Watch A Ferrari 488 Pista Beat McLaren 720S In Timed Race Action

It turns out, in a timed race, a Ferrari 488 can best a McLaren 720S. We know this because it was put to the test.

Watch A Ferrari 488 Pista Beat McLaren 720S In Timed Race Action

Check out the Ferrari 488 Pista beat the time of a McLaren 720S around the Magny Cours racetrack.

We know the McLaren can make a fast car. We’ve seen the 720S, in particular, beat nearly every other car in its price bracket in almost every conceivable test (which mostly involves drag racing).

McLaren isn’t the only carmaker making very fast cars. Italian supercar maker Ferrari is also known to make some very fast cars, but they’ve been hesitant to stack up their best vehicle against the might of McLaren.

They might be a little less timid after this timed attack from Motorsport Magazine.

Behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 Pista is Motorsport editor Nicolas Gourdol. On each of the Pista’s four wheels is a Michelin Sport Cup 2 tire, which is the same tire as used on every car that Motorsport has ever tested. The track is the Magny Cours in France, previously home to the French Formula One Grand Prix.

Under the Pista’s rear engine covering is a 3.9-L twin-turbo V8 engine producing 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque--coincidentally the same as the McLaren 720S. The 488 Pista also has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and can also accelerate from zero to sixty in almost 2.7 seconds.


The only real difference between the two cars besides the logo is weight. The Pista saves roughly 130 lbs over the McLaren, and that’s about it.

But in the hands of an experienced driver going around one of the toughest race tracks in the world, 130 lbs can make all the difference.

As Nicolas deftly maneuvers the Pista around the Magny Cours’ many curves, you get a sense of just how fast the 488 really is. After posting his fastest lap time of 1:16.06 he even shows off the Pista’s incredible control by performing a lap as though he were at a drift competition and not a timed attack.

At 1:16.06, the 488 Pista now takes first place around the Magny Cours, beating out the McLaren 720S at 1:16.80, and even the Porsche 911 PT2 RS at 1:17.55. As buyers of sports cars at this level look for performance above all else, maybe this will steer a few of the 1% Ferrari’s way instead of McLaren.


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