Ford Bronco: Artists Create Logical Concepts

Ford Bronco: Check Out The Latest Concepts

Unable to wait for the release of the Bronco, artists are taking a stab at what the new off-roader will look like without the tarp on top.

Ford is bringing back the Bronco for 2020, and with it they announced a smaller Bronco--a Baby Bronco, if you will. They almost surely won’t call the final crossover that, but they’re making a Bronco that’s smaller and more stylish than the bigger Bronco.

The idea is almost assuredly to take on Jeep in the small SUV market, one that’s been historically dominated by Wranglers and Renegades. The Renegade has been a successful crossover for some time for Fiat Chrysler, selling between 7,000 and 9,000 per month last year.

baby bronco
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Although not a true off-road vehicle (unless you get the Trailhawk version), the Renegade is popular for having components shared with beefier SUV cousins and allow it to survive the rigors of America’s crumbling infrastructure better than a regular car can.

Ford sees an opportunity to steal customers, and they think the Bronco and Baby Bronco are the SUVs to do it. However, so far we’ve only seen a box with wheels (presumably) and a tarp over it.


Rather than wait for official renderings, Autoblog decided to let their artists have a crack and it and see what they could invent. What we see is a crossover that takes much of its design cues from the current Ford Escape and EcoBoost. The skid plate and recovery hooks are a bit of an assumption on the part of the artist, but probably good ones given Ford’s desire to snag away off-road enthusiast Renegade shoppers.

baby bronco
via autoblog

Whether or not the skid plate and hooks are available on all trim levels is another matter entirely.

We don’t know much, but it seems likely the Baby Bronco will get a 2.0-L EcoBoost engine, and possibly even the 6-speed automatic found on the current Escape. What else it comes with in terms of traction control and other off-road capabilities is entirely up in the air, but expect to have at least some semblance of light-off-road capability.


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