10 Fast Cars That Never Get Tickets (And 10 That Are Cop Magnets)

Many people buy fast cars only to get hit with traffic tickets, making these sleepers an interesting alternative to flashier cars.

We all know the old myth, red cars are more likely to get ticketed. However according to recent research white is now the color most prone to getting pulled over. Red comes in second while gray and silver come in after. The car color is an interesting stat to look at, however digging a little deeper what’s even more intriguing is which car types are more likely to get pulled over. In this article we put those rides under the “cop magnets”. We’ll feature both likely and unlikely suspects on that side of the list. A Dodge Charger is to be expected among the most ticketed but what if we told that a certain outdated Lexus type makes the top of the list? Get ready to see some serious diversity.

On the flip side we’ll take a unique look at fast cars that don’t get tickets. We feature two criteria for that side of the article. For one, we’ll feature boring models that have some serious speed on the inside. Because of that, these cars never get tickets but cops should be thinking twice. We’ll also take some information from a recent Forbes article featuring unlikely rides that are the less likely to be ticketed. Among surprising car types to make this side of the list includes BMW and Audi. We’ll feature the two specific models flying under the radar during the article.

Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado here are 10 fast cars that never get tickets and 10 that are cop magnets. Let’s begin!

20 Never Ticketed: Porsche Panamera GTS

via motortrend.com

Here’s a car you likely didn’t expect to see on the list. Some might think that a Porsche is prone to getting ticketed. However given the shape of the Panamera cops might be inclined to look the other way. The car isn’t necessarily a sports car and instead regarded as a luxury 4-door hatchback.

It doesn’t have that prototypical Porsche racing feel and it’s a lot bulkier looking.

It definitely depends on the model but some of these vehicles can absolutely fly. The Panamera Turbo S features a turbo 4.8 liter engine. It also has some decent breakout capabilities hitting 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. Cops should be on the lookout for this ride a little more intensely.

19 Never Ticketed: Mercury Marauder

via fastlanecars.com

It might not look it but the Mercury has plenty of power. Often regarded as an old man’s car, the Marauder contains some heavy horsepower, 302 HP which is a lot more than most would expect. The vehicle also contains a 4.6 liter engine. Perhaps cops need to be reassessing their views on this deceptively fast vehicle. It sells for dirt cheap however don’t be fooled, this among the best performing Mercury’s out there. Production of this ride began in the 60s. The Marauder underwent a brief revival back in 2003. Due to lackluster sales numbers the model was discontinued for good in 2004. Hey maybe it helps that it resembles a cop car as well.

18 Cop Magnet: Toyota Supra

via legendcarcompany.com

This one isn’t too surprising as the Supra is an affordable ride with lots of speed. According to News Day the car ranks in at number four among the more likely to get ticketed. According to the recent numbers over 30% of Supra drivers got ticketed, yikes! In a hilarious twist perhaps getting back at a cop, a Toyota Supra owner in Montreal decided to create a snow sculpture of his ride (buried in snow). He called the cops claiming the car was buried in a pile of snow and blocking the other vehicles. When the cops came and were about to issue the ticket they noticed it was all a prank and the Supra wasn’t there. They had a good laugh and wrote on the ticket that the Supra owner made their night!

17 Never Ticketed: Ford Taurus SHO

via motortrend.ca

You would think this car might be deceptively fast due to the fact that it resembles a darn hybrid cop car. If you see a ride and mistake it for a cop vehicle chances are it might be the old Ford Taurus. Hey maybe that’s why it doesn’t get ticketed?

All jokes aside the Taurus SHO is the quickest ride of the entire line.

It has an underrated 365 horsepower along with some serious kick. You can even make the statement that this is a borderline muscle car given its low key capabilities. Nonetheless due to its outdated body structure and cheaper costs police tend to overlook the ride.

16 Cop Magnet: Scion FR-S

via pfaffauto.com

According to Cheat Sheet’s recent list the Scion lands in the top-3 in terms of vehicles most likely to get ticketed. Once again a cheap price point mixed with high performance might be the biggest reason for such a stat. According to the recent research almost 33% of Scion FR-S owners are likely to be ticketed! That’s a disturbing number meaning that a third of the drivers have received tickets in the past. According to Insurance.com this has driven the premium numbers on the vehicle through the roof. Without a doubt this likely hurt the sales a great deal.

15 Cop Magnet: Subaru WRX

via motortrend.ca

This one might be a head scratcher but according to News Day 33.6% of Subaru WRX owners are to be ticketed. That’s an alarming stat taken by 500,00 owners of the vehicle. This is a troubling number that makes it among the biggest cop magnets out there. Despite the statistic Subaru still maintains decent success when it comes to sales numbers in the US with the WRX. However it might be a telling stat that the Impreza sold more than double of the WRX in 2017. The XV and Crosstrek also nearly tripled the WRX in sales for the same calendar year. It hit a rough patch in 2017, perhaps customers are starting to catch on?

14 Never Ticketed: Jaguar XJ

via weilinet.com

According to Jalopnik, the Jaguar XJ is among the least ticketed cars out there. Via the statistics, Jaguar XJ owners are 89% less likely to be ticketed! Perhaps it might be the boring colour to the car or heck the outdated shape. Cops might be inclined to believe that an older driver is behind the wheel, just cruising the streets in no rush.

However, little do they know that the classy car contains plenty of power with a roaring V8.

It also contains a 400 horsepower. As Jalopnik indicates this ride can be the perfect sleeper for those that want to drive fast without being ticketed.

13 Cop Magnet: Volkswagen Rabbit

via motortrend.ca

A member of the Golf family, this ride is a classic vehicle typically purchased by a younger demographic. For that reason it might make sense that its among the most ticketed vehicles. What’s also quite telling is that new versions don’t exist in the US these days. That just goes to show that despite no new models the car continues to be ticketed. Perhaps cops are constantly on the lookout assuming younger drivers are behind the wheel trying to act cool in front of their friends or just feeling the need for speed. According to News Day 30% of Rabbit drivers have been ticketed. That’s way too much for a car that isn’t being mass produced any longer.

12 Never Ticketed: Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG

via emercedesbenz.com

Given the look of this car cops might be inclined to look the other way. Similar to the Porsche earlier in the article, although these car models come from a prestigious and fast brand they look a lot less threatening in terms of vehicle structure. However once again this is a mistake and according to Richard Rowe of Ranker the vehicle is a lot quicker than most might think. Yes, it looks clumsy and quite frankly family oriented. However, shockingly this ride comes with a 507 horsepower and 6.2 liter if you can believe! This Mercedes also has the capability of hitting 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds!

11 Cop Magnet: Infiniti QX56

via conceptcarz.com

A five-door fully sized SUV isn’t a ride one would expect to see on such a list. Perhaps it’s because of the flashy exterior, however this SUV is surprisingly among the most ticketed vehicles and among the top in terms of SUVs that are likely to get ticketed. According to Insurance.com 27% of QX56 and QX80 owners have been ticketed for speeding violations.

It has 400 horsepower along with the capabilities for a 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds.

That isn’t blazing speed to be quite frank. Hey maybe it’s the luxury factor that makes you want to push down on the gas pedal! Despite being the most likely SUV prone to a ticket the car sales are said to be doing quite well regardless.

10 Never Ticketed: Audi A3 2-Series

via cars.co.za

This one is a bit of a head scratcher but the Audi A3 is among the least ticketed cars out there according to Forbes. As Penny Gusner of Insurance.com suggests the person has a lot more to do with the ticket than the car type; “It’s the driver that gets tickets, not the car,” says Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for Insurance.com. “But it is interesting to see what vehicle makes and models attract drivers who are prone to traffic violations.” According to Forbes the Audi A3 ranks in at number 8 among the car types less likely to be ticketed. Only 9% of A3 owners got a ticket when riding in the vehicle.

9 Cop Magnet: Acura 3.0

via zombiedrive.com

Once again a cheap price point has a lot to do with this one. However it’s a little surprising that this is the only Acura to show up in the top 20 of the most ticketed vehicles when you consider some of the speed capabilities of the other rides mixed in with the affordable price tag.

Nonetheless, Forbes indicates that this particular ride ranks in the top 10 of the most ticketed vehicles out there.

At least 30% of Acura 3.0s owners received a ticket of sorts. Conversely, the Acura ILX also makes an appearance on the list, however it lands on the other side among the least ticketed rides out there.

8 Never Ticketed: Acura ILX

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A sleek and mature look, perhaps this is the reason the ILX falls under the cops radar. The vehicle is also among the most affordable Acura’s out there with a price tag of $30,000 for a 2018 version. The luxury ride is relatively new to the market as Acura started producing the model as of 2012. Sales aren’t comparable to other models - in Canada only 2,047 models were sold last year. Yes, a lack of ILX models on the road might play a factor. However the most telling stat is the percentages. According to Forbes only 6% of ILX owners are to be ticketed. That makes it among the second lowest out of any other ride.

7 Cop Magnet: Dodge Charger SE

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A Dodge Charger that’s among the most ticketed vehicles out there isn’t the biggest shock on the list. In all likelihood lots of car enthusiast might have listed this muscle car even before scrolling down the list. When you mix in all that power along with that intimidating noise you’re bound to get some unwanted attention. For that reason the car ranks among the second most ticketed according to Forbes. Both the Charger SE/SXT have a rate of 32% when it comes to receiving tickets. That’s a terrible stat meaning a third of the drivers have been issued a ticket. What can we say, some cars are just bad to the bone!

6 Never Ticketed: Buick Regal GS

via bangshift.com

According to Doug DeMuro of Auto Trader this fast ride tends to be invisible when it comes to getting ticketed. Oddly, a Buick isn’t a car one would associate with speed. However this ride is definitely underrated when it comes to performance. DeMuro discusses the sleeper qualities of this ride; “The Buick Regal GS is the embodiment of a fast, invisible car. On sale in its most recent (and fastest) form since the 2012 model year, the Regal GS touts an impressive 270 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque -- which it squeezed out of a tiny 2.0-liter4-cylinder engine. And for a little while, you could only get it with a 6-speed manual transmission. If it wasn't for the Regal GS's huge wheels, no one would have any idea there's a Buick sedan that's sports-car fast.”

5 Cop Magnet: Nissan 350Z

via wikipedia.org

A lightweight, cheap sports car that can ride pretty darn fast the Nissan 350Z ranks among the most ticketed US cars at the moment.

Back in 2016 Forbes issued a top-20 list of most ticketed cars and trucks, the 350Z landed atop the list with a 33% ticket rate among all of its owners.

Again, that’s at least a third of the owners likely to receive a ticket. Yikes! It’s a good car, however due to its reputation Nissan likely isn’t working on resurrecting the model. Instead, a Nissan enthusiast can easily find a second-hand vehicle for dirt cheap. Prices range between $9,000 to $15,000- this price point for models from 2005 to 2008.

4 Never Ticketed: Chevrolet SS

via digitaltrends.com

Chevrolet ranks among the least ticketed car type. A lot of that has to do with the look of the ride. It looks affordable and for the most part family friendly. For that reason cops might be looking the other way. However, the Chevrolet SS tends to be a classic example of why you should not judge a book by its cover. The ride contains insane power with a 415 horsepower. That’s followed up by a V8 engine. The car isn’t the biggest seller due to its elevated price tag. It’s only normal that folks aren’t willing to pay a near $50,000 price tag. Not to mention the car is a massive gas guzzler. But hey, at least you’ll save on the costs of not getting ticketed!

3 Cop Magnet: Volkswagen GTI

via motor1.com

Similar to the Rabbit earlier in the article the GTI is another fast and affordable ride enjoyed by the younger demographic. Volkswagen owners aren’t immune to tickets that’s for sure, both GTI and GL models made the top 10 of Forbes most ticketed vehicle types. The GTI came in at number 3 with a 30% ticketed probability. Despite the number lots of GTI models still exist. It’s among the faster Volkswagen rides out there. The new GTI with a 6-speed manual transmission is selling at an affordable price point of just above $26,000.

2 Never Ticketed: BMW 320i

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Perhaps the biggest head scratcher to make the list of rides likely not to get ticketed is the BMW 320i. According to Forbes it ranks among the absolute lowest in terms of ticketed history.

The car sits at number 5 with only a 10% rate.

That’s truly shocking considering it is a BMW after all. Among the other surprising vehicle types to make the less likely to get ticketed side of the list includes the Land Rover and Cadillac Escalade. Riding in such vehicle models maybe all the driver wants to do is just cruise around. Nothing wrong with that in the slightest!

1 Cop Magnet: Lexus ES300

via youtube.com

Can we get a drum roll please. The honors for the biggest cop magnet out there goes to the Lexus ES300. Ironically, the Lexus IS 350 ranks among the least ticketed rides out there with a mere 3% ticketed percentage amongst the owners. That’s not only insanely low but according to Forbes its one of the least ticketed rides out there. So hey, at least Lexus reached the top on both sides of the list right... It’s truly an odd car to be featured at the top given the conservative look and feel of the ride. However Insurance.com claims at least a third of the owners have been slapped with a traffic related ticket.

Sources: Insurance.com, Forbes.com, Motor1.com

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