10 Fastest Tractors, Ranked By Speed

Even though tractors are designed for farm and field work, there are many that can go incredibly fast. We rank the most powerful of them of them all.

Fast cars are fun to watch since it feels as if they will shatter the sound barrier. But there is something special about watching a big machine go fast, specifically a tractor. You feel a mixture of several emotions at once when big field tractors go at full speed, from excitement to exhilaration. These vehicles aren't built for speed as they are used for farm and field work. But some adrenaline-induced individuals wanted to create a tractor that cannot be slapped with a red rectangular SMV sticker (slow moving vehicle) on the bumper.

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This list is dominated by JCB Tractors, but there are some other brands, and really fast tractors, that made the cut. Here are the 10 fastest tractors, ranked by speed.

10 JCB 4190 & JCB 4160

Tractors kind of look like the monster truck version of ATVs since they're huge, but they're no bigger than monster trucks. They're primarily made for farm work so they make a farmer's job easier on the field. The tractor is a necessity if one's livelihood is farming.

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The JCB 4160 and JCB 4190 are tied at the last three spots together with a different tractor brand. All three have a maximum speed that reaches 37-miles per hour. The differences between these two tractors are the maximum torque and engine power, and the JCB 4190 is a relatively more powerful tractor.

9 Fendt 939 Vario

Barely making it into this JCB-dominated top 10 list is the tractor company called Fendt. Based in Germany, this agricultural company has been setting milestones and dominating Germany's agricultural and technological landscape for more than 80 years. Established in 1930, Fendt has been a leader in innovation from the 1930s through the early 2000s.

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When the company released the Fendt 900 Vario tractors, they went into the record books as the manufacturer that created one of the fastest tractors in the world. The Fendt 939 Vario tractor has a recorded maximum speed of 37 mph, tied with the JCB 4160 and 4190.

8 JCB 4220

It was war time scrap that JCB was born from, according to founder Joseph Cyril Bamford. He created the company back in the post-war era of 1945 where he made a tipping trailer from scrap metal in his garage. Eight years later, he invented the backhoe loader together with company growth in employees and profits. Fast forward to 2014 when JCB released the Fastrac 4000 series.

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This line of tractors has at the front of it the JCB Fastrac 4220, with a maximum speed of 37 mph, 950 Nm maximum torque, and a powerful engine, more powerful than its little brothers (JCB 4190 &4160). Thirty-seven mph is the line drawn by the bottom ten. The next tractors go faster and faster as you read on.

7 JCB 8290

Tied at the seventh and sixth place are two of JCB’s tractors yet again. JCB is fast becoming the Lamborghini of tractors, isn’t it? Hey, speaking of Lamborghini, did you know that Lamborghini once manufactured a tractor? Yes! It was back in 1948 and way before they started making those super expensive cars.

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The JCB 8290 is the next tractor in this top ten list that doesn't quite run like a regular tractor, because all other tractors out of this list had a max speed of 18 or 25 miles per hour. The JCB Fastrac 8000 series was launched in 2016.

6 JCB 8330

In the tradition of tractors and big vehicles, the JCB tractors definitely look like they can go really fast. Especially these Fastrac 8000 series that are JCB’s latest line of tractors. The JCB Fastrac 8330 looks like it came out of a Transformers movie and doesn’t really look like a tractor at all at first glance.

The magnificent beast has a 348 hp maximum engine power and a 1440 Nm maximum torque. it also can run at 43.5 miles per hour. The 8330 is GPS ready, has improved cruise control functions, and boasts about the largest cab in the market.

5 Allis Chalmers Model U

Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, once had a mayor who was also a race car driver. David Abbot Jenkins, or Ab, held the world record for the longest time as the fastest tractor. His tractor was a 1932 Allis Chalmers Model U. Allis Chalmers was a tractor company that flourished in the early 1900s through the 1980s when it went bankrupt.

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Just like the company, the Model U tractor looks like it has been left behind by time. It’s hard to imagine it ran at about 67 miles per hour! This record will be held by Ab Jenkins and his Allis Chalmers Model U tractor for a very long 81 years.

4 Valtra T234

Valtra is unbelievably just the third tractor that’s not JCB on this list. This tractor company leads the market in the Nordic countries and is very popular in South America, too. The Valtra T234 broke records when it put in the driver’s seat former World Rally champion from Finland Juha Kankkunen.

It's only best to put a Finnish World Rally champion driver in a fast tractor made in Finland. The tractor was equipped with special winter tires made by Nokian Tyres. Of course, the engine was tweaked for maximum performance, but it reached an outstanding speed of 67.1 miles per hour!

3 Top Gear Track-tor

Once in a while, we'll see something crazy in the show. But what Top Gear did last year was "tractor crazy" as they assembled a tractor that goes really, really fast! It's called the Track-tor and it has a 5.7-liter small-block V8 Chevy engine (500 bhp), an adjustable air suspension system, and 4-wheel brakes. It also ran at a max speed of 87.2 mph!


Jack Donohue admitted that he drew inspiration from David “Ab” Jenkins when he created his fast tractor. It was a 1952 V8 Ford 8N Flathead powered tractor and he called it the “8ncredible.” Jack Donohue was a NASCAR driver and knows his way around an engine. We can only imagine how much fun he had designing this tractor and making it run as fast as he could.

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The tractor rear tires were replaced with aircraft tires with a high-speed rating. We can also say that he had loads of fun since the tractor ran at a max speed of about 96-miles per hour!

1 JCB Fastrac 8000

The fastest tractor in the world has a maximum speed of 103.6 miles per hour, that’s 166.7 in kilometers. In finishing the list, we go back to JCB, this tractor company has somehow found the formula to manufacturing speedy tractors because their JCB Fastrac 8000 is currently the fastest tractor in the whole world.

JCB partnered with the Williams Formula One Team, the Williams constructor that races in the fastest racing circuit known to man. The tractor has two turbochargers, 1000 hp, and packed with a six-cylinder 7.2-liter diesel engine. We can't wait for this record to be broken. Shout out to Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes!

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