The Iconic Fiat 500 Launches Two Top-Of-The-Range Versions: Star And Rockstar

The new Fiat 500 range will arrive with several updates, including two new top-of-the-range versions, Star and Rockstar, aimed at a younger, more stylish customer. Launched in 1957 and relaunched in 2007, the Fiat 500 was arguably the first city-car.

The Fiat 500 Star comes in a new metallic White Stella finish with pink accents and chrome detailing, 16-inch alloy wheels and Skydome glass roof, as well as fog lamps. The Star is also available in the following colors Gelato White, Carrara Grey, Vesuvius Black, Pompei Grey, Opera Bordeaux, Colosseo Grey, Epic Blue, Ice White.

The interior of the Star is available in two color combinations, white sand and black, and the new Matelassé finish with eco leather and a Bordeaux embroidered 500 logo. Also, the dashboard comes in two new shades; White Sand with a pearly finish or matt Bordeaux. In the center of the dashboard, the digital instruments include a 7-inch TFT screen. Both the Star and the Rockstar include the Uconnect 7" HD LIVE touchscreen radio, which has Apple CarPlay support and is compatible with Android AutoTM.

Meanwhile, the Fiat 500 Rockstar is bolder, combining the rugged features of the Sport, seen in the front and rear bumpers and the side sills as well as the fixed glass roof, 16-inch alloy wheels and the bodywork in satin finish chrome. In addition, Fiat has introduced a new color for the exterior with a matt finish: Green Portofino. The new Rockstar is also available in Gelato White, Carrara Grey, Passione Red, Vesuvius Black, Pompei Grey, Opera Bordeaux, Colosseo Grey, Italia Blue, Ice White.

The interior of the Rockstar features grey or blue details on the side panels and black eco leather on the top part of the seat. The dashboard comes in two new colors: the new matt dark green shade and satin finish graphite. The dark green control panel features grey interior details, and the satin graphite panel includes blue interior details. The passenger compartment sports a chrome rocker panel and a 7-inch TFT monitor that provides driver information as well as speedometer, tachometer and trip computer data. The monitor also provides UconnectTM system information.

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Finally, to celebrate its 120th anniversary, Fiat customers in Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland, among others will receive up to 6 months free of Apple Music when they purchase a Star or Rockstar.

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