10 Things You Didn't Know About Fisker Automotive

You may have heard of Fisker Automotive, a company known for producing hybrid luxury vehicles during their short burst of hugely successful popularity in the early 2000s. At the time, their cars managed to make an appearance in some of the most privileged households, including celebrities and important political figures. The famous founder Henrik Fisker also had a hand in designing plenty of other luxury-branded cars prior to creating his own company. While the history and production of Fisker Automotive may seem relatively straightforward, there are quite a few little-known things about the company. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at what we don’t often consider when it comes to Fisker Automotive!

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10 Creator Of Multiple Famous Movie Cars

Although Fisker Automotive isn’t directly responsible for the production of the famous and beautiful Bond cars, the founder Henrik Fisker did play a hugely important role in the design of these slick movie stars. Specifically, Fisker designed the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, a sweet coupe-style sports car loved by all enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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The 400 plus horsepower car is also just as powerful as it is pretty. Secondly, Fisker designed the BMW Z8 Roadster, a vehicle that doubles as one of the best luxury cars out there, as well as another famous Bond movie star! The success and fame of these cars also attributed to the success of the company, so it was a win-win situation for Fisker!

9 They’ve Gone Through Bankruptcy

Although Henrik Fisker has announced the arrival of new cars and promising features, they actually went completely bankrupt a few years ago, selling almost all assets to an Asian company, who then went on to create Karma Automotive with the technology. Apparently, second time’s (hopefully) the charm when it comes to success for Fisker. When the same founder re-founded the company in 2016, fewer issues were seen and bankruptcy seems to be an unlikely repeat event. That being said, Fisker will need to step up their game to boost their sales after the first tragic failure! Luckily, all of their new options appear to be both reliable and affordable.

8 One Of The Most Interesting Vehicles Produced Is The Fisker Karma

Not to be compared to the Karma Revero supercar, the Fisker Karma was a hugely famous vehicle produced by Fisker Automotives prior to the bankruptcy of the company in the 2010s. In fact, celebrities such as Justin Bieber were gifted with the slick vehicle! The hybrid featured a sporty exterior with smooth edgings, a low frame, and a beautiful paint job. On the inside, the Karma sported a powerful engine pumping out over 400 horsepower, making it one of the most comfortable, yet fast luxury sports cars out there. Furthermore, the starting price was also much more affordable than similar cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, making it a great option for those on a tighter budget.

7 The Karma Can Be Charged Through Home Outlets

In addition to having the good looks of higher-end sports cars, the Karma is also one of the first to offer the convenience of being able to charge through standard home outlets in addition to getting gas and charging through a generator. When Fisker Automotives designed this curvy roadster, they also offered the option for a solar panel roof to further charge the car. While the actual performance was another story, the design and simplicity of the batteries and car components are seriously noteworthy. People often compare the Karma to Tesla models yet fail to recognize the unique convenience and beautiful, eco-friendly design!

6 The Karma Had Tons Of Problems In The Past

Another little known fact about Fisker Automotives is that their Fisker Karma, sadly, had tons of issues during its run. While the hype for the car drove it to massive success initially, many factors turned out to be less than mediocre. For one, the EPA learned that the car only boasts 32 miles of electric mileage instead of the promised 50. Secondly, the car’s miles per gallon also fell short of the alleged 60, providing quite a disappointment to intrigued customers. Even more concerning is the recall of the 239 Karma Plug-ins due to a serious fire hazard. Overall, the company (prior to bankruptcy) seemed to have a plethora of critical problems, especially with the Fisker Karma.

5 They Feature 100 Percent Electric Cars Now

The second time around, Fisker Automotive aka Fisker Inc. decided to ditch gas altogether to avoid the issues that their hybrids had been facing. After all, electric cars seem to be the future of transportation, and it makes perfect sense for the company to head down that route.

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In as early as 2018, Fisker Automotive announced its plans for the first 100 percent electric car, which seems to have the potential to do a lot better than the hybrid Karma Fisker as of right now. In 2021, consumers can expect the release of slick, futuristic Fisker electric cars to rival with Tesla’s best in terms of affordability, aesthetics, and performance.

4 A Driverless Shuttle Is To Be Released Very Soon

Interestingly enough, Fisker Inc. is also looking to expand into other areas of futuristic innovation, namely driverless vehicles. Fisker believes that the invention will help simplify the lives of people on campuses, at airports, and other busy locations that traditional cars won’t do well in. The physical appearance of the Orbit driverless shuttle seems to be a flawless mix between a beetle and the front of a Metro ride, making it perfect for small scale public transportation. Fisker has been working consistently on the development of such a vehicle, and they estimate that the shuttle will be available in late 2019 or early 2020.

3 Prices Vary, But The EMotion EV Will Cost You Quite A Bit

While certain models of Fisker cars in both the old and the new generations offer great affordability options, the new slick EMotion EV supercar will cost you a bit more than the average car. At $130,000, this sporty car is demanding a hefty amount for its technology and comfort. Featuring a timeless design of slick edges and low-down sporting style, this 100 percent electric car provides a delicate balance of space, comfort, and awesome vibes. On the inside, the EMotion boasts a 400-mile range and a top speed of 160 mph, matching the legendary Lightyear One, also to be released in a few years! Overall, the $130 grand seems to be more than worth it.

2 Fisker Is Responsible For Many Environmental “Firsts”

One of Henrik Fisker’s greatest visions for his company seems to have been lost amongst the hype for cool cars and the tragedy of the company first time around. It’s important to remember that Fisker’s goal is to make driving as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Furthermore, they’ve definitely proved that Fisker isn’t just all talk in this area. In fact, the company has been the first to offer a vegan interior option as well as more sustainable materials to create their awesome vehicles. Although no company has yet perfected the art of driving without pollutants, harmful waste, and other negative consequences, Fisker is definitely on top of their game.

1 The All-Electric SUV Is Quite Affordable

While the EMotion will cost you some big bucks, Fisker is offering some of the lowest-priced beautiful electric vehicles out there. Specifically, the 100 percent electric SUV that’s to be released only costs about $40,000, much less than the majority of luxury cars, especially from brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW. Of course, the exterior is expected to be just as stunning as their other creations, but the Fisker SUV’s interior has got some bragging rights as well. Specifically, the large vehicle is expected to boast up to 300 miles of range and tons of high-tech gadgets for the convenience of the driver!

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