10 Expensive Supercars That Just Aren't Worth It

Sometimes it is worth paying extra for a luxury product; and sometimes you're better off going with the cheaper option.

Buying a supercar these days typically comes with a good deal of excitement. You did just buy a top tier car after all, and you’ll want to show it off to everyone in town. Almost every car company on Earth has pumped out their own supercar, and every decade sees more and more of them pass into the public eye.

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With so many models out there we can’t help but wonder what supercars just aren’t worth it. Luckily, we’ve got you covered on that end. Below we’ll cover some of the 10 most expensive supercars that just aren't worth the money, especially with as old as some of these are.

10 Weber Faster One

We have absolutely no clue what the designers of this car were going after. The body is made entirely out of carbon, and while we can forgive that error since it made the car faster, we are still confused as to why the car even looks the way it does. While not especially hard on the eyes, it’s nothing special either.

We can’t help but be confused as to why this car even costs as much as it does. Especially since the car is outperformed by a Bugatti Chiron. We can’t see any decent reason to own this supercar, and your money would be better spent elsewhere.

9 Delorean DMC-12

Okay, we can agree with you that this car could totally be worth buying as iconic as it is from Back To The Future. But that’s only if purchasing a car in the name of nostalgia is reasonable to you, and it really shouldn’t be unless you have a fat bank account.

It’s a two-door coupe that doesn’t offer much in the first place aside from its fancy doors. It goes by “Delorean” because it was the only model ever produced by the company and just over 8,500 of these were ever produced, making it not very worth it back then as well.

8 Vector M12

This car isn’t worth it in terms of design and the fuel usage it takes to run the machine like you need to. It only gets 13-miles to the gallon, and you may not even be able to take this thing out on the open road because it may not be street legal anyway.

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What’s really not worth it? The fact that there were only seventeen of these produced, and not in the “Special edition this car is too cool to not buy” way. It was a failed mark that left hardly any memorable scenes with it in racing, making this car not worth it at all.

7 Caparo T1

We can understand the appeal, it is a supercar after all. But let us ask you this? Where are you going to drive this thing? It isn’t street legal, and the second you are seen in this thing in public it may result in a very hefty fine.

The car also tops out at 149 mph, which won’t even match some of the cop cars out there. Weigh in the fact that this car is a gas-guzzler, and the price just doesn’t seem worth it. You would probably need access to a high-class race track for this to even begin to reach reasonable.

6 Panther 6

This is a car you would see in a low-budget spy movie from the 1970s. It is a clear representation of the style surrounding the era, but it misses several marks that would land it as a reasonable buy. The car came with six tires, and for a convertible coupe, we’re scratching our heads and wondering why.

It’s not like this car would be efficient in any off-road sports, despite the two extra wheels. It also came with an extra steering wheel, allowing two people to gain control at any time. Why? We have no clue, and absolutely nothing about the car seems like it would be worth the price.

5 Ferrari 400

Sad to see a Ferrari on this list? Believe us, we are too. That’s why we are wondering just where the idea for this car came from. It was a two-door grand tourer that failed to really land with a U.S. market.

Not everyone expected every car to be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that they expected to find one where the quality of the design really suffered. Only a few thousand models across multiple generations were ever produced, and it really only found any footing for sales in Italy, where some of the cars can still be seen today.

4 Aston Martin Virage

This model was supposed to be the needed replacement for their former V8 engines. It didn’t do quite as well as they had hoped, and the Virage only saw a little over 1,000 models sold in the name. It was received well, but all of the other supercar models that came after the first generation failed to even come close to the numbers that their predecessor did.

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The grand tourer was not well received at all, and it's not a memorable model for anyone who knows the Aston Martin brand. That is unless they are thinking about huge failures.

3 Mitsuoka Orochi

This started off as a concept car in 2001 and some people are wishing it would have stayed that way. It doesn’t seem that appealing, especially in the back where the design can look like a splattered web. We have no clue what the inspiration for this car was, and neither does anyone else, which is probably why the model saw so few sales.

It was even named the “Ugliest Car In The World” though some call it bold and polarizing, we can understand the first statements' viewpoints well enough. The final generation, The Devilman, sells for over $175,000. We have no clue where this price tag came from in their minds.

2 Lamborghini Jalpa

Lamborghini really tried to make their cars more affordable, and while we seriously admire this move, it didn’t pay off well for them in the least bit. It was said to be easier to drive and had critics on the opposite side saying the steering was too heavy and the acceleration was way too slow.

Only 410 of these cars were ever produced, which should tell you everything you need to know when it comes to how well received the car was on its initial release. It bombed so hard, there weren’t any future generations inspired from it, and it died along with the 80s.

1 Jaguar XJ220

This was a valiant effort from Jaguar, and we can’t blame them for what they were trying to do. They wanted to make a supercar that didn’t cost too much, but still leave a dent in your wallet in the name of quality.

All it really ever did was take your money for a sublime model you could have spent on a more reasonable one (none in this list). This car fell hard, and when it did, it stayed down. Only 282 of these were ever produced in the world, and no one really cared to get their hands on them.

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