Ferrari Making Its Own SUV To Take On Lamborghini Urus


Ferrari is making its very own SUV to take on the Lamborghini Urus.

Everyone is getting into SUVs. Ferrari announced they first dip into the utility vehicle pool last year with the name “Purosangue,” and then immediately had to issue pronunciation guides for everyone living in North America.

Now a year later, we’re getting more details of what to expect from Ferrari’s first crossover, starting with its codename of “175.” Which is a lot easier to pronounce.

The Purosangue arrives sometime in 2022 and will be one of 15 new Ferraris to come by 2023. Ferrari chief technical officer Michael Leiters told Autocar that design is still ongoing so they don't have a whole lot to reveal, but he was able to give a few more details.

“The challenge is to open a new segment for Ferrari,” he said. “We always have very, very sharp positioning. It helps to develop cars in a certain, focused manner and easily decide certain trade-offs. The trade-off decision is totally different for us here. We will have totally new engineering challenges.”

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Ferrari has two architectures that they use for their vehicles: one for rear-engined supercars and the other for front-mid-engined GT-style cars. The latter will be used to create the Purosangue as its both scalable and highly flexible. It can accommodate V6, V8, and V12 engines, with or without hybrid accompaniment, and it can support rear or AWD, a dual-clutch transmission, high or low ground clearance, and seating for up to four people.

Given the Purosangue will be an SUV, we can safely assume the chassis will be modified for AWD, high ground clearance, and four seats.

The challenge is getting the performance Ferrari wants with the luxury and comfort that people would expect from an SUV with a six-figure price. We don't have much info for the performance side, but we do know that the interior layout will be all-new, including a new steering wheel, infotainment, HUD, instrument panel, rear-seat entertainment system, and possibly even doors.

Leiters said that Ferrari still has some distance to go, but if Lamborghini can do it, so can they.

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