Learners: 10 Famous Celebrities Who Don't Know How To Drive

Not everyone learns how to drive, which can also include rich, famous, or powerful celebrities. Which stars need a stunt double to drive a car?

Learning how to drive is an essential life skill, with the fast-paced, ever-moving world that we live in, the need to drive is crucial in order to get from point A to point B in daily life.

However, many people still do not learn or even try to take lessons, and that includes some of the worlds biggest celebrities! Of course, for them, it isn't as much of an issue as they are able to pay for a driver, but not having the ability to drive is still a big surprise to many.

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Within this article, we will take a look at 10 celebrities who are still very much in the learning phase of their driving life and do not know how to drive a car.

10 J.K. Rowling

She might be one of the most famous authors in the entire world, having penned the incredibly popular and successful Harry Potter franchise, but J.K. Rowling does not know how to drive a car.

It is incredibly surprising and shocking when you learn that powerful names such as Rowling do not possess the life skill of driving a car, but it is something she hasn't gotten around to doing.

Rowling has admitted it is probably best she doesn't learn how to drive, though, claiming that her spatial awareness is so bad that she would likely be a problem on the road.

9 Noel Gallagher

He might be one-half of one of the world's most famous rock bands, but Noel Gallagher is unable to get behind the wheel of a car and drive it around, despite his need for travel being incredibly high.

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The need to drive in England is just as high as anywhere else in the world and considering he often travels to watch his beloved Manchester City play, it is even more surprising that he doesn't drive about.

At one point, Noel owned five cars for some reason, possibly just because he could, but he has even admitted in interviews that it is embarrassing he doesn't know how to drive, so perhaps it's time to learn?

8 Kate Beckinsale

Another celebrity who doesn't have a clue how to drive is Kate Beckinsale, who has talked openly about her failures trying to learn, having failed her test and struggled to get to grips with things behind the wheel.

She may often pose and model in cars, but she doesn't have the first clue how to drive it around afterward. Instead, Beckinsale admits she relies on rideshares such as Uber in order for her to get around.

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Recently, Beckinsale has shared videos on social media of her teenage daughter learning how to drive and so it seems even she might beat her own mom to the post when it comes to getting a license.

7 Cardi B

Cardi B is an incredibly popular rapper who is becoming one of the biggest names in the world of music, but she is also another celebrity who doesn't know how to drive a car at the moment.

You might think by looking at her Instagram that the rapper is perfectly capable of driving as she poses with her Lamborghini Urus, but she admitted on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke that she doesn't have her license yet.

However, full credit to her, she also stated she is taking lessons so it is more than likely that Cardi B will be out on the road in the near future.

6 Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is a fantastic actress who has put in countless incredible performances; however, when it comes to driving, she isn't quite as talented. Unfortunately, the Brit has failed her test several times.

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Mulligan told Jimmy Kimmel that Mulligan hasn't failed once, or even twice, but she has actually failed her test on five different occasions in the UK, although she did manage to get her US driver's license when working on a film stateside.

However, even though Mulligan can drive in America, when she returns home it is back to public transport, ordering taxis and relying on other people to drive her around.

5 Perrie Edwards

Back to the world of singing now and another talented musician who can belt out a tune and dance along to her hits, but is unable to get behind a car and drive herself anywhere, with Perrie Edwards relying upon Uber instead.

Edwards is one member of the popular girl band, Little Mix, and whilst the rest of the group know how to drive, Edwards is still lagging behind when it comes to passing her test.

Despite her inability to drive, Edwards has bought several cars, perhaps with the future in mind, and even treated her mom to a Range Rover, but at least she can drive it!

4 Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams is one of the biggest names in the music industry, having had an incredible career as a member of Take That and also as a solo artist. Williams is a British icon.

Considering the amount of money he must have earned throughout his career, it does seem quite baffling that Williams hasn't taken the time to learn how to drive, although he can certainly afford a driver.

Robbie doesn't seem overly phased about the fact he cannot drive, though, having discussed it quite openly during interviews in the past.

3 Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts is the drummer for The Rolling Stones and has obviously had an unbelievable career and lived an incredible rock and roll lifestyle. However, that lifestyle apparently does not include a driving test.

Watts is actually a horse breeder, which might have distracted him from driving. Considering the fact that the Stones will have been on tour buses a lot, it isn't a surprise that he didn't bother learning.

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At this stage in his life, it is unlikely he is going to learn and who can really blame him? It hasn't been a problem so far.

2 Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood, breaking out with impressive performances in series like American Horror Story, but she hasn't managed to get her license just yet.

Perhaps she's been too busy getting her acting career off the ground, but learning this important skill should certainly be helpful, although she is still young and there is plenty of time for it to happen.

Roberts did actually get a permit at one point, although she failed her test. Consequently, her permit expired and she failed her test for the permit a second time, which is likely why she just gave up on it.

1 Ricky Gervais

The popular comedian might be able to roast other celebrities at the Golden Globes and tug at the audience's heartstrings with amazing shows like Derek on Netflix, but one thing he cannot do is drive.

As you would expect with Rickey Gervais though, he isn't exactly apologetic about the fact he doesn't know how to drive. The comedian doesn't really care and seems more than happy having a personal driver.

Gervais often talks about this topic in chat show interviews where the host is normally baffled by the comedian's revelation. At this point in his life, he just doesn't see the point in bothering.

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