Ferrari Won't Give Up On Its V12 Engine & Isn't Relying On Hybridization To Keep It Alive Either

Ferrari is trying to keep their V12 away from electrification.

Ferrari won't be giving up on its naturally-aspirated V12 engine and don't want to be forced to hybridize it either.

The Italian automakers have quite the reputation when it comes to engines and they've made some of the best V8-powered cars known to man. However, the V12 remains the symbol of pride for the company and they will fight to keep it alive.

Technical chief Michael Leiters told Top Gear as much after being asked about Ferrari's electrification plans, insisting that the company doesn't want to turn to hybridization.

“If you want to maximize the benefits of an electrified powertrain, you need to do it with downsizing otherwise it doesn’t make sense," he said.

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"A naturally aspirated V12 engine is not a downsized engine, and for me it doesn’t make sense as a hybrid. We will fight for the V12, of course. We will do everything we can to keep it as it is core to our brand. But a real hybridization of the V12? I don’t see it. The LaFerrari was hybridization for performance. In the future, we’re being forced to look at emissions [the F8 is the first Ferrari to go through the WLTP cycle] and if you want to really utilize the CO2 benefit, you have to downsize.”

Even with the best of intentions, Ferrari could find itself fighting an uphill battle. They will look to keep the traditional V12 around for as long as possible but they may have to electrify it if it fails to keep up with regulations.

In any case, there will be lots of changes taking place. Ferrari's heads have already confirmed that a hybrid supercar will launch in the next two or three months, while five new models will also drop before the end of the year.

The first of the five will be the mid-engined V8 F8 Tributo which was on show at Geneva. Its emergence will likely see the end of an era, with Ferrari poised to focus on electrification for all future endeavors.

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