Ford: 10 Concept Cars We'd Never Touch (And 10 We Want To Drive)

Ford is an automotive company with an unprecedented history and pedigree. Over its 100-year-plus history, the company has created iconic vehicles like the F-150, the Mustang, the Model A, and the Model T. However, not every vehicle engineers envision goes from the drawing board to the production line. There have been numerous Ford cars and trucks that have been produced only as concepts. They make their way to the auto shows for journalists to gawk at, but the average joe never gets to own and drive these vehicles.

Sometimes, there's a good reason these concept cars never go into production. Some of these cars are so ugly that no one would ever want to buy them! Other times, the DNA of a concept car is used to make a new car that does eventually end up on the market. Concept cars don't make it to market most of the time, and that's because they usually aren't intended to ever be sold. Designers use concept cars as a marketing tool. They create buzz for a manufacturer and oftentimes show off some new and exciting technology that's intended to be used in future production vehicles. Even though these concepts rarely get made, an auto fan can still dream. There are concept cars that are so cool that many wish they could buy them at a dealership. Here's a look a ten Ford concepts we really want to drive and ten that are very ugly. Are any of these concept cars your dream car?

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20 Cool: Ford GT 90 Concept

via dupontregistry.com

This is the dream car for many auto enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it never made it into production. Just imagine hitting the track in this speedy supercar. When it debuted at the Detroit Motor show in 2005, Ford dubbed it the "the world's mightiest supercar."

With a top seed of 407 km/h, this amazing supercar could really leave the competitors in the dust.

So, why didn't Ford send this model into production? Well, Ford had planned for the GT90 to be the successor to the Ford GT40. However, that plan changed, and Ford instead made the Ford GT the new successor to the Ford GT40.

The Ford GT90 used a quad-turbocharged v12 engine and shared the same transmission and chassis as the Jaguar XJ220. The Ford GT90 may have never made it to market, but the Ford GT is still a very fun supercar to own, so the fact this car never made it to market is nothing to cry over.

19 Ugly: 1994 Ford Power Stroke Concept

via trucktrend.com

There's nothing appealing about this ugly-looking Ford truck concept. The F-150 always looks stylish and cool, but this truck is nothing but an eyesore. Thankfully, this concept never made it into production. There was nothing like the Power Stroke concept before, and hopefully, we'll never see anything like it again.

The idea was to combine ruggedness with contemporary styling, but it just doesn't work. How can the F-150s of the mid-'90s look so respectable while this looks hideous? The truck debuted at the Chicago Auto Show in 1994. Ironically, at that same motor show, Ford introduced the idea of making vehicles out of aluminum instead of steel. Thankfully, that idea came to fruition, while the ugly Power Stroke Concept was dropped.

18 Cool: Mustang Mach 2 Concept

via motor1.com

There have been a lot of amazing-looking Mustangs over the years, but one of the best-looking Mustangs is one that never actually made it into production. The 1967  Ford Mustang Mach 2 debuted at the 1967 Chicago Auto Show, and it turned heads almost immediately.

The car had a mid-engine, which is probably why it never went into production.

It was brave, bold, and innovative, but a mid-engine Ford Mustang was a bit too much for most to handle. Will we ever see a mid-engine Mustang, or is this sports car always destined to have a front engine? Time will tell.

17 Ugly: Ford Ranger 2 Concept Truck


Concepts don't get much uglier than this bizarre-looking truck. It looks like an El Camino but even uglier. Who would've thought that would be possible? The designers were apparently trying to cross a sports car with a wagon, and the result is anything but spectacular. It's an abomination, and we're glad this Ford concept never made it to market. The current-generation Ford Ranger might not be anything special, but this Ford concept truck makes the current Ford Ranger look like a masterpiece. Vehicles that try to combine a truck with a car are never appealing, but you can't blame Ford for trying.

16 Cool: Ford Interceptor

via wikipedia.org

The Ford Interceptor is one powerful-looking and intimidating car. The sedan has a retro look reminiscent of muscle cars of the '60s and the '70s. The Interceptor would look right at home next to the modern Dodge Challenger. This concept made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in 2007.

Ford execs called the Interceptor smart and elegant. However, the car never made it to production because Ford didn't really see the need for a full-sized, rear-wheel-drive sedan.

That's too bad because this one was a beauty. Sales of the Chrysler 300 would probably be way down if the Interceptor had been sold today.

15 Ugly: Ford Airstream

via mecanicaonline.com.br

There's nothing appealing about this bulky people mover. This crossover ute concept was inspired by a vintage 1930 Airstream trailer, and it's nearly as bland. Who would want to be seen driving one of these? It gets points for being fully electric, but that doesn't make up for its hideous appearance. Frankly, the Airstream looks too futuristic for its own good. It's not a realistic futuristic either. This looks like something you would've seen on Flash Gordon or The Jetsons. This concept had rear gullwing doors and a shiny paint scheme. The way it was powered was ingenious. The plug-in hydrogen hybrid fuel cell was used to power the lithium-ion battery pack, which then powered the electric motors that turned the wheels.

14 Cool: Lincoln Futura

via i1.wp.com

We must make it absolutely clear we're talking about the Lincoln Futura and not the Ford Futura. Ford did put a Futura into production in the '60s, but it was only sold in Australia. Ford made this car all the way up until 2008. The Lincoln Futura is an entirely different car altogether, and it's probably the most famous concept car of all time.

Lincoln, which is, of course, Ford's luxury brand, has had some nice-looking vehicles in the past, but the Lincoln Futura is truly out of this world.

The Futura has a sleek look that screams 1950s opulence and class. It may have never made it into production, but it's remembered far more fondly than most production vehicles, thanks to the fact that a Lincoln Futura was used for the Batmobile in the 1966 Batman TV show. George Barris modified a Futura to create the best-looking Batmobile of all time.

13 Ugly: 1958 Ford X2000

via oldconceptcars.com

The X2000 was the dream car that no one ever dreamed about. One version of the concept had massive pods on the back that looked like they came right off of Luke Skywalker's landspeeder. The public was enamored with spaceflight in the 1950s, so the X2000 has a very rocketship-like look.

The X2000 looked like the Starship Enterprise on wheels.

It was simply too far-fetched and bizarre to ever be taken seriously, and it has to be one of the worst concept cars ever made. If it was put into production, it might've turned a lot of heads, but no one would be particularly impressed with the behemoth. Ford was smart to decide to never actually bring this car into production.

12 Cool: Ford Shelby GR-1

via www.supercars.net

This stylish and high-performance concept car made its debut at the 2004 North American International Auto Show, and it was a hit right off the bat. Heavily inspired by the Shelby Daytona, this stunning concept car had a 6.4L all-aluminum V10 engine.

It was capable of 605 hp, and it could put out 501 lb-ft of torque. It was a very powerful machine—that's for certain.

It looks absolutely stunning, thanks to its sleek and curvy lines. This concept car is better than a lot of supercars that did make it to market in this era. It's too bad it remains a mere concept because there are a lot of people who would like to own this amazing car.

11 Ugly: Ford Vertek Concept


There's nothing particularly appealing about an SUV. They're rarely flashy and usually meant to be driven by moms. The Ford Vertrek concept was supposed to be a departure from the typical Ford SUV, and that's how the vehicle got its name. "Vertrek" means "departure" in Afrikaans. The name never made it to market, but this concept pretty much did. This concept debuted at the 2011 Detroit Motor Show, but it lives on today because it's very similar to the modern-day Ford Escape. According to Car and Driver, the Vertek had a 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder, which was capable of up to 180 hp and 173 lb-ft of torque.

10 Cool: Giugiaro Ford Mustang

via motor1.com

There have been some pretty impressive Ford Mustang Concepts over the years, and this is one of the better ones. It first appeared at the 2006 Los Angeles International Auto show, and it immediately turned heads and made fans. It was designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, and the 2015 Mustang was heavily influenced by this concept. The concept featured a 4.6 L V8 that was used in the Mustang GT, and it received additional power from a twin-screw supercharger. Car and Driver described this concept as Fabrizio Giugiaro's interpretation of a Ford Mustang. This is one Ford concept car that anyone would love to drive.

9 Ugly: Ford SynUS Concept

via supercars.net

When it debuted at the 2005 North American International Auto Show, the Ford SynUS was called everything from silly to hideous by automotive journalists. It was designed to look like an Armadillo, and why anyone would think that creature would be an acceptable muse for an auto is truly baffling.

The SynUS used a diesel-powered, 16-valve, turbocharged, 2.0L DOHC 4-cylinder Duratorq TDCi engine that produced 134 horsepower.

According to howstuffworks.com, Ford's goal with this concept was to create the ideal urban street vehicle of the future. Did they achieve their goal? You be the judge.

8 Cool: Mighty Tonka Concept

via bigsportruck.blogspot.ca

The Mighty Tonka is truly an impressive concept vehicle. It's like a sandbox toy truck come to life. Who wouldn't want to drive around in a truck as powerful and as cool as this? The bright-yellow paint job really made this concept stand out. If there's one thing that Ford does better than almost anyone else, that's making trucks. This F-350 concept towers above almost every other truck concept Ford has ever produced. This concept would feel right at home on the ranch or the construction site. But hey, the current F-350 is a great truck, too. So, don't mourn the loss of this concept truck.

7 Ugly: 1976 Ford Prima concept

via youtube

The Ford Fiesta is one of Ford's bestselling cars, and since its introduction in 1976, it's been an affordable and reliable option for car shoppers on a budget. The Fiesta may not be the most stylish car in the world, but a large number of the concept cars that the Fiesta was based on were downright ugly. The 1976 Ford Prima, which made its debut at the Turin Auto Show, is one example of a concept car with absolutely no pizazz. The Prima was boxy and chunky and looked more like a toy car than a real one. At least the Prima evolved into the modern-day Ford Fiesta. That's not really a compliment, but it could be worse.

6 Cool: Ford Mad Max Interceptors

via youtube

The Ford Interceptor is a very impressive concept car, but these Mad Max-inspired Interceptor concepts are even cooler. Ford Australia teamed with Top Gear Australia to design these sleek and badass concept cars.

They were based on the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe featured in Mad Max and Mad Max 2: Road Warrior.

The concepts debuted at the Melbourne Auto Show in 2011. Unfortunately, these concept cars weren't actually real cars. Instead, Ford designers Nima Nourian and Simon Brook created 1:4 scale models for the auto show. These Ford concepts definitely should've been made.

5 Ugly: Ford Corrida concept

via youtube

Here's another one of those Fiesta concepts that are downright ugly. In fact, this concept car is so bland that it actually makes the Prima look spectacular in comparison.  The Corrida also debuted at the 1976 Turin Auto Show, and it caught people's attention, thanks to its tiny wheels and huge gullwing doors. This orange and angular concept is truly bizarre looking, and Autoweek even speculates that the Corrida's falcon-like wings may have been the inspiration for the gullwing doors on the Tesla Model X. This is one example of functionality overcoming style. However, wouldn't you want to drive around in something stylish instead of practical?

4 Cool: 1996 Ford Indigo

via dieselstation.com

According to cardesignnews.com, the Indigo got its name from the fact that it looked like a street-legal Indy car. Indy Go equals Indigo. The 1996 Indigo concept was a stylish and futuristic-looking concept, which was made to showcase racecar tech that could be used in future Ford vehicles. Cardesignnews.com says that some Ford Executives actually wanted this concept to have a limited production run. Could you imagine one of these impressive Formula 1-esque cars stopped at traffic or heading through the drive-thru? The concept featured a front spoiler that doubled as a bumper and race-style double-wishbone suspension.

3 Ugly: 2002 Ford MA

via oldconceptcars.com

Are cars pieces of art? Many gearheads would like to think so, but perhaps, they're not really art. There's one Ford concept that's officially an art piece, though. This car could be considered art because it was displayed in museums as well as auto shows. However, it doesn't really look like a car at all. Its minimalist design led many automotive journalists to nickname it the "IKEA-mobile."

The MA was 96% recyclable at had an electric motor.

There's no way anyone would ever want to drive this car. Not only is it extremely ugly, but this car would also be extremely dangerous to drive on an actual road. It looks like a gust of wind would make it hit the ditch—that's why this car will always remain a concept.

2 Cool: Ford Maya

via www.motor1.com

It's hard to believe that this concept car isn't a Ferrari. Nope, it's actually a Ford. That's what you get when a concept is designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Powered by a Ford-sourced 3.0-liter V6 capable of 250 horsepower, this extremely impressive concept looked stunning thanks to its wedge-shaped design.

This partnership between Ford and Italdesign is one concept we really wish had made it to the production line. This sporty two-seater that debuted at the 1984 Turin Motor Show is a dream concept car for many auto fans. According to motor1.com, Italdesign even described this concept as a "realistic prototype." It's too bad it only remained a concept.

1 Ugly: Ford Bronco DM-1


The Ford Bronco has a rabid fanbase like no other. Fans of this off-roader constantly hound Ford to bring back the boxy SUV that was made infamous by OJ Simpson. It seems to have finally paid off because the Bronco is coming back in 2020 after some impressive concepts were shown. However, not all Bronco concepts have been a slam dunk. If you remember the 1988 Chicago Auto Show, you remember one of the ugliest Broncos of all time. The Ford Bronco DM-1 concept was based on an Escort chassis, and it doesn't look much like the iconic Bronco that fans love so much. In fact, according to motor1.com, it looks more like an egg.

Sources: motor1.com; howstuffworks.com; cardesignnews.com

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