10 Awesome Race Tracks You'll Only Find In Florida

The world is filled with race tracks and Florida is no exception. The Sunshine State features an array of great tracks to choose from.

In the United States, car lovers and motorsports enthusiasts may feel neglected compared to their European brothers/sisters. While countries overseas put motorsports on a podium (no pun intended), the States seem to only care about NASCAR and off-road.

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Thankfully, though, there's more than meets the eye. In fact, just about every state has at least one or more circuits or drag strips. Of those States, Florida is one caulked full of tracks, ovals, drag strips, rally circuits, and more. To showcase these options, here are ten awesome tracks in the sunny state of Florida...

10 Andersen Racepark

Going to a popular circuit like Indy, Sebring, and Le Mans is great, however, they're exceedingly expensive with few opportunities to drive on one yourself. So, why not go somewhere specifically tailored for affordable racing? Of course, this would be Florida's Andersen Racepark.

Located in Palmetto, Florida, the Andersen track is most well-known for its customer karting service. The course is perfectly narrow enough to support amazing, affordable, racing for both karts and (on the rare occasion) Mazda Speed cars and Road To Indy events.

9 Waldo Motorsports

As the name would suggest, the Waldo Motorsports compound is hard to find for those not looking closely. However, if you enjoy motocross or ATV racing, Waldo Motorsports' off-road track can be a great time.

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The Waldo Motorsports track is located in (you guessed it) Waldo, Florida; a small town east of Lake Geneva. If you fancy motocross and dirt-bike racing, the Waldo circuit will be a guaranteed good time. There are a litany of different surfaces, jumps, corners, and racing events. To add to this, it's great for all ages, as kids are often found on the track themselves in smaller classes like 50cc.

8 Palm Beach International Raceway

If it wasn't obvious already, the Palm Beach International Raceway sits comfortably in Palm Beach, Florida with perfect weather and plenty of tourists. As such, the Palm Beach International Raceway has had lots of publicity and attention from thousands outside the state.

In terms of layout, the raceway is a bit of a mix between a drag strip and your standard road course. The track has a huge straight, followed by a winding and tight section before coming back onto the main-straight. With this setup, Palm Beach International Raceway becomes a great place to hold regular races and drag events.

7 Bradenton Motorsports Park

The Bradenton Motorsports Park goes by many names. Of course, there's the standard one and the more widely known Desoto Speedway. Contrary to popular belief, the Desoto Speedway is only a part of this vast motorsports park in Bradenton, Florida.

Bradenton really has just about everything a budget racer could want: An oval/figure-8 track, drag strip, and off-road sections. Along with this, the entry price is minimal and drivers can opt in for 1/4-mile runs over and over on select nights. For spectators, it's fascinating to watch the different models go head-to-head all night.

6 Orlando Speed World

Similar to the Bradenton Motorsports Park, Orlando has its own version. Theirs, though, is dubbed the Orlando Speed World; perhaps the most renowned motorsports tracks in all the Orlando area.

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Like with Bradenton, they have their own drag strip, drift area, and several other venues for spectators and drivers. What Orlando does better, however, is their event selection. As far as popularity, the Orlando Speed World is well-known with multiple high-end races and car shows every weekend. Regardless of whether you own a race car or not, consider attending if you're ever in the area.

5 Bubba Raceway Park

Compared to the other tracks on this list, the Bubba Raceway Park is definitely more limited and niche than the others. Although, this is not a negative thing, but a haven for lovers of all things dirt and ovals.

The Bubba Raceway Park is nestled in Gainesville, just outside the University of Florida campus. What takes place at Bubba is very unique, as it's mostly sprint cars, late-model dirt series, and others. For those who don't really like ovals or dirt racing, this place may not be the best for you. Yet, those who feel the opposite will be right at home here.

4 Homestead-Miami Speedway

America loves its oval tracks, especially when they yield huge crowds, tons of revenue, and close racing. Even with Daytona's and Sebring's success, Miami wanted their own racetrack too. As a result, the Homestead-Miami Speedway was finally built.

What makes an oval circuit like Homestead so great for engineering, efficiency, and options are the countless layouts that can be selected with such a circuit. Since the track can change from an oval to a street-circuit, drag strip, and so on makes it an outstanding location for nearly any racing series.

If you've got the money in hand, think about renting some track-time to really experience what the Speedway can offer.

3 Florida International Rally & Motorsports (F.I.R.M.)

In a place like Florida, you wouldn't really expect to find something like a rally racing compound. However, there does happen to be one in Starke, Florida named the F.I.R.M. (Florida International Rally & Motorsports).

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The great thing about the FIRM isn't just their vast rally courses and dirt tracks (Which are undoubtedly amazing), but also their classes. For those interested, the FIRM will improve your driving and racing skill to, hopefully, get you a racing license. With this, the FIRM is one of the few places that offer a real rallycross atmosphere.

2 Daytona International Speedway

If you've never heard of the Daytona International Speedway before and you still call yourself a motorsports enthusiast, then what have you been doing all this time?! Of all the tracks in Florida, the Daytona International Speedway is easily the most popular and widely known.

This popularity is thanks, in part, to the 24 Hours of Daytona: A race that goes for 24 hours featuring cars from standard sport/supercars all the way to prototype LMP cars. It's one of the most-watched events in motorsports and a big step for countless drivers across the world. To add to this already great resume, Daytona also has NASCAR and regular GT races to boot (Along with rookie racing for those interested).

1 Sebring International Raceway

Although Daytona has been going for a long time, so too has the Sebring International Raceway. In fact, it's one of the longest standing race tracks in the United States to still be up and running. Now, it serves as a proving grounds for IMSA, WEC, and several other series to test their might on the rough course.

Originally, Sebring was just an Air Force base during the second World War and subsequent years. After being bought up for racing, Sebring has enjoyed a life of fame, innovations, and heartbreaks throughout its life. For decades, Sebring's prime event is their 12 Hour event. It's nearly identical to Daytona's, but with half the time on a more challenging circuit.

Sebring, literally, has everything you could ask for in a track like this. As a long time fan of Sebring, it's always great to see the track do well and change ever so slightly as the years go on.

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