Fast & Furious Jetta Is For Sale Yet Again At Triple The Price

Jesse's '95 Jetta from The Fast and the Furious is up for sale for an outrageous price tag.


The Fast and the Furious Jetta is up for sale once more at nearly triple the price.

For most of us, the last time we saw Jesse’s Jetta was in the original Fast and the Furious movie back in 2001 where he lost to a tricked-out Honda S2000 and eventually got shot. But this little ‘95 Jetta III GL has had quite the life since that movie.

After the movie wrapped, the car got picked up by actor Frankie Muniz (of Malcolm in the Middle fame) for a cool $42,000. The car was signed by the entire cast and crew of Fast and Furious, including director Rob Cohen, late actor Paul Walker, and Chad Lindbergh who played Jesse in the movie.

We don’t really know what Frankie has been doing with it, but we do know that Jetta is once again up for sale, this time for a low price of just $99,900 from Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Why has the car more than doubled in price? We’re not sure. Certainly it’s an interesting collectible and piece of both movie and automotive history. Since Paul Walker’s death, his signature alone should greatly improve the value of the Jetta, and certainly some people will like the mid-’90s charm of the third-gen Jetta.


But in terms of performance, this thing doesn’t rate a near six-figure price tag. Despite its impressive body kit, cool graphics, and tons of aftermarket manufacturer stickers, Jesse’s Jetta is mostly stock. Under the hood is the same 2.0-L naturally aspirated engine that the Jetta was born with producing a measly 115 horsepower. It also has a 4-speed automatic transmission, something that was carefully edited out during filming.

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The rest of the car's upgrades are mostly aesthetic. Some new wheels with massive Brembo brake calipers will certainly get this Jetta stopped in record time, and a new set of headlights might make it see better in the dark, but that’s about it for performance upgrades.

You do get a fancy Alpine audio system with a PlayStation 2, a roll cage, Sparco steering wheel, and a NOS button attached to what is presumably nothing at all.

Is 100 grand worth a piece of import racing nostalgia? Maybe to the right buyer. The rest of us would be better served taking a more modern car and spending a few grand on upgrades.


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