Fastest Cars In GTA 5, Ranked

GTA 5 features a ton of awesome, fast cars. These stand out as the fastest in the game.

Since the creation of Pong back in the 1972, video games have captivated to minds of young and old people alike. The opportunity to experiences lives, situations, and wealth that some may never encounter during their entire life is an incredibly powerful and entertaining tool. And few games do all of this so well as Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto V.

In this fictional version of Los Angeles, players can kill, spend, and live like they never could before. As a result, many who identify themselves as car enthusiast spend hours grinding for the best car they can possibly get. However, this begs the question: “Which car really is the best/fastest?” To find this out, here are the fifteen fastest cars in G.T.A. V, in terms of top speed (According to gta5rides)…

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14 Itali GTB Custom

With the release of Benny’s Customs modification shop, Grand Theft Auto players could now modify already existent vehicles to an even further extent. This time, though, with the pseudo McLaren 570GT.

The Itali GTB Custom is a few miles an hour faster than the Zentorno with a top speed of 130 to 131 mile-per-hour. Although it may be faster in a straight line, the GTB Custom is still a few seconds slower around the same track.

13 Nero Custom

Once again, a Benny’s Custom vehicle is one of the fastest vehicles in the game. As of the writing of this article, the Nero Custom (A version of the Bugatti Vision GT) is the quickest car in Benny’s selection.

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Since it’s modeled after on of the world’s fastest brand/vehicles, the Nero Custom had to be swift. As a result, the Bugatti knock-off can reach a little over 131 M.P.H. It’s faster than the standard Nero, but only barely.

12 GP1

For a car modeled after the legendary McLaren F1, you would expect it to be fast. Thankfully, Rockstar knew this and, as such, made their F1 clone one of the quickest cars in the game.

The GP1, clearly in reference to the F1, shares many similarities with its real-life version. Both sport a similar appearance, noticeable details, and a high top speed. Although the actual car can exceed speeds of over 240 miles-per-hour, the virtual one can only go just under 132 miles-per-hour. Still, though, very impressive.

11 Vagner

After Aston Martin launched their new Vulcan, it seemed like it was made for Grand Theft Auto. Surprisingly, Rockstar managed to create an almost 100% true to form version with their Dewbauchee Vagner.

Like the GP1, the Vagner manages to top out around 132 miles-per-hour. This time, though, it also manages to get a faster lap time too. When it was first released in game, the Vagner was the swiftest car by far. The only downside, though, is its over $1.5 million price tag.

10 Tyrus

Before the GP1 came out, Grand Theft Auto Online released a new bit of downloadable content. This time, in the form of Cunning Stunts. A series of Hot Wheels esc racetracks looping throughout all of Los Santos. But, what’s a good race track without some racecars to match it? Enter the Tyrus.

The Tyrus is the Mr. Hyde to the GP1’s Dr. Jekyll. Just like the real alternative, the McLaren F1 LM, the Tyrus is a modified version of an already quick car. To illustrate this, the Tyrus goes at least one mile an hour faster than the GP1 and also has much better handling. Maybe that’s why it’s nearly double the price in game.

9 X80 Proto

Back in 2017, Ferrari let a bunch of designers loose for a chance to design one of their future hypercars. What came from this was one of the boldest Ferrari’s ever seen before: The F80. Although the real thing never came out, car enthusiast can get a taste of what it would have been like with GTA’s (Aptly named) X80 Proto.

During the launch of the X80 Proto, it was (Once again) one of the fastest cars in the entire game. Not only this, but it was also the most expensive with a cost of over $2.7 million dollars (Nearly $50 in purchasable currency). Nonetheless, drivers got what they paid for with it topping out at 132 M.P.H. and stunning looks; especially in red.

8 Autarch

Some car enthusiast may not be aware of the origins behind GTA’s Autarch. Though it may appear to be an original design, it’s actually not. In truth, the Autarch is based off of the American company Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus’ model: The SCG 003.

The Autarch shares many similarities with the SCG 003. In fact, upon first glance, it’s very difficult to distinguish between the two. However, where the real one competes in races and goes over 200 M.P.H., the Autarch matches the X80 Proto with a top speed of 132 M.P.H.

7 RE-7B

Fans of classic GT and endurance racing already know what inspired the RE-7B. The famed Group C Mazda, the 787B. Unfortunately, the real one has an amazing rotary engine that Rockstar decided to skip out on.

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Nevertheless, the looks of the RE-7B are enough for GTA players to buy it up like a discount on Black Friday. Also, even though the RE-7B isn’t the fastest of the bunch (Topping out at 132 M.P.H.), it’s certainly one of the best handling cars in the game without a shadow of a doubt.

6 Emerus

One of the newest cars to come out for GTA (As of the writing of this article) is another McLaren clone. Instead of a classic this time, though, it’s based of the newest McLaren: The Senna, now known as the Emerus in the Grand Theft Auto world.

The Emerus doesn’t share every characteristic with the Senna, though. For example, the headlights are much smaller and the interior is quite different too. Either way, the Emerus still impresses with a top speed of about 132.5 miles-per-hour. It’s more than the others so far, but its most important aspect is how similar it looks to the real thing.

5 S80RR

With the debut of GTA’s Diamond Casino update, players can not only gamble and own more penthouses, but they can also purchase even more cars. One of these cars is the S80RR, a bona fide racecar for the road.

It’s not entirely clear which cars the S80RR is modeling. The GTA Wiki states that it’s a mix between the Nissan R90C and Jaguar XJR-9. Regardless, it’s an impressive looking car that puts the driver in the middle of the cockpit. Along with its looks, the S80RR can reach a mind-blowing 133 miles-per-hour in game!

The brand of supercars named Apollo may be unknown to a few car lovers, like the Glickenhaus, but it’s still managed to reach Rockstar’s radar. Apollo’s most recent vehicle, the Apollo IE, was bound to end up in GTA. Luckily it did, with the Tyrant.

The Tyrant is fifth on this list for a reason. Particularly due to it’s acceleration and overall speed. The Tyrant has an admirable top end of 135 mile-per-hour. When compared to the S80RR, it completely obliterates it in a straight line.

4 Tezeract

When Lamborghini released the Terzo Millennio (A coordinated concept between Lamborghini design officials and MIT technicians), it seemed like the perfect video game car. Apparently Rockstar Games thought the same thing with the implementation of the Tezeract.

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Even though it doesn’t have any self-healing technology like its real-life counterpart, the Tezeract is still impressive on paper. Its quickest speed was recorded to be around the range of 125 to 138 M.P.H., but what sets it apart from its competitors is its significantly faster lap times.

3 Entity XXR

Since Rockstar can’t use the same brand names as those in reality, they are forced to be creative. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t mimic them to almost exact specifications. In this instance, the GTA company called Overflod is the stand in for Koenigsegg: Some of the fastest cars on the planet.

This specific Overflod is the Entity XXR, a new and improved version of the Entity XF (One of the first supercars in GTA). This upgraded model significantly improves upon its predecessor too. Compared to the old ones top speed of around 127 M.P.H., the XXR can go nearly 13 M.P.H. quicker with a total of 139 miles-per-hour.

2 Deveste Eight

Yet again, GTA brings another real car into the virtual world. And, again, it’s based off of a rare hypercar. This time though, it’s from a relatively unknown company in Dubai named Devel.

The real version is known as the Devel Sixteen for its sixteen-cylinder engine and over 5000 horsepower. The car itself isn’t much more than a concept, but with GTA, you can experience it for yourself (Just not with 5000 horsepower). The Deveste Eight can reach nearly the exact same speed as the XXR, but with a more futuristic design behind it.

It’s an elegant looking vehicle and a particularly humorous one, since its name is so close to the real version with the number sixteen being reduced by half.

1 Taipan

Taking the number one spot is not a Bugatti clone or a Benny’s custom vehicle. Rather, a mockup of the Hennessey Venom F5; the same company who broke the world record for world’s fastest car in 2014 with the Venom GT. This time, though, there are no clever puns or play-on words. Just a simple name: The Taipan.

Like its real-life counterpart, the Taipan is the quickest in the GTA world. Of all the other cars on the virtual market, the Taipan crushes them. The only other car to come close is the Taipan is the Deveste Eight, since its top end is only a fraction faster at 139.6 to 140 miles-per-hour.

Who knows, before long we may see a Grand Theft Auto vehicle reach far into the 150 range.

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