5 Fastest Powerboats In The World (And The 20 Fastest Yachts)

Below are five of the fastest powerboats and 20 of the fastest yachts in the world! Let's see just how fast!

I know, I know. The site is called Hot Cars, but sometimes there is something that is just too interesting to pass up. I'm going to go out of my way here to assume that pretty much everyone reading this article has been on a boat at one point or another (even if the boat was not even in the water). However, I'm also going to assume that most of the people here have not yet been on a powerboat like the five shown below.

And even more likely here, I'm going to suggest that no one here has ever been on one of the 20 yachts depicted below. Why? Well, if someone here was spending time on a yacht, I think they would be spending less time on this site. In addition to that, I think that it is unlikely people going through this article right now are able to afford a charter on a yacht like one of the fastest in the world that we have listed below.

And that is the main point about this article. No, not being too poor to afford these awesomely powerful and luxurious boats, but the fact that these are the fastest boats out there on the market and on the high seas. Below are five of the fastest powerboats and 20 of the fastest yachts in the world! Let's see just how fast!

25 Powerboat - Outerlimits SV50 (145 mph)


Here is a boat that was made in Rhode Island. This is one of the Outerlimits brand of powerboats. Outerlimits boasts being able to seat five people while gunning down the waves at an impressive 145 mph. So it's not the fastest out there for powerboats but certainly, nothing to take lightly either. This boat also has an interesting option which is the addition of a cabin so that the boat can be taken out on an overnight excursion. It's not the kind of boat I'd use for that, though.

24 Yacht - Swift AB Yachts (60.9 mph)


AB Yachts certainly has a hold on the most boats to make this list of the top fastest yachts in the world. They may not hold all of the top slots but they have more boats in this race than any other company. Now, meet 2014's Swift by AB Yachts. Part of the AB116 series, this thing is pushed around by three 2,400-hp diesel engines that make her at least somewhat swift. Of course, in comparison to the very fastest yachts in the world, the Swift is poorly named.

23 Yacht - Pershing 115 Azzam (63.2 mph)


I have to say that this has an unfortunate company name because Pershing reads way too close to "perishing" which is not something anyone wants their yacht to do. All that aside, this 115 series Azzam is one of several hulls under the 115 series but it boasts the top speed for that particular run of Pershing. Able to hit 63.2 mph, this yacht isn't taking first in any superyacht races, but it will hold its own out on the open ocean. It's stable, strong, and ultimately, pretty fast.

22 Yacht - Spectre AB Yachts (62.4 mph)


Yet another AB Yacht to make the list of fastest yachts. They certainly know how to make a slick-looking vessel, not to mention give it a wicked name. This is one of two yachts in this article that reminds me of James Bond. This is the AB Spectre. This is the latest of all the yachts here. Launched in 2016, this thing carries triple 1,900-horsepower diesel engines that push it to 62.4 mph. It's not the fastest, not by a long shot, but it does have a 75-inch TV alongside a marble dining table to help you forget that fact.

21 Powerboat - Cigarette Racing Team 50’ AMG GTS (140 mph)


I've only ever really been introduced to AMG because of the fantastic work they do on one of my favorite cars, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, but I have to say that they are no slouch when it comes to pushing the limits of a boat as well. This cigarette powerboat (named, I assume, because of its slim cigarette-ish shape) is 50 feet of incredible power. This boat has two engines that run with the power of 1,550 horses and that allows this thing to just about hit 140 mph!

20 Yacht - AB 92 Seafire (64.4 mph)


AB Yachts has yet another dog in the race when it comes to the fastest yachts in the world. However, this one just misses the top ten slot. This AB92 Seafire launched in 2009, making it one of the most recent, but not one of the fastest, yachts. With three Caterpillar C32 engines, this slick-looking machine manages to reach 64.4 mph. That's still not slow by any means, but it is slow enough to keep it out of the top ten. It does have four big cabins though, so that's a plus.

19 Yacht - AB Yachts Kereon (71.6 mph)


AB Yachts is responsible for more than one of the fastest yachts in the world. It's almost like they know what they're doing. This boat is one of the more recent ones, having been tossed in the drink in 2004. This machine has three diesel engines (which is great for the environment) that each pumps out the power of 2,250 horses. That's a combined horse strength of 6,750. Not too shabby. It's by no means the fastest yacht out there but it's certainly no slouch.

18 Yacht - Adler II (57.3 mph)


It might seem strange, but this yacht has apparently been "shrouded in secrecy" since it first hit the waves. According to Boat International, anyway. Regardless, this 2005 yacht has two engines that pound out the power of 10,500 horses along with twin waterjets that go with it. That puts this yacht up to 57.3 mph. Not a bad display of power and given the look of this thing, I think some may be fine giving up speed for luxury.

17 Yacht - Astro by Baia Yachts (57.3 mph)


Very much like the Chevy Astro my parents used to drive the family around in, this is the slowest of all the yachts on this list. Even with that absurd decal depicting the three engines that ride with the power of 2,430 horses, it's not like the picture helps with the boat's speed. Even with its refitting in 2015, this is still the bottom of the barrel...of the fastest yachts in the world. So, it does still count for something.

16 Powerboats - Mystic C5000-S (200 mph)


This is one fast boat. Mystic puts out versions of this boat that have clocked up to 240 mph. That being said, the pleasure version of this craft tends to sit only at the 200mph mark—I say "only" like that means nothing. This is pretty much the fastest powerboat one is like to get that isn't specifically a racer. And that being said, the pleasure version of this boat still comes with an oxygen supply so it may as well be a racer. Oh, it also comes with a price tag that is over $1 million.

15 Yacht - Baglietto Chato (65.5 mph)


Even though this yacht was first launched back in 1986, it still manages to find a spot in the top ten fastest yachts in the world—not too bad for something that survived the 80s. Hailing from Italy, this machine is powered by twin MTU 16V 396 TB94s and that gets her up to a top speed of 65.5 mph. It might not be the biggest yacht in the world but it can still accommodate up to six guests, even though it looks like it could hold a whole party.

14 Yacht - Galeocerdo (74.8 mph)


This piece of beautiful handicraft hails from Italy and just barely misses the 75 mph mark. That being said, 74.8 miles per hour is still nothing to poke fun at. And while some yachting companies might like to boast that their boat is like the Rolls-Royce of yachts, this craft actually sports Rolls-Royce water jets to go along with its three gas turbines. So, this might not RR branded, but it actually runs the waves with the aid of Rolls. Even if the yacht looks kind of funny, that's pretty awesome.

13 Yacht - GentryEagle (73.6 mph)


This yacht was first built back in 1988, which is the same year my very first GMC 1500 was built. It really does say something when the fourth fastest yacht in the world was built back in the 1980s. To be fair, this was originally set out to be a powerboat and was re-released as a yacht in 1992. It runs with the power of 11,500 horses and definitely sports some luxury inside. This is the boat that beat Richard Branson's  Blue Riband record.

12 Yacht - Izar Foners (80 mph)


Well, I think this yacht would just be a pain to get anywhere around here, simply because it must be shipped from Spain and it is not a tiny machine, by any stretch of the imagination. That being said, considering its size, it has two 1,280-hp engines and three 6,700-hp turbines and that can push this beast to just over 80 mph! I don't know why one would want to go that fast in this luxury craft, though. Just imagine the rate of fuel loss at full speed! Especially since this is the fastest yacht in the world!

11 Powerboat - Skater 46 Race/Pleasure (150 mph)


I love it when companies compare themselves to luxury cars. It really justifies the work I do here. Skater, the company that created this incredibly fast boat, states that their craft is the “Rolls Royce of offshore powerboats”. Apparently, it has nice rooms in addition to epic speed. Of course, it is hard to pin down the reality of this boat because each and every Skater powerboat is built custom for the prospective owner. So, I imagine that some luxury could be given up for more speed.

10 Yacht - Mamimo II (59.8 mph)


I'm not sure how I feel about the open concept on a yacht. I mean, I want to be able to have cover from the weather, if it comes to that, without having to head down below deck. Either way, the Mamimo II was first put in the water in 2007 and boasts a design by the well-known people at Pininfarina. However, compared to a Ferrari, this yacht has nothing. Pushing along at 59.8 mph, this is among the slowest of the fastest yachts in the world.

9 Yacht - McMullen And Wing Ermis²


Built in 2008, this is the second most recent of all the yachts on this list, but it is not the fastest by any means. While this vessel might sport three engines each running with the power of 3,698 horses, the top speed of this craft us only 66.7 mph. In spite of it not quite hitting record speed, it still is one of the fastest in the world and it looks sleek to boot. It looks like a boat on a mission, that's for sure.

8 Yacht - Nor-Tech 80 Sport Yacht (59.8 mph)


Alright, I have to say that this is certainly shaped more like a powerboat than a yacht, but it is obviously too large to be a powerboat. That being said, in spite of the attempt to make this vessel look like a powerboat, this machine can only go a top speed of 59.8 mph. Sure, that's not slow, but it's nowhere near the fastest yacht. The number associated with the name of this boat is the actual top speed of the fastest yacht, 80 mph.

7 Yacht - Oci Ciornie (69 mph)


The interesting thing here is that there is a yacht that was launched back in 1960 that boasts the exact same top speed as this one, and yet this one was produced in 1998. I think that just goes to show there is really something special about a yacht that can actually make record speed. Of course, the 69 mph this yacht can do is still nothing to scoff at. Especially with the twin 1,800-hp engines as well as the 4,600-hp turbine that power this thing. And it can hold eight people within three separate cabins.

6 Powerboat - Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster (150 mph)


To be fair here, this boat will actually go above 150 mph, but this is the standard top speed that people like to bandy about because who wants to talk about decimal points unless we're talking super-boat racing numbers, right? Now, while this is a powerboat, it is not a race boat and it can manage to seat up to 10 people! Though honestly, that's not something I would think of doing while powering the waves at 150 mph. Of course, this boat is built custom for each customer so some may not go as fast, while others can break the 150 mph mark.

5 Yacht - Otam 80 series Black Bullet (66.7 mph)


Here is the fastest yacht! No, I'm just kidding. It's just fastest yacht in its own particular series. The Black Bullet might be one of the most recent of the fastest yachts on this list, having debuted in 2005. This machine is powered by four diesel engines that get it up to 66.7 mph. While this doesn't make it the fastest yacht in the world, it makes it not too far off. There room in this yacht for six people (and two crew, although the company suggests separate accommodations for them).

4 Yacht - Overmarine Mangusta 108 'Why Not' (63.2 mph)


Why not come up with a silly name for a yacht? Why not make people wonder again and again why a boat would have this name? Why not make sure it can go at least 63.2 mph so that people don't make fun of it so much? I'm not sure why Overmarine called this yacht the 'Why Not', but I think it could spawn some pretty bad decisions on the vessel. Because I mean, why not crank those twin Lycomings to full and see how long she lasts? Why not!?

3 Yacht - Sur L’Onde 2 (58.6 mph)


There have been seven different hulls put out in the Baia Atlantica 78 series. That being said, there is only one that stands out among the fastest of the world's yachts. That would be the Sur L'Onde 2. For those who don't really have a grasp of French, this name translates to mean something like "on the wave" which does make sense for a yacht. With twin engines running with the power of 2,030 horses each, the yacht should definitely stay on the waves.

2 Yacht - Vosper Brave Challenger (69 mph)


This might be a brave challenger for the mantle of fastest yacht but it falls short by about 11 miles per hour. That being said, this yacht was built in 1960 and it is still one of the fastest in the world. Sure, the vessel has been refitted a couple of times (both in 1989 and 1999) but considering this thing is 58 years old, she's not doing badly at 69 mph. Not bad at all. This boat can ride with the combined power of 13,620 horses!

1 Yacht - World Is Not Enough (77 mph)


Every time I think of this yacht, I think of the James Bond film that shares the same name. Welcome to the second fastest yacht in the world, boasting an incredible 77 mph top speed. This thing runs with the power of 20,600 horses. That is pretty wild. Two diesel engines and two gas turbines later, this thing can hold up to ten people in nothing but luxury and, obviously, power. It's essentially a luxury racer to party on.

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