Coolest Ferraris in Gordon Ramsay's Collection, Ranked

Like his food, Gordon Ramsay expects the best when it comes to cars, which mainly means a lot of Ferraris.

In our modern world, there are many ways to get filthy stinking rich, but not all are realistic for the average person. You could, for example, work in the hedge fund industry, become a movie star/singer, and so on. However, how many people have done it being chefs?

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Well, for starters, there's plenty of well-paid and famous food artisans, yet, you may not hear about them. There are exceptions to this, of course; the biggest one being Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay isn't just a world-class chef, he's also a huge car fanatic. To be more specific, a Ferrari fanatic. Since he's got the money and the resources to buy them now, Gordon Ramsay has a prolific list of Italian beauties. To see just how amazing his collection is, here are some of Gordon Ramsay's coolest Ferrari's, ranked...

10 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

If you're not a long-time Ferrari enthusiast, then the 612 may be unfamiliar to you; let alone the Scaglietti models. Before Ferrari had the F12, 599, and 812 series, they came up with a different grand tourer: The 612 Scaglietti.

Unlike most Ferraris, the 612 Scaglietti had four seats. Although it wasn't Ferrari's best-looking cars ever made, it was popular enough to be bought by Gordon Ramsay. Nevertheless, if you're rich like Ramsay and need a "family car," then no wonder he went for the timeless 612.

9 Ferrari California T

After Ferrari and Scaglietti worked together in the '50s to build the renowned Ferrari 250 GT California, it was only a matter of time before it was revitalized. However, the California T wasn't the first but the second rebirth of the California, and a much-improved version as well.

The biggest difference between the early-2010's California and the revised California T is the inclusion of forced induction. With a set of turbochargers, the California became better than ever before, even prompting Gordon Ramsay to pick it up (two in total, actually).

8 Ferrari 458 Italia

Since Gordon Ramsay calls himself a huge Ferrari fan, there's no chance on Earth that he'd miss an opportunity to own the Ferrari 458 Italia: One of Ferrari's greatest supercars ever made.

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In terms of Ferrari's recent supercars, the 458 was the last naturally-aspirated V8 they've produced (So far). Due to this, some fans argue that the 458 sounds better than its successor, the 488, and has a better design too. Whatever your opinion is on the matter, we can all agree to be jealous of Ramsay's great Ferraris, especially his original 458.

7 Ferrari 550 Maranello

Long ago, when the F12 and 812 Superfast were but a twinkle in Ferrari's eye, their best grand touring car was the 550 Maranello. The car was quite popular amongst enthusiasts, particularly because of its appearance in Bad Boys 2 and Michael Jordon's ownership of one.

Of course, Michael Jordon wasn't the only person to buy one. Included in that list are multiple celebrities, such as Gordon Ramsay. As far as we can tell, the 550 Maranello was certainly one of Ramsay's earlier supercar purchases. Lucky for him, since (if he kept it) that 550 will be worth way more in the near future.

6 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

As you may have observed throughout Ferrari's history, they love to create several versions of the same car. Examples include the 488 and its several versions, the 458 as well, and the 430 too. Of these alternative models, their most extreme 430 was, by far, the Scuderia.

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia was, in essence, a striped-down, race purpose F430 that was still street legal. Of this, Ferrari, of course, made other alternatives like the 430 Scuderia 16M, but what almost everyone really wanted was just the regular Scuderia, as evidenced by Ramsay's purchase.

5 Ferrari 488 GTB

Shortly after Ferrari's success with the 458 and its various versions, they knew they'd have to work hard for the next V8 model. Thankfully, they succeeded and made a competent, while still jaw-dropping, Ferrari: The 488 GTB.

Naturally, someone like Ramsay, with their exuberant amount of cash, is going to upgrade to the next model. He did exactly that and can now enjoy his 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 Ferrari.

Looking back, we may view the 488 GTB as a first in Ferrari's step back towards turbocharging and into ecologically-friendly options.

4 Ferrari LaFerrari

To smash McLaren and Porsche in the hypercar battle (frequently referred to as the "Holy Trinity"), Ferrari would add their own car to the mix. Its name would be as large as the engine behind it and the history of its brand. The illustrious LaFerrari.

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The LaFerrari was a first for the company in many aspects. First off, Ferrari had never made a hybrid before and, second, it was one of their most powerful road-cars ever. To this day, fans still debate which one is better. However, it seems Mr. Ramsay has already made his choice perfectly clear...

3 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta

As stated above, Gordon Ramsay surely loves Ferrari's latest hypercar, the LaFerrari. Yet, do you think he adores it enough to buy another one? If you answered "no," then think again. After Ferrari released a convertible version, the LaFerrari Aperta, Ramsay was quick to snatch it up.

As far as performance goes, there isn't much of a difference from the standard LaFerrari. Actually, the only real difference between them is the removable roof, unique pin-stripes, and a limited production number. It may seem like a waste of money, but why not do it when you're Gordon freaking Ramsay?

2 Ferrari 812 Superfast

The second best on this list is Ferrari's latest grand touring car, the 812 Superfast. With a name like that, you already know exactly what the 812 has in store, particularly if you've experienced its predecessor, the F12.

Upon first glance, the 812 Superfast would appear to be a revamped F12. Honestly, this observation wouldn't be far off. The 812 Superfast is a redesigned, sleeker, and more controllable version of the F12, but with an extra 100 horsepower.

Similar to the 458 and 488, it makes sense that Ramsay would upgrade to the 'state-of-the-art one.'

1 Ferrari Monza SP2

For the first place, we have Gordon Ramsay's newest addition to his vast collection. It is, truly, unlike any Ferrari made beforehand, and will be worth its weight in gold for centuries. If you haven't heard the news already, it's the limited edition Ferrari Monza SP2.

The Monza SP2 harkens back to the old days of racing; when racing cars were all open-top, focused solely on speed, and nice looks to boot. Ferrari has stated that they're only making 500 of the Monza SP series, so all the millionaires made sure to buy them up quickly, including Gordon Ramsay!

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