10 Of The Finest 80s Ferraris That We Still Want Today

The 80s are known for many great contributions to pop culture, and one of them is the classic look of a Ferrari from that time period.

The 80s was a time period that was obsessed with the future. Movies like Back to the Future showed the ability to time travel, which we still don't have in the 21st century. The cars from that era also show the influence that the future had on them.

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The Ferrari is the most obvious car that was able to display the influence on the future. The car is known for its iconic red look, but it is also known for its wide side mirrors and cars that look like they were ready to fly. Here are 10 of the finest Ferraris from the 80s.

10 Mondial Cabriolet - 1983

This car was made nine years after Ferraris last drop-top version. This car was a new 2+2 Spider. Pininfarina which is an Italian design company which is headquartered in Cambiano, Italy gave the canvas top the same line as the coupe. This car was first shown to the public in Modena in September 1983 and was first shown at the show at the Brussels Salon the following January. This car was geared to the west coast climate where the car would truly be able to display its grace. The manually operated hood of the car was an innovation and was a big part of the excitement the car generated.

9 Mondial 8 - 1980

This car was the next successful car after the 380 GT4. This was a very high performing and a next step up that marked the beginning of the new decade. This would be the start of a great decade for the Ferrari company in which they created modern marvels that donned the iconic red. This was a 2+2 coupe that was V8 powered. Because of a wheelbase that was a couple of centimeters longer than its predecessor, there was more space to the back seats. This car would be a basic version of what they were able to accomplish in the decade.

8 308 GTSI - 1980

This car ran into pollution problems during its creation. Because of bad air pollution, it had to lose some of its horsepower. Therefore Ferrari brought forth fuel injection technology which allowed the car to deliver on its iconic power and still be able to be a car that could be safe on the streets pollution wise.

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A car is always interesting when it is a drop-top version and this model gave Ferrari enthusiasts the ability to ride without the restriction of a top. When the roof was taken down it went behind the seats. This car was Ferrari's introduction to the new decade without a top.

7 308 GTS Quattrovalvole - 1982

The special feature of this car is the removable Targa roof. This could be a feature that you could have if you wanted it or not. Its predecessor was talked about before this one and this car was supposed to be an enhanced version of that GTSI. If the 308 GTSI was supposed to bring in the new decade this car was able to exemplify it. Donned in the iconic red this vehicle was first shown at the 1982 Paris Salon. A special opening for a special car. The Quattrovalvole part was for the four valves per cylinder heads of the engine.

6 GTS Turbo - 1986

The final form of the Ferrari two-seat V8 engine series was this car, the GTS Turbo. This car was a turbocharged alternate of the 328 GTB but this car had a two-liter engine. This car had a revised nose and tail sections that featured body-color bumpers. This car has a naked feel to it. Usually, in a Ferrari, you see black stripes or lines donned into the car but this car seems just naked. This car is said to have a 254 brake horsepower which is the measure of the horsepower before the loss in power due to the gearbox and other factors.

5 F40 - 1987

It is always a good thing (for the drivers) when car companies make normal cars for regular streets that can suit the race track. Ferrari has a fully functional GT racing and formula racing program that is one of the best in the world but this car was a regular Ferrari model that had the design ability to race on normal streets.

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This car can go from 0-60 in about 4.1 seconds. It has a top speed of 201 mph. The maximum power in this car is 478 horsepower. This car is a beast on the streets and it is a shame that street racing is illegal because this is a car that you would have to take for a spin.

4 348 TB - 1989

The end of the decade called for a completely new car. If you look at the car it looks like the Testarossa but this car is not the same model. The side streaks give this car a racing look so it will appeal to people that want to go very fast really quick. It can go from 0 to about 60 in 5.6 seconds making this car a beauty to have on a regular street. Thsi car would be a drag to have stuck in traffic. This car is also powerful. It can produce a maximum of 300 horsepower. This car is just a beauty and showed the transition into the new decade.

3 348 TS - 1989

Getting closer to the end we are talking about cars that are closer to the 90s. That speaks to the manufacturer's ability to produce high-quality cars and grow with the technology of the times.

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This car had the ability to drop the top of the car so with that feature it had to rank higher than the TB. This car was also made in 1989 so it was the ying to the yang of the TB. For Ferrari fans that wanted the ability to ride top free this car was available. This car also has 300 horsepower and can go 0 to about 60 at 5.6 seconds.

2 GTO - 1984

Before we get to the number one Ferrari we go to the GTO which was without the usual black streaks going through the car for the company. This car has the look of a racing car and has the ability to be a racing car (well at the time). This is a very fast car for its time. It can go from 0 to about 60 in 4.9 seconds and has a top speed of 189 mph. This car is very fast in short spurts and is a dream to race. It doesn't have the max speed of some cars today but it is still a fast car that should be revered.

1 Testarossa - 1984

The last entry comes from another car made in 1984. The Testarossa has been featured in legendary TV shows like Miami Vice and it is just an all-around cool car. This was a very strong car pumping out a max of 390 horsepower and could go from 0 to about 60 in 5.8 seconds. It had a top speed of 180 mph. The streaks on the side were a feature that added to the cool factor of the car. It looked fast and it was fast. This car was also a very powerful car and it cost a lot even today. This car is probably the most popular car Ferrari has on its roster.

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