10 Things You Didn't Know About Michael Schumacher

There's perhaps no more famous F1 driver than the legendary Michael Schumacher. For all the facts and trivia you didn't know, here's a list.

Michael Schumacher is arguably the greatest Formula One driver of all time, having 91 wins under his belt, as well as an incredible 7 F1 Championships, Schumacher was an unbelievable racer.

Unfortunately, the F1 legend is still recovering from the horrific skiing accident that left him with traumatic brain injuries back in 2013, with the racing legend being in a medically induced coma since 2014.

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While Schumacher may sadly never fully recover, his legacy will always be set, with nobody being able to take away his achievements, and within this article, we will rank 10 things you may not have known about him.

10 His Lucky Charm

Perhaps one of the reasons for Michael Schumacher's incredible success was because of the lucky charm that he carried around with him throughout his career, having it with him on every single race.

The charm was an old gift that his wife had given him, which was an old African beaded bracelet and he wore it all the time, particularly on race days as a good luck memento.

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Interestingly, that charm was also found buried in the snow on the site of his skiing accident in the French Alps back in 2013, proving just how much it meant to him.

9 He Isn't Into Luxury Cars

You might think that a man with the driving skills of Michael Schumacher, who is used to driving some of the fastest vehicles on earth might want to drive around in a similar sort of car in real life.

However, the reality is that Schumacher was never really into luxury or supercars and actually used a Fiat 500 Abarth as his personal car, with the Fiat Croma being his family car.

While Schumacher did own a Ferrari FXX, it was given to him as a gift from the car manufacturer after he announced his retirement from Formula One and wasn't something he chose to purchase.

8 His Role In Cars

Just like Lewis Hamilton, Michael Schumacher was also part of Pixar's popular, Cars franchise, the animated movies that are based all around different cars, and of course, Schumacher had to be involved.

It was Director John Lasseter that wanted to have professional, real-life drivers make guest appearances in the movie and he had Ferrari connect him to the legendary driver in order to make it happen.

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Schumacher unsurprisingly voiced a Ferrari F430, with his work being recorded at 2005's Canadian Grand Prix event in Montreal, with his voice being found in the first of the trilogy.

7 Not Wanting His Son To Race

Many fathers would love nothing more than for their sons to follow in their footsteps of whatever chosen career path they have, but that wasn't the case for Michael Schumacher, who made it clear he didn't want his son to drive.

Knowing all too well how dangerous racing can be, Schumacher did not want his son Mick to become one, with the legendary driver pushing for him to chase a career within a different sport.

However, as we all now know, Mick has gone on to become a driver and is attempting to keep his fathers legacy very much alive in his name moving forward.

6 His Love Of A Different Type Of Racing

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It wasn't just car racing that Michael Schumacher was a big fan of, as he actually loves horse-riding as well, owning his own horse ranch in Switzerland, as well as another one in Texas.

While he enjoyed riding horses for fun, his daughter, Gina-Maria, takes things a little more seriously and is an equestrian European master, competing in shows all around Europe and the U.S.

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Taking after her father, she has had a successful career in the sport, and this is likely the main reason that Schumacher created the ranch's, helping to develop her passion and skill.

5 His Charitable Donation

One of the reasons that Michael Schumacher became so popular amongst fans of the sport was because he always came across as a very genuine, nice person that wasn't interested in being a celebrity at all.

A great show of his character came after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, which sadly claimed the life of his bodyguard, Burkhard Cramer and Cramer's two sons through the tsunami.

Schumacher donated an incredible $10 million in aid which was far more than any other athlete, celebrity, corporation, and even some countries managed to provide.

4 His Championship Tower

Dubai is known as the home of some of the world's biggest skyscrapers as the city becomes one of the fastest-growing cities in the world and there is soon to be a building named after Michael Schumacher rising.

The Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower is currently being constructed in Dubai, with this being part of a project with seven towers to be constructed worldwide and named after different Formula One legends.

For Schumacher, his building is going to be in Dubai, and as you can see by the concept images, it is set to be visually very impressive from afar and up close.

3 How His Career Began

Michael Schumacher's love of racing began from being as young as four-years-old when his own father attached a motorcycle engine to his pedal kart which allowed him to experience racing for the first time.

His experience driving it didn't go perfectly though as he actually crashed it into a lamppost, which could have brought an end to a legendary career before it had even begun, but thankfully he rose up and continued driving.

That same year, his parents who had noticed his love of racing took Michael to a local racing academy where he became the club's youngest member, and the rest is history.

2 A Passion For Soccer

Much like his love for horse racing, Michael Schumacher also had a real passion for soccer, proving he was certainly not just a one-sport man, with his love for soccer going beyond just watching it as a fan.

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While he was certainly a fan, with his favorite teams being FC Kohln, from his native Germany, and Newcastle United in the English Premier League, he also spent time playing the game.

Schumacher actually played for some amateur level clubs in Switzerland where he managed to score some impressive goals.

1 Designing A Ferrari

Michael Schumacher and Ferrari was a match made in heaven and the two had so many years of great success on the Formula One circuits working together, however, that wasn't the end of his role with the company.

His role with Ferrari often went far beyond simply racing for them, as he did other things for them, including helping to design the Ferrari Enzo, which is one of Ferrari's most popular cars ever.

His focus was on the design of the car, making it as sleek as possible, as well as helping to ensure it would also perform well, using his expert opinions to aid Ferrari in the development.

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