First Look At The All-Electric Vauxhall Corsa-e

Vauxhall has officially released images of its new Corsa-e supermini, which will be available early next year. The new Corsa, based on the PSA small-car hardware called CMP, will share its technology with new generations of Peugeot 208 and DS 3 Crossback. The new Corsa supermini is reportedly 108kg lighter than the outgoing model thanks to the new CMP platform.

The new Corsa-e features a clean new design and is 48mm lower with a 28mm lower hip point for a lower driving position. Also, a 28mm longer wheelbase ensures more room in the cabin. The electric vehicle will display custom badges and a distinctive wheel design. The EV includes a 50kWh battery and a 100kW (134bhp and 192lb ft) motor, which will deliver 205 miles of range under the WLTP cycle. According to the automaker, the power can be increased by up to 40% by using the Corsa-e's Eco mode. The vehicle registers a 0-31mph speed at 3.1 seconds while managing a 0-62mph speed in 8.1 seconds.

The interior of the Vauxhall Corsa-e includes a seven or 10.1-inch infotainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and digital instrument cluster, as well as an array of safety features. Given the CMP platform, the electric powertrain does not interfere with passenger or cargo space. The vehicle has 309 liters of boot space, which is the same as Vauxhall combustion engine cars.

The new EV is the first supermini to feature matrix LED headlights from IntelliLux. The headlights can remain on full beam, actively minimizing the light in sections to avoid blinding oncoming drivers.

“As a British Brand since 1903, in fact, Britain’s oldest car Brand, Vauxhall has always been known for bringing cutting-edge technology to the mainstream, at an affordable price,” said Stephen Norman, Vauxhall’s group managing director. “And with the all-new Corsa, we’re doing it not once, but twice, by electrifying the UK’s best-known supermini, and adding lighting technology normally only found in premium cars.”

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Vauxhall has sold 2.1 million Corsas in the UK since 1993 and more than 13 million across Europe. The company hopes this new focus on EVs will pay off. Vauxhall has also stated that the next Mokka X will be electric when it debuts in 2020. The EV will be based on the GT X Experimental concept. The automaker also expects to release a new electric Vivaro van next year, as well as an electrified version of every model by 2024.

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