Top 10 Greatest F1 Teams To Ever Compete

Since Formula 1's inception in 1950, many teams and manufacturers have entered the sport in an attempt to win the golden prize: A world championship. Like many other sporting venues, some teams are more successful than others. Some fad away after a few seasons while others stay for decades.

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There are several factors as to what makes a Formula 1 team successful, most of which surround the financial position of those who undertake such a challenge. Of all the motorsport categories, F1 is definitely the most lucrative and technologically advanced. So, naturally, to even have a shot, you need everything at your disposal.

That being said, here is a list of the top 10 teams in Formula 1 history who managed to go above and beyond the call of duty and have their names engraved into the proverbial F1 "hall of fame."

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10 Sauber

Since the early '90s, Sauber has had its roots in Formula 1. In 1993, Sauber first hopped onto the scene after leaving Sports Car racing to pursue another venue. They experienced mild success as their own team but truly excelled when partnering with other, more experienced and wealthy, manufacturers.

Sauber has partnered with Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, and Petronas. Of these groupings BMW seems to be the most successful in terms of race wins, but (to this day) they still have a deal with Ferrari to be their sister team.

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Even though their race wins are menial, their history in the sport and subsequent collaboration with other teams surely showcases their importance to the sport.

9 Brawn GP

Brawn GP is the textbook definition of 'one-hit wonder.' Founded by Ross Brawn in 2008, Brawn GP would only compete in one season in its entire existence in Formula 1, but it would shock the world in doing so.

With the two drivers; Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, and the amazing technical engineer Adrian Newey, they managed to make the 2009 season their own by winning both the drivers and constructors' championship. This had almost never been done before (and will likely not be done again), which showcases both the skill of their drivers and the technological advancements they made throughout the season. Brawn's trademarked "double diffuser" revolutionized aerodynamics in the sport and helped to propel them to such fame.

8 Lotus/Team Lotus

Like Ferrari, Lotus is one of the classic F1 constructors with many wins and podiums to its name. While technically starting in the early '80s, Lotus had already, somewhat, been in F1 since the '50s in the form of the sister team called "Team Lotus."

Team Lotus won seven constructor championships and almost as many drivers' championships before they became just "Lotus," but would sadly be unable to repeat such success later on.

What makes them really great though is their early performances and legendary drivers (Jim Clarke and Mario Andretti). These drivers made Team Lotus what it was and catapulted them into victory. Even before Lotus retired from F1 in late 2015, they continued to have great performances, amazing drivers, and a historical pedigree that goes unmatched by most teams nowadays.

7 Renault

Beginning in 1977, Renault has had varied success in the industry. However, they have stuck with the sport since then. Their most triumphant seasons, though, were in the early 2000s, particularly 2005 and 2006, when Fernando Alonso took both championships for himself and the team.

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Renault has hosted a litany of great drivers like Alonso, Alain Prost (The Professor), Giancarlo Fisichella, and Robert Kubica. All of which learned valuable skills in the team and pushed them into greater victories. Now, in 2019, Renault still competes with its own car and is also an engine supplier for multiple other teams. Without Renault, F1 would, without a doubt, be a less exciting and skillful sport than it is today.

6 Benetton

After purchasing the Toleman F1 team in the '80s, the Benetton family entered into Formula 1 to promote their own clothing business. Benetton racked up over 25 wins in F1 during their run.

Before being sold in 1997, the team had the world famous driver, Michael Schumacher, take them to many victories and a single constructors' win. Though they didn't last for too long (in the grand scheme of the sport), their victories and a knack for discovering upcoming talent helps to cement them as one of the historical greats.

5 Red Bull

The youngest team on the list: Red Bull. Don't let its age fool you though, Red Bull has tasted more success than most teams that have ever competed, winning four drivers and constructors' championships. All of which were earned back-to-back from 2010 to 2013.

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Once again, Adrian Newey was their technical designer and used his wit and skill to propel Red Bull from a fledgling team, one that could barely stay away from the last place, to multiple world championship wins and continued success even today in the 2019 season.

Like Benetton, Red Bull also has a skill for eyeing future talent and even has a junior program to find the next "up and coming" talent. The 4-time world champion Sebastian Vettel was one such junior driver, along with their current line up of the 21-year-old Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly.

4 Williams

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Keke Rosberg, and Nelson Piquet. All of these world-class drivers have raced for (and won with) Williams Racing Team. With 114 race wins, 128 pole positions,  and 7 drivers and 9 constructors' championships; Williams is without a doubt one of the most outstanding F1 teams ever to exist.

Once again, Adrian Newey helped with the design and mechanical workings of the race car and assisted the drivers in achieving their goals. With this unbeatable combo of A-tier drivers and A-tier engineers, Williams were virtually unstoppable the many decades they ran.

Sadly, however, Williams is now struggling to see the same success and frequently find themselves in the last place. Hopefully, this poor luck and lack of funding will turn around before they disappear forever.

3 McLaren

Founded by Bruce McLaren, the McLaren racing team still participates in F1 to this day. Bruce McLaren built his own race car in the '60s and helped take the cars to victory. Tragically though, Bruce died in 1970 after an accident at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, but his legacy lives on.

With a total of 8 constructors' championships, 12 drivers' championships, and 182 race wins; McLaren has seal itself into the record books of Formula 1 greats. These wins were due to some of the greatest McLaren racing car driver, such as Alain Prost, James Hunt, Niki Lauda, Ayrton Senna, and Lewis Hamilton (the current 5-time world champion).

McLaren still competes today, but (unlike Williams) has had more success. However, they still deal with reliability issues and haven't actually won a race since 2012.

2 Mercedes AMG

Beginning in 1954, Mercedes had Juan Manuel Fangio win the championship for the team, but all of it was cut short in 1955 when a Mercedes crashed at Le Mans, killing nearly 80 spectators. Afterwards, Mercedes vowed to leave motorsports and did not return to F1 until 2010.

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After their return, Mercedes has absolutely dominated F1 with 5 world titles in a row from 2014 to 2018. It's also likely that, with the way Mercedes has won every single race so far of the 2019 season, that they will win another this year. The team is highly coordinated, well funded, technologically advanced (so much so that even Ferrari can't keep up), and equipped with the best driver on the grid currently: Lewis Hamilton.

At the beginning of 2019, Mercedes had five consecutive 1-2 finishes, bringing their total of race wins to above 90. Mercedes hasn't even lost a race this season (yet). Because of this, many fans today have stopped watching F1 races due to Mercedes dominance, and some believe that the 2019 season is already over.

Can Mercedes be beaten? Can anyone match their skill and performance? Only time will tell, but one team seems to be up to the task.

1 Scuderia Ferrari

The Prancing Horse, the golden boy of Formula 1: Ferrari. Since the beginning of F1, Ferrari has been there. On paper, Ferrari is the most successful and victorious F1 team ever to exist. They've had 15 and 16 drivers and constructors' championships respectively. Along with these world championships, Ferrari has an astounding 234 race wins and 221 pole positions throughout their time in the sport.

Even today, Ferrari is one of the only teams with the resources, skill, history, and financial backing to present Mercedes with a challenge. They frequently find themselves on the top steps of the podium and use their drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc to their maximum potential, although their race strategies leave something to be desired.

With Scuderia Ferrari's historic wins, continued success, and legendary status among every car/motorsports aficionado, it's no wonder why Ferrari is the most victorious F1 team ever to exist. It's going to be a very long time before any team, even Mercedes, catches up to the achievements that Ferrari has made and will make in the coming seasons.

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