Ferrari To Launch 3 New Models This Year, 2 Of Them Will Debut Next Month

Ferrar's set to unveil three new cars before the end of the year.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has revealed that the Italian automakers will launch three new models before the end of 2019, with two of those three to be unveiled in September.

The venture comes as part of a business plan which is supposed to net Ferrari $5.6 billion by 2022.

Camilleri steered clear of divulging any hints as it relates to what the new models will be but, according to The Detroit News, has confirmed that two of them will be dropping at an event at the company's headquarters in Maranello next month.

The luxury and performance manufacturers are speeding their model launches up and, by the end of the period for the business plan, will have a utility vehicle named the Purosangue (Thoroughbred), the Icona series, and the Gran Turismo segment all available.

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“We will privilege revenue over volume,” Camilleri explained, referencing the Ferrari SF90 Stradale plug-in hybrid that debuted in May as a prime example of “opening up a new price segment within our range of cars.”

The company previously revealed that second-quarter profits went up 14 percent, a hike helped by the Portofino and 812 Superfast models although sales in North America dipped due to an unimpressive mix of models. Ferrari posted a net profit of $204 million for the three months ending on the last day of June, a figure marking a $25.93 raise.

A total of 2,671 shipments - eight percent up from last year - were made, particularly due to expedited deliveries in China made in order to get in front of an emissions regulatory alteration.

While Camilleri didn't share any details, previous reports claim that one of the cars dropping next month could be the 812 Superfast Spider. There is no confirmation on that front yet but several members of the Ferrari Chat forum have revealed their being in receipt of invitations for the unveiling in early September.

The Superfast Spider is reported as having a 6.5-liter V12 engine that produces 789 horsepower and 530 pound-feet.

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There's no real indication of what the other model could be but it's hoped that it's the F8 Spider. That one is strapped with a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 capable of a 710 hp output and 568 pound-feet of torque.

The other Ferrari will drop later in the year and it is believed that it could be an entry-level sportscar as the Purosangue crossover is still far from launch.

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