25 Fast Boats That Can Outrun The Coast Guard

With both the law and watercraft on the Coast Guard’s side, a boat would have to exceed 65 mph to even conceive of getting out of their reach.

As one of the United States’ five defense branches, the Coast Guard lends a critical hand in protecting the nation's waterways. According to the site Today’s Military, there are 40,000 active-duty members in the Coast Guard right now. Each one of those individuals deserves thanks and respect for what they do every day.

In a way, they function as the law enforcement of the sea. With some of the best technology and watercraft in the world, they’re able to keep crime in line.

Staten Island NY Local News reports that in February 2008, the U.S. Coast Guard started implementing high-speed boats that could reach a top speed of over 60 mph. Many conventional ships go about 45 mph or more depending on the type of boat. What’s amazing about those boats reaching 60 mph or higher is that they still come loaded with other heavy equipment.

In addition to high-speed boats, the Coast Guard strictly enforces rules and regulations for watercrafts. Towards the end of the 20th century, according to the Baltimore Sun, many areas capped off the speed of a watercraft to 65 mph.

With both the law and watercraft on the Coast Guard’s side, a boat would have to exceed 65 mph to even conceive of getting out of their reach. Only a limited number of boats in the world are capable of such a feat. We’ve gathered a list of some of the fastest boats that have the best chances of slipping away from the Coast Guard.

25 4200 Siesta / 67 mph

via Boats.com

A beautiful ship with a lot of power, the 4200 Siesta is the best of both worlds. Boats.com reports that the Siesta is a fishing boat, yet when one looks at its performance, it has what it takes to upstate some Coast Guard boats.

Equipped with four Yamaha motors, Top Speed confirms this boat is capable of going as fast as 67 mph. While that barely places it above some of the Coast Guard’s faster boats, it’s enough to go toe-to-toe.

24 HSC Francisco / 67 mph

via YouTube user GeoBeats News

Some of the fastest boats on this list are catamarans, including this next one: the HSC Francisco. According to Schumacher Cargo Logistics, part of what makes these high-performance boats are their jet engines. Thanks to those, it’s able to churn out a massive 59,000 hp.

The same source notes that they’re the exact engines found in 747 planes. Although the Francisco is primarily used to ferry people, it won’t have any problem getting around with a top speed of 67 mph.

23 Barracuda XSV-17 / 68.32 mph

via Safehaven Marine

The Barracuda XSV-17 may not look like a speedy boat, but it’ll do the trick. When it comes to fleeing the Coast Guard, the XSV-17 is going to meet the bare minimum requirements.

Owlcation reports that this tank-like boat is able to reach a top speed of 68.32 mph. While it wouldn’t be the first boat to go with when it comes to running away, it’s going to provide some much-needed protection against torrential waves. It’s another worthy boat that’ll get the job done.

22 Skjold-Class Corvette / 68.32 mph

via Reddit user Torifune

This is a heavy duty ship. This is not a pleasure ship or a powerboat, but it's got enough power behind it to keep it out of the Coast Guard’s reach. It doesn’t hurt to have a robust hull either.

Coming by way of Norway, Owlcation reports that it’s able to go 68.32 mph. There is no guarantee it can go that fast when the waves get choppy though. It’s an impressive speed considering how heavy the ship is. The same source has it listed at 274 tons when fully loaded.

21 5300 Sueños / 69 mph

via Seven-Marine

The 5300 Sueños is one of the production boats to appear on this list that’s able to go just above 65 mph. The site Seven-Marine notes that it can do a top speed of 69 mph. This is possible due to a four-motor configuration.

While the Coast Guard will be right on the 5300’s tail, it’s enough to get a head start. These boats are almost 53 feet long and weight about 32,000 pounds. It may not be the most coveted boat on the list, but it makes the cut.

20 Oci Ciornie / 69 mph

via Boat International

It might have an odd name, but this is no pushover. The Oci Ciornie is the product of two major forces. Boat International reports that Don Shead, a naval architect, and Palmer Johnson combined their talents and resources together to make this awesome boat.

With its twin engines and a gas turbine, the Oci Ciornie is able to do 60 knots, which comes out to 69 mph. That’s just enough to give Coast Guards a headache of a chase.

19 Kereon / 71.7 mph

via Boat International

The Kereon is a modern masterpiece in machinery. Not only does it look impressive but it’s also able to reach a top speed that has the Coast Guard on guard. The performance levels on this boat are enough to make one wonder whether it might be a typo.

According to Boat International, the diesel engine is able to do 2,250 hp. That translates into a top speed of 62.3 knots, which comes out to about 71.7 mph, surpassing the Coast Guard’s preferred speed limit.

18 Hydrofoil HMCS Bras d'Or 400 / 72 mph

via Reddit user OrzBlueFog

These boats may not be around anymore, but if they still sail the seven seas, they’d give the Coast Guard a run for its money. Employed by the Royal Canadian Navy, these ships reach high speeds.

According to YouTube channel ApexTV, this is the world’s fastest warship with an attainable top speed of 72 mph. Appropriately dubbed the Hydrofoil, these ships would foil the Coast Guard’s plans of catching one before the sun goes down, forced to chase one to the ends of the Earth.

17 Special Forces Interceptor WP-18 / 74 mph

via TheNewsRep.com

Here’s a mouthful, the Special Forces Interceptor WP-18. This ship is no joke. With a menacing exterior that looks like a bullet, this boat will fly like one on water. From Abu Dhabi, the WP-18 will go fast enough to outrun the Coast Guard.

According to Owlcation, this ride is able to reach a top speed of 74 mph. It wouldn’t be unheard of for other Coast Guards in fact, to employ this vehicle as part of their fleet. This is a boat no one wants to chase or vice versa.

16 Galeocerdo / 74.8 mph

via Boat International

It may not be the prettiest boat on the list, but this is no pleasure cruise. This boat’s design is modern and sharp, elevating its speeds to mind-boggling levels. Boat International reports that this ride is able to go 65 knots behind three Vericor TF50 gas turbines. That means this boat can fly at about 74.8 mph.

This is also possible through a complex exhaust system that’s lightweight. This boat forgoes good looks for a good reason, putting speed above the rest.

15 Vestas Sailrocket 2 / 75 mph

via Wired

It’s a boat...it’s a plane...no, it’s a boat-plane hybrid! The Vestas Sailrocket 2 may not exactly have a name that rings, but its speeds speak for itself. Wired reports that this contraption can do an astounding 75 mph.

It’s a boat that makes full use of the winds, water, and elements to propel it forward to extreme speeds. The man behind this inventive boat is Paul Larsen, who had to use physics to imagine something no one had done before.

14 World Is Not Enough / 80 mph

via Maritime Connector

Yachts aren’t exactly known for their staggering speeds. “The World Is Not Enough” is a different kind of yacht. This is an appropriate name considering it’s fit to serve a James Bond villain while also being the title of one of the movies.

According to Jalopnik, this enormous fortress on water is able to go 80 mph, which lends a comfortable distance away from the Coast Guard's high-speed boats. That makes it the fastest yacht in the world today, though we don’t expect to find one racing.

13 Foners / 80 mph

via beam.land

Of all the boats out there, it’s easy to see how some could beat a Coast Guard boat at a race. Hydroplanes, catamarans and drag boats are all obvious possibilities; a yacht isn’t.

Despite that preconceived notion, a few yachts manage to make the cut, including this Foners. Thanks to dual engines that can churn out an impressive 1,280 hp, according to Beam Yachts, this boat is able to go 70 knots, which converts to about 80 mph. That makes this one fast watercraft.

12 Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept / 100 mph

via The Milliardaire

The name may not sound appealing, but it’s one nobody should underestimate. The Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept is a boat for the ages. According to YouTube channel ApexTV, its earned the coveted title of being the fastest electric boat on the planet.

As if that wasn’t enough, it bears a stylish design that’s going to turn heads wherever it goes. The same source notes it can do an astounding 100 mph, which is all thanks to its 12 motors.

11 South Bay 925 CR / 114 mph

via USA Marine Inc.

The South Bay 925 CR may not look like much, but this boat can fly across the water. If we’re being honest, that name isn’t even the most appealing either. Many of the boats on this list are some of the fastest in the world.

This happens to be—what YouTube channel ApexTV confirms—the fastest pontoon boat today. The same source puts this boat’s top speed at a monumental 114 mph, which gives it a good chance of outrunning the Coast Guard.

10 Fountain 47 Lightning / 115 mph

via Boats from USA.com

The name is apt for this boat, considering it has something in common with actual lightning. The Fountain 47 Lightning is a speedy and stylish powerboat the Coast Guard will want to seize. Spanning 47-feet in all, BabaMail confirms that it’s able to go as fast as 115 mph.

While the boat only fits up to 6 people, which is less than others on the list, it makes up for any shortcomings with performance. This is a powerful boat that will impress even spectators on the shore.

9 Outerlimits SV50 / 145 mph

via Speed On The Water

Not to be mistaken for a television show from the 1960s, this Outerlimits powerboat can beat most of the boats on this list. It can also contend with whatever the Coast Guard sends at it.

That’s all possible through the Outerlimits SV50’s twin engines, which can do 1,350 hp. That translates into a top speed of up to 145 mph. Add on top of its blistering speed a stylish exterior, and this is a boat that demands admiration.

8 Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster / 150 mph

via YouTube user MrChrizPhotography

The Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster might not have the coolest name, but it contains raw power. Taking this for a spin will yield mind boggling speeds even the Coast Guard will have trouble wrangling in.

According to BabaMail, these can do an impressive 150 mph. For owners with brave enough family and friends, the 5200 Roadster is able to carry up to 10 passengers. With all that power, it’s nice they made the boat with enough room to share it with all the loved ones.

7 Skater 46 Race / 150 mph

via Yacht Charters Of Miami

The Skater 46 Race/Pleasure is one of the fastest powerboats on the planet. BabaMail appropriately passes on the brand’s own label for it, calling the Skater 46 the “Rolls Royce of offshore powerboats.”

While the boat offers plenty of luxury, it’s the speed that we’re most concerned with. That manages to deliver tenfold, with what the same source confirms is a top speed of 150 mph. A luxury boat that can go 150 mph may just be the Coast Guard’s biggest nightmare.

6 Mystic C5000-S / 217 mph

via boats-from-usa.com

Not only is the Mystic C5000-S one of the fastest boats on the list, but one of the fastest powerboats in the world. Based in Florida, Mystic Powerboats made a beautiful watercraft in the 52-foot Mystic C5000.

With four Mercury engines, according to Boats.com, this boat is capable of doing as much as 217 mph. This is a high-performing watercraft that will have the Coast Guard raising eyebrows. We only hope that owners are responsible and safe with these impressive boats.

5 The Spirit of Qatar / 244 mph

via Waterfront Composite Solutions

Speed isn’t synonymous with beauty, unless you’re The Spirit of Qatar. Only a handful of boats on this list manage to achieve both. The Spirit of Qatar is a sleek piece of lightning that really takes off. I

It’s not a typo when YouTube channel ApexTV confirms it can go up to 244 mph, which is twice as much as most of the boats on the list. This is all due to its twin turbines, which make it the world’s fastest catamaran on the water today.

4 A-90 Orlyonok / 248.45 mph

via Wikipedia

Many of the boats on this list have peculiar names, though no one should write them off for it. The A-90 Orlyonok, for example, may not roll off the tongue, but it’s able to go 248 mph, according to Owlcation.

The same source speculates its top speed may even go beyond that. Not only can it go on water, but it’s made for ground mobility as well. It is no mistake that it shares common aesthetics with that of a plane, considering how fast it goes.

3 “Problem Child” / 262 mph

via AutoEvolution

Small and speedy, this boat is fast enough to make even the most hardened Coast Guard wide-eyed. AutoEvolution notes that it’s the top fuel dragster boat in the world. Simply called “Problem Child,” this boat is able to do a massive 262 mph.

What makes this so astounding is the fact that it’s on the water. A top speed of 262 mph for cars is impressive enough; on the water, this is downright impressive. The same source notes it can reach this speed in just 3.5 seconds.

2 Bluebird K7 / 276 mph

via Simple Wikipedia

While not as stylish or eye-appealing as many of the other boats on the list, the Bluebird K7 meets expectations with its astounding speeds. More than just a boat, this is an advanced piece of watercraft called a hydroplane.

According to YouTube channel ApexTV, the Bluebird K7 is the fastest hydroplane of them all. On record, the Bluebird K7 managed to go as fast as 276 mph, which translates to 239.8 knots. If given the opportunity, we wouldn’t be brave enough to get inside one.

1 Spirit of Australia / 318 mph

via Warby Motorsport

We close off the list with the speedy Spirit of Australia. YouTube channel ApexTV calls it the fastest boat in the world. Warby Motorsport confirms that the boat arrived in the mid-1970s, although wasn’t 100% finished.

Still, the owner Ken Warby conducted test runs and managed to get it above 200 mph. ApexTV reports that Warby ultimately managed to get the boat up to 276 knots. To put it into more recognizable terms, that comes out to 318 mph.

Sources: YouTube, Jalopnik & Top Speed

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