19 Fast & Furious Easter Eggs Fans Don't Know About

With eight features under its belt, the Fast and Furious franchise has become one of the most sought after among car enthusiasts and generally, the automotive industry. What makes these movies stand out? Well, it brews fun, is an adrenaline rush, involves big actors in the industry and a huge love for cars—all in one. Growing from a little known movie back in 2001, it was just another street racing movie that involved high performance modified cars such as the Mitsubishi Evolution, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Nissan Skyline GT-R—the list is just endless. The movie has seen the transition from just street races to being more of superheroes who work for law enforcement agencies. Still, the cars stand out in every release. This Universal Pictures franchise has over time improved ratings and increased popularity making its worth rise to the tune of billions of dollars. This should light a smile to Vin Diesel who plays Dominic Toretto, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Tyrese Gibson and many more.

The lovers of this film will also tell you that it’s different from the rest. It entails many twists and boasts many Easter Eggs that blends the past with the present, a reference to other movies, actors being called names from other movies they have acted, cars mysteriously “resurrecting” after crashing in the past features, celebrity cameos, past actors’ callback and many more. This is enough to get you thrilled and bring out the anticipation of a new feature.

And in case you missed it, here are 20 Fast and Furious Easter Eggs only true fans noticed.

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19 Bus Scene On The Cliff

Via Business Insider

In Furious 7, Brian is fighting with some bad guys in a bus when the driver is accidentally shot, making the bus lose control. In the scene, Brian in some way gets out as the bus is falling off a cliff and races through the body to Letty’s oncoming car and luckily reaches the bumper as the car drifts—a move that eventually saves him. This scene is reminiscent of the Star Trek movie where James T performs the same stunt as he's being chased and for the game lovers, this scene is shown in Unchartered 2 where Nathan Drake climbs on a hanging train off a cliff and performs equally the same stunt.

18 Dom Uses Brian’s engine trick

Via Volo auto Museum

In the Cuban race, at the start of The Fate of the Furious, Dom races on a modified 1953 Chevrolet Fleetline and the opponent uses a 1955 Ford Fairline. As the race heats up, Dom engages Nitrous in the same way Brian did in the first feature of the Fast and Furious. Dom’s car ends in flames the same way Brian’s car had smoke all over it as the race ended. Dom eventually goes forth and wins the race in reverse. Since Paul passed on, this was giving honor to him and Vin Diesel has never hesitated in doing this over the last two features.

17 The appearance Of Dom’s RX-7

Via Air Freshner

It was not clear whether Dominic Toretto would feature in the second feature of Fast and Furious. According to WhatCulture, Universal had two scripts written. One featured Dom and Brian who would team up to bring down a drug lord named Carter Verone and the other that featured none of Dom at all. As fate would have it, Dom did not feature but we were introduced to Roman Pearce alias Tyrese Gibson. Though Dom did not feature, Julis’s orange RX-7 that he races on during the movie is the same car that Dom uses. In the feature, other cars were still reused from the first feature.

16 The Ripsaw Tej Tanker

Via Mashable

Tej, better known as Ludacris, was known best for his modification prowess. Actually, he was more of a tech genius. He is handed a tanker to make a few modifications and he proceeds to modify the tank with much detail. We don’t blame you Tej! What clicks our mind in this Ripsaw tank is the fact that it looks so familiar to Dwayne Johnson’s fans. Yes! You are not wrong. The Ripsaw Tej is working on, is the same that is used in G.I Joe: Retaliation. The Rock, who plays Roadblock in the movie, was the man who cruised in this tanker.

15 Value Of Respect In Races

Via Motor1

In the first race in Fast and Furious (2001), Dom says that the winner would take all in the one race—meaning the cash. Brian says that if he lost the winner would take his car, but if he won he would take the cash and the respect. The others laugh at him but he ends by saying, “To some, that’s more important.” In the Fate, the race in Cuba, Dom races against a 1955 Ford Fairline driven by Raldo. He beats him in fashion but can’t take his car, he simply says, “Your respect is good enough for me.” This is a reference to Paul’s statement, who got respect from Dom through the same tactic. Well done Dom!

14 Paul Owned Most Of The Cars

Via Flickr

Paul loved cars. Onset and behind the scenes, he really loved cars and owned loads of them. The reason behind his sad demise was a road crash and how more ironic can it be. That aside, according to WhatCulture, Paul owned almost half of the autos seen in the Fast and Furious. He owned the Ford F-150 Lightning, 98 Toyota Supra W-sport R, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Nissan Skyline, and the list grows and grows. He was a big petrol head. He also customized most of his cars to his liking and what you saw on screen really reflected his automotive life. He handpicked cars he wanted to race on but eventually provided half the autos from his collection.

13 Drift World Champion Rhys Millen In Tokyo Drift

Via NZ Herald

What you normally see on the screen can be exciting and one can be tempted to use his car and try those stunts. The thing is, those stunts are actually performed by professionals who have perfected the art and are done in a controlled environment. It’s never easy. That said, Drift World Champion Rhys Millen, among other top drift racers, took part in the drifts you see on Tokyo Drift. According to WhatCulture, 4000 tires were used in the movie showing you the intensity of the stunts. Rhys is seen as opposed to others who are normally covered for you to believe it’s your famous actors behind the wheel.

12 Dom’s Dodge Ice Charger

Via Youtube

Remember how Undertaker would come back to life in WWE? Dom’s Dodge Charger has more lives than him! According to Bustle, Dom uses a Dodge Charger and is seen performing a burnout and wheelie stunt, which is impossible anyway, at the final race with Brian. The car is clearly seen destroyed in the first feature of Fast and Furious after it rams on a truck and in the eight feature, Dom is seen with the same 1970 Dodge Charger. This time around, it has undergone modifications and it is now fully armored and rocket-powered earning its nickname Ice Charger. It has every feature as the first one which begs the question, was it not destroyed, Dom?

11 Ferrari Man To Policeman (Fast and Furious 1 & 2)

Via The Fast and the Furious Wiki

According to Bustle, Fast and Furious 1 featured several races that involved a clearly modified orange Toyota Supra that Brian drives alongside Dominic and a black Ferrari is driven by a guy, Neil Moritz, who tells Brian, “You can’t afford it.” After a quick race on the highway, Brian wins the race against all odds. Fast forward to the second feature, in a police chase that involved Brian, one of the policemen is actually Neil Moritz. This is by no means a coincidence but really a rogue street racer can’t turn to be a man in blue and start attempting the same stunt he was doing. Really?

10 1970 Plymouth Road Runner "Hammer" In Tokyo Drift

Via orlandoparkstop

The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner that Dominic Toretto made an appearance with in the closing stages of Tokyo Drift nicknamed ‘Hammer’, was not in the original plan. Nor did Dom’s appearance. According to WhatCulture, Universal requested him to appear with an intention to improve the ratings and at long last connect the features as the released ones seemed different. He made two ultimatums before the move that included; Universal gives up Chronicles of Riddick rights to him and the other included being given a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner that was built and followed on a reality show dubbed Rides. This was fulfilled and Dom made his appearance to the joy of his fans.

9 Dom’s Dodge in Herbie: Fully Loaded

Via Red Bull

Fast and Furious prides itself in linking up with different car related movies. This is the reason why the franchise met with Herbie, the Disney stand out Volkswagen Beetle. Despite the huge difference in production, they still had their date. The auto has a massive following and interest due to the rich history it brews. The auto finally met up with Dom’s Dodge Charger. According to Bustle, the meet up was inside Disney’s ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ scrapyard. The car was destroyed in the first feature after ramming on a green truck and it seems it found its solace here. Anyway, movie lovers and more so the car enthusiasts loved this combo.

8 Wrecking Ball

Via Youtube

The team always devised ways to race and beat the opponent in ways that thrilled the fans. In this instance, the team is being chased down the road by a bunch of bad guys in The Fate of the Furious. Tej Parker, played by Christopher Bridges aka Ludacris, decides to release a wrecking ball on the bad guys and it gets to hit them and wreck their cars completely allowing the team to escape. According to Huffington Post, this is a scene reminiscent of the Nicolas Cage movie Gone in 60 Seconds where police are wrecked by the ball and their autos go through a wall giving Cage enough time to get away.

7 Dom’s Harpooning In New York City

Via Youtube

Dom in a way turns out to be a bad guy as the team thinks and they hunt him down in New York City. There are many mistakes here like driving on the wrong lane, imaginary hooks that get a grip of Dom’s car, to the supposed 5000 horsepower in Dom’s car. They hook the car from all sides to make sure Dom doesn’t get away which he does anyway. This scene is straight from Hitman Agent 47 where Agent 47 is chased down in a red Audi and gets harpooned from the top floors. Both scenes happen at crossroads in the middle of traffic.

6 Cars Ramming Each Other Head-On

Via New York Post

In a scene in Fast and Furious 7, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel intentionally ram head-on into each other. The cars involved here is Dom's famous charger and a Maserati Ghibli. This is a show of might and as intended, they end up fighting. This scene is reminiscent of Death Proof movie involving Arlene, Shanna, Julia and Lanna who are rammed by Mike. They get killed by the impact created. This scene is also shown in 2 Fast 2 Furious where Brian O’Connor is almost ramming into Kopsi but Kospi opts out. Just a little advice: these are not real life stunts so never try them at home.

5 Pulling The Vault

Via ravepad

In Fast Five, Brian and Dom are pulling a close to 9,100 kilograms safe, as Tej makes us believe, with $100 Million using two 1,900 kilograms Dodge Chargers SRT-8. They are cruising the streets in top speeds chased down by police. That’s as fake as it gets but we will not major on that. What we see is a truck inside the vault. Yes, a truck! The truck would drive the tank down the streets and creating an illusion that the Dodge Chargers are the ones behind the pull. That was among the best ideas they brought out in the franchise.

4 Brian’s Gray Porsche

Via Art of Gears

Paul loved speed. Being one who gave almost half of the cars used in Fast and Furious, we can see his love for these flashy cars. Paul loved Porsche and his sad demise was through a Porsche Carrera GT. Through the movies, we get to see Paul loving a certain Porsche Saleen S7 that we see in Mando’s garage. In the movie Takers 2010, where Paul acted alongside Idris Elba, we see him using the same car. According to Bustle, the car is referred to as America Supercar as it represented the peak of automotive technology. It uses a 7.8L/V8 engine and has an acceleration of 0-60 mph in only 2.8 seconds!

3 Dom’s Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

Via Pinterest

This beast made its film debut in the eighth installment of Fast and Furious and as you can guess, the Dodge lover, Dom, was the lucky guy to use this car. According to The Huffington Post, the car is powerful in all means and it’s not a secret why Dom fell in love with it. It boasts the longest wheelie, honors of which were awarded by Guinness World Records. For a production car, at a standard start, giving 2.92 feet, that is some height! The Demon prides itself in the title "most powerful muscle car produced." The amount of g-force it gives is the highest of any production car at 1.8g. The auto uses a 6.2L/V8 Hemi Demon engine and produces 840 horsepower.

2 Name Borrowed From A '50s movie

Via Youtube

When you thought 2001 saw the first version of Fast and Furious released, sit down mate. According to The Huffington Post, the first release was way back in 1954! Probably our grannies had the glimpse. The movie still included cars and street races we see in Dom’s and team Fast and Furious. The idea behind the '50s movie was a man framed for homicide and had to escape from prison taking a hostage with him. He gets to a cross-border race and uses that cover to get away to Mexico. They bought the rights from Roger Corman and proceeded to name their film from his 50s work. Prior to that, ideas like Redline, Race Wars or Racer X were on the table. Now you know!

1 Misquoting Henry Ford

Via Forbes

Being an automotive-inspired franchise, it goes without saying that the history of it must come out clearly. Otherwise, the car lovers will be frowning for every inaccurate information you give out. Credit to the movie, they have mastered the history perfectly well. In the first feature, Dom tells Brian, who is played by Paul Walker, that he can have whatever beer he wants, as long as it’s a Corona. Sounds familiar? According to WhatCulture, Henry Ford—who is the man behind Ford Motor Company—had a line on the different paint jobs one could give to his models. The line sounded, “You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black." As much as the cars got different colors, Vin Diesel seems to be in love with automotive founders.

Sources: Bustle, The Huffington Post, WhatCulture

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