Ferrari Knowingly Let Dealers Change Odometers On Used Cars

A Ferrari dealership recently revealed they had the green light from the manufacturer to recent the odometer on used vehicles—a pretty serious crime.

Ferrari Knowingly Let Dealers Change Odometers On Used Ferraris

Ferrari is under fire after court documents revealed that the highest levels of the supercar maker’s hierarchy allowed dealers to reset odometers on used Ferraris to zero.

A blockbuster confession has confirmed that Ferrari executives were aware of at least one dealership’s practice of resetting odometers for used cars and even gave the green light to do so.

In court documents first obtained by The Daily Mail, an internal Ferrari memo dated March 2, 2017, details how technicians used a “DEIS Tester” to reset the odometers on used Ferraris. The memo goes on to order those very technicians to halt the practice, and that the functionality will be removed in future updates to the DEIS Tester.

"By May 15, 2017, Ferrari SpA will release a software update for the DEIS tester that includes removing this cycle," the memo reads. "As a result …, the odometer 'reset to zero' functionality is being removed."

The memo goes on to say that information concerning odometer resets will be removed from Ferrari Workshop Manuals, thus preventing the practice in the future.


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The incredible admission stems from a lawsuit filed by former Ferrari salesman Bud Root, who filed suit against the company on Feb. 8, 2018. In his suit, Root alleged that Ferrari knowing allowed dealers in Palm Beach County Florida to reset the odometers of cars they planned to resell. After Root threatened to blow the whistle he was fired.

In Florida, resetting the odometer of any car, much less a Ferrari, is a felony carrying a year-long prison sentence. In most states (and indeed, most countries) resetting the odometer of any vehicle is a crime.

While Root’s lawsuit is specifically against the Florida Ferrari dealership, the memo released confirms that any North American Ferrari dealership could reset the odometer of any car they sold.

This will undoubtedly result in the apocalyptic destruction of the used Ferrari market, as now no owner who has ever purchased from or even serviced their car at a Ferrari dealer can assure their odometers has not been tampered with.


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