Floyd Mayweather: 9 Facts He Doesn't Want People To Know About His Cars (And 9 He Does)

Here are 10 facts Floyd Mayweather wants us to know about his car collection and 10 he’d rather keep to himself.

He’s a polarizing figure, but you can’t take anything away from his workflow and hustle. Floyd had a different vision as he explains to Fortune. This led to the slew of cars we all admire from a distance these days;

“I was the athlete that wanted to be his own boss. I could have easily gotten a huge deal with any big name brand, but I chose to go out there and start my own brand—the TMT [The Money Team] brand. And, of course, we’ve got Mayweather Promotions.”

With all that wealth accumulated, Mayweather has built a dream garage, to say the least. In fact, at his residence back in Vegas, the undefeated boxer’s garage resembles a darn Rolls-Royce dealership! In this article, we take a look at some crazy facts pertaining to his car collection. These are things that boost Mayweather’s ego even further. But with that being said, he likely wants you to know about the $3-million Rolls-Royce collection and the time he purchased duo LaFerrari models. In truth, that’s only the beginning as you’ll see in this article.

On the flip side, we’ll also reveal some details he might want us to forget about. This includes some rides he might have cheaped out on. In addition, all of the rides he buys might be temporary; we’ll explain that in detail during the article.

Enjoy, folks, and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 facts Floyd Mayweather wants us to know about his car collection and 10 he’d rather keep to himself. Let’s get started!

18 Keeps To Himself - Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita Modified To Meet California Standards

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Floyd’s most prestigious ride has to be his Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. You don’t see the car in the US every day (there are only two) – the vehicle is extremely rare and kind of frowned upon in the US due to its speed capabilities.

What Floyd doesn’t want us to know about his best supercar is the fact that it was modified in order to meet the California laws.

So, in other words, the car's a lot slower than the original back in Europe. Perhaps, this might be the reason why Mayweather put the ride up for sale. The car has a disturbing worth of $4.8 million.

17 Wants Us To Know - $3 Million Rolls-Royce Collection

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Floyd’s favorite car brand has to be Rolls-Royce. Ever since his stardom began, Floyd has been insistent on purchasing various rides from the luxury company. He isn’t buying just any Rolls-Royce either, Mayweather goes for the finer rides. According to TMZ, the cars have a total worth of $3 million. Here are some of the rides and their values, according to TMZ:

“Phantom Limited Edition: $580k, Ghost Extended Wheelbase: $330k, Wraith: $300k, Drophead Coupes: $500k each ($1m), Phantom limousine: Price unknown (we're guessing high 6 figures).”

He stores all those beauties away at his Vegas mansion.

16 Keeps To Himself – Has A Team Money Stretch Hummer

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He recently visited Manila, and Mayweather claims the trip took place due to the outpouring of the fans. Obviously, Mayweather had to enter the country in pure luxury. Sports ABS explains:

“There was no way that Money Mayweather wasn't going to roll around Manila in style. Waiting for Mayweather and his team in Manila were two custom The Money Team stretch Hummers, a custom Rolls-Royce Phantom with the TMT logo on the side, and a couple of Lamborghinis as well.”

All of those rides make sense, but there's one elephant in the room: the stretch hummer...

In 2018, that’s not the coolest ride to be riding around in. Of all his luxury rides, maybe he wants this one to be on the down low.

15 Wants Us To Know - He Never Rents Cars... He Buys Them

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This is the unique part about Floyd’s collection. All the cars you typically see him riding in aren’t rented out – he makes it a point to let everyone know that they’re cars he bought. Mayweather ripped into Conor McGregor in the past for renting out his rides, such as a Rolls-Royce. Conor got himself into some trouble for standing on the top of one. Had it been his, it would've been okay, but the dealership that rented it to the UFC star was none too pleased.

Floyd doesn't have this issue at all. With a worth near billions, all the cars you see in his garage are his.

14 Keeps To Himself - Turned Down A Jaguar As Personal Transportation In London

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We fully understand that Floyd’s a luxury type of dude, but to turn down a Jaguar overseas in London might be pushing it a little too far. According to The Mirror, Mayweather absolutely refused to get into the Jaguar despite the ride being brand new and a real stunner of a car:

“Floyd is a real car fanatic and point-blank refused to get into the Jag. It was very embarrassing, as it’s a lovely car, and promoters had laid it on specially.”

Floyd refused to budge, and it was an uncomfortable situation. Ultimately, the undefeated boxer got his wish, and his ride was swapped for a Rolls-Royce.

13 Wants Us To Know - Bugatti Collection

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Floyd knows a thing or two when it comes to Bugatti rides. The boxer has purchased the luxury ride in both the past and the present. His collection is a disturbing one with an insane value. Let’s evaluate the worth of his Bugatti rides: Triple Red Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible ($3.3 million), White and Black Bugatti Chiron ($6.5 million Combined) and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Chassis 008 ($3 million).

Now those are some heavy Bugatti choices – typically, the boxer buys a Bugatti with a worth of over a million. Yikes!

12 Keeps To Himself - Doesn’t Keep Most Of His Cars (Resells Them)

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Although Floyd doesn’t rent his cars, he doesn’t keep most of them either. In fact, Floyd typically attempts to turn a profit on some of his best rides. In the past, he put a lot of them up for auction. That includes one of his most prestigious Bugatti rides, the Grand Sport Chassis, which has a value of over $3 million. It doesn’t always turn out “money” for Floyd. The highest bid at the auction was at $1.9 million. According to TMZ, Floyd was livid at the price, and he refused to sell the ride.

He also sold his most prestigious ride, the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Once again Floyd didn’t turn a full profit, as the ride sold for $2.6 million - over $2 million below its actual worth.

11 Wants Us To Know - Bought Two LaFerraris

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LaFerrari might be the hottest Ferrari type on the market. The new model definitely isn’t a cheap one with a worth of over a million. Floyd had numerous Ferraris in the past. However, this might've been his greatest Ferrari purchase ever, as he bought a twin pair.

Floyd bought both the classic red LaFerrari Rosso Corsa along with a stunning white-pearl LaFerrari.

What Floyd might not want us to know is that this purchase happened following the sale of two of his Bugatti rides. Nonetheless, it's still a purchase most of us could only dream of, and that includes lots of high-profile athletes.

10 Keeps To Himself – Purchased Lower-End Ferrari

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Floyd’s collection is more than just million-dollar Ferrari rides. What Mayweather might not want us to know is that some of his Ferrari purchases have been on the lower end — well, at least by his standards. He once had a Ferrari 458, which has a price tag nowhere near the LaFerrari's at just above $250,000. The same holds true for his Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, which has a price tag in the same vicinity. Floyd bought these two rides together.

On the contrary, he’d want us to know about his Ferrari Enzo. The price on that ride? Over $3 million!

9 Keeps To Himself - Spends 25K In Oil Changes For His Bugatti

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If you thought $3,000 a week on haircut trims was bad, what about $25,000 spent on oil changes? Now, we can get on board with Mayweather paying some big bucks for some of the best luxury cars, but $25K on oil for his Bugatti is absolutely crazy!

On average, oil changes range from $75 to $200. According to Floyd’s car dealer, Obi Okeke, he’s taking things to the next level, especially with his Grand Sport Convertible Bugatti:

"The Bugatti's getting a major service. You know, $35,000 (£25,311) worth of new tires, $25,000 (£18,079) worth of fluids and an oil change."

8 Wants Us To Know - More Than Just Cars

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“I got a new jet for my birthday #AirMayweather #TMT.”

In classic Floyd fashion, the boxer made this announcement via his Instagram account just a couple of months back. If you ask Floyd about his car collection, the first thing he might tell you is that it runs a lot deeper than just cars. In fact, Floyd doesn’t have just one private jet; he’s purchased three total in the past! There just aren’t many athletes that can say they have the resources to do so.

Among his other purchases includes a stunning yacht that most of us might want to live on. He also bought his kid a Bentley golf car worth $20,000.

7 Wants Us To Know - Buys Most Of His Rides Prior To A Fight

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Mayweather might be taking a page out of Jordan’s book. Back in the day, MJ would ride into the arena with his fabulous Ferrari and while puffing on a cigar. Jordan would later admit he was doing this to intimidate the opposition. Floyd uses a similar mindset, and it might be another way for him to flex his financial muscles. He doesn’t need the post-fight pay; he already has more than enough.

The Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible is one of his most prestigious pre-fight purchases. However, let’s not get it twisted; he buys expensive rides after fights as well. Following his big fight against Manny Pacquiao, Floyd used some of his earnings to buy the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

6 Wants Us To Know - Has A Phantom Rolls-Royce Limousine

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Just imagine rolling into the gym with a personal driver and inside a beautiful Rolls-Royce limousine. Well, that’s the reality for Floyd who was riding in the ride with his own chauffeur prior to a training session. He also uses the luxury limo when attending a prestigious event.

The limousine might be one of his most expensive Rolls-Royce rides with an estimated worth in the six-figure range.

Who needs a tour bus or a Jaguar when you have a darn Phantom limo driving you around?

5 Keeps To Himself - Still Has His 1996 Mercedes-Benz

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His first car was a ’94 Indy Beretta. Floyd bought the ride back when he was 17. He didn’t keep the ride; however, he did keep this 1996 s600 Mercedes. It’s far from the most prestigious ride he owns, so in all likelihood, you won’t hear all that much about it.

However, it does hold a lot of sentimental value as one of his first major purchases. Floyd also kept the ride in remarkable condition. Despite the age of the Mercedes, it maintains just over 30,000 miles. That’s an accomplishment in itself.

4 Wants Us To Know - Lamborghini Murcielago Was One Of His Major Purchases

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It might not be everyone’s favorite Lambo, but it's still quite the achievement looking back. Buying the Murcielago was one of Floyd’s first major purchases years ago. In the day, the ride had a price tag back of half a million. Seems like Floyd has been flexing those money muscles for a while now.

Now, he doesn’t buy Lambos in the same he does with his Rolls Royce and Bugatti rides. However, he's bought a couple. Along with the Murcielago, Floyd also bout an absolutely gorgeous Aventador — the ride has a worth of $750,000.

3 Keeps To Himself - Sued For An Accident He Wasn’t Even A Part Of

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Floyd knows a thing or two when it comes to dealing with lawsuits. Just type in “Floyd Mayweather sued,” and you’ll find a slew of stories from the past. However one of the most bizarre lawsuits dealing with Floyd pertains to a head-on collision — the truly bizarre part is that Floyd wasn’t even in the vehicle.

J’Leon Love was the one driving the vehicle and, making matters worse, Floyd’s kids were in the car. Floyd was sued by the other driver, who made the claim that Love was driving erratically. This is one of the many lawsuits Floyd has dealt with.

2 Wants Us To Know - More Than Bugatti & Rolls-Royce

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He's typically known by car enthusiasts for his slew of Bugatti rides and Rolls-Royce vehicles. Heck, the Rolls-Royce purchases alone resemble a darn dealership. However, the truth is it runs a lot deeper than just those two car companies. Floyd has an embarrassment of riches that run far beyond.

His rides also include a Mercedes SLS AMG, a McLaren 650S Spider, a Lamborghini Aventador, and oh so much more.

The McLaren, in particular, is a thing of beauty and one of his most recent purchases to drop our jaws.

1 Keeps To Himself – His Car Got Firebombed In London

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Mayweather might want to reconsider future trips in the UK. Not only did he angrily turn down a Jaguar ride, but he was also part of a scary situation. Mayweather’s TMT van got completely destroyed thanks to a vandal. The van was set on fire, causing quite the scene. It looked like a scene out of a movie.

The disturbing act of arson took place back in March of 2017. For Floyd, his cars are usually his happy place but it was quite the opposite in this scary and forgettable situation.

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