Fiat Chrysler's UConnect Update Causes Massive Issues

Fiat Chrysler drivers are getting frustrated because UConnect won't stop resetting, with drivers saying they can only hear music in 30-second spurts.

Fiat Chrysler's UConnect Update Causes Massive Issues

The latest update for Fiat Chrysler’s UConnect is causing massive issues for Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler drivers.

Technology has made our lives undeniably better. Rearview cameras let us know if there’s a small dog about to be squished while we back out of our driveways. Driver assist software keeps us in our lane even if we feel like we’re falling asleep (don’t drive tired, folks). And of course, marrying our cars to our phones allow us to communicate while driving in ways we’ve never accomplished before.

So when that technology all disappears overnight it can cause a bit of a stir.

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That seems to have happened to anyone who owns a newer model car manufactured by Fiat Chrysler. The latest update of their UConnect system, which basically controls everything in the car’s infotainment center, is causing the screen to reboot itself constantly, preventing anyone from actually using it.

"The Unconnect center console display keeps rebooting itself every 15-20 seconds,” wrote one upset UConnect user last Saturday. “I tried to turn off the van and restart ( multiple times) but that did not fix the problem. Also, holding down mute and tune to reset the system didn't help either."

That person is not alone. People have been taking to social media in droves to complain about their UConnect going down. One user described the experience as like “listening to music in 34-second spurts for the last 2 days.”

Fiat Chrysler has acknowledged the problem on their Twitter account Monday, writing, “Our Engineering teams are investigating the cause and working towards a resolution. We will post here as soon as more information is available and apologize for the inconvenience."


The only problem? The issue seems to have been going on since last week.

Losing the center console doesn’t stop you from driving the car, but it does shut down a lot of systems like the rear-view camera, radio, navigation, phone connect systems like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and even some climate control features on certain models.

So far, there hasn’t been a word from Fiat Chrysler since yesterday, and it looks like there’s no fix in sight.

If you have the technical know-how, turn off the UConnect’s auto-update feature, otherwise, you could be in for a life of 30-second music snippets whenever you drive.


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