The First 2020 Toyota Supra To Hit Auction In Early 2019

With the 2020 Toyota Supra gearing up for its release, we've learned there will be an auction for the first one made.

The First 2020 Toyota Supra To Hit Auction In Early 2019

The first 2020 Toyota Supra in America will hit auction in Arizona after the car’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

Toyota has announced that the very first Supra to arrive in the United States (with VIN 20201) will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to help two worthy charities.

The auction will be hosted by Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Whatever people find willing to pay will go to help the American Heart Association, who advocate for better heart health, as well as the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which helps veterans transition back to civilian life after combat.

As for the car itself, it could very well be the Supra that was leaked online in photos posted earlier this week to SupraMKV. It’ll have a matte gray exterior, red mirror caps, a red leather interior, and matte black wheels, as well as an interior placard that reminds the driver their car is the very first 2020 Supra ever made.

Or at least the first new Supra in the United States in over 20 years.

The First 2020 Toyota Supra To Hit Auction In Early 2019
via Toyota

It’s hard to say how much the car will go for. Toyota hasn’t revealed the car’s pricing, which is still very much up in the air. We know that the higher-trimmed BMW Z4 will go for as much as $65,000, but the Supra has historically been a more affordable sports car than the Z4. But as this is an auction, you can bet that this Supra will go for more than the MSRP, whatever that turns out to be.


We also don’t know what configuration this Supra will come in. We know the 2020 A90 Supra will have one of two BMW-sourced engines: either a 2.0-L turbocharged 4-cylinder with 262 hp and 295 lb-ft torque or a 3.0-L turbocharged inline six-cylinder with 335 hp and 332 lb-ft. Both engines will come mated to an 8-speed transmission.

via SupraMKV

The bigger engine is expected to propel the Supra from zero to sixty in the mid-4-second range.

We’ll learn more for sure when the Supra takes off the covers at the Detroit Auto Show on January 14th. Until then, you’ve got some time to save your pennies for the auction, or you can wait for the car to go on sale in the first half of 2019.


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