were a magical time for racing. Nobody knew what they were doing which lead to risks, close racing, breakdowns, and innovation. Ferrari put the 212 into the Italian "Targa Florio," a racing series where it performed well. It also participated in the Mille Miglia, another famous racing/automotive venue.

Even though the 212 Export Touring Barchetta was indeed a race car, it only had a 160 horsepower. Like the 540K, it was impressive for the time and even overshadowed by some of its competition. Nevertheless, it's still a Ferrari and the 212 Export Touring Barchetta will be $7 million to take home.

1 1905 Rolls-Royce

As the name suggests, this Rolls-Royce is very old. Built in 1905, this particular Rolls-Royce resembled a Ford Model T and other vehicles around the time period. The model was designated the "Rolls-Royce 15 HP." For what reason? Well, it had 15 horsepower.

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This is laughable when compared to modern-day vehicles, however, not having to ride a horse every day was the biggest benefit. When the 15 HP was released, it was nowhere near what it goes for now: millions upon millions. Some even say cars like these are priceless for how long they've lasted and their brand.

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