FCA Handing Out As Much As $3000 To Owners In EcoDiesel Settlement

Fiat Chrysler has ended litigation against them for their EcoDiesel engines that could see owners receive as much as $3,000.

Grand Cherokee

If you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ram 1500 equipped with a 3.0-L EcoDiesel, you’re about to get a big payday.

Way back in 2017, Fiat Chrysler was sued by US and state regulators over the 3.0-L EcoDiesel engine. Apparently, FCA engineers had fitted certain vehicles equipped with those engine with software that was designed to fib on emissions tests.

Allegedly, anyway. Fiat continues to deny the charges and is admitting no wrongdoing even though they’re sending out a lot of money to pay fines and pay off a class-action lawsuit.

FCA reached a settlement with regulators in said class-action suit earlier in January that saw the Italian/American carmaker set aside $800,000 to pay off diesel owners and the feds. Now we’ve got details on just how much everyone is going to get.

Owners of Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram 1500 pickups equipped with a 3.0-L EcoDiesel engine built between 2014 and 2016 can expect a cheque in the mail for $3,075. That represents the settlement cash as negotiated by lawyers working for the EPA, Carb, and private vehicle owners.

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In addition to the cash, FCA has agreed to get all vehicle owner’s software updated free of charge. Owners will also get an extended warranty that goes for 10 years or 120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

2016 RAM 1500 Limited – 2016 RAM Heavy Hauler Media Program
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“The settlements contain no findings of wrongdoing, nor admission of any wrongdoing, by FCA,” the carmakers said in a prepared statement. “The updated software does not affect average fuel economy, drivability, durability, engine noise, vibration, or other driving characteristics of the vehicles.”

Owners will have 21 months to get their vehicle in for the update. About 100,000 vehicles are expected as part of this recall. Those that can do math will note that this only amounts to roughly $300 million in payouts. The rest will go to the EPA and CARB as part of the settlement. The government will always get what's owed, after all.

You can see if you're in line for some cash by checking out the EcoDiesel settlement website here.

(Source: Consumer Reports)

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