What Ford Model Should You Drive Based On Your MBTI®

From the ultimate sports cars to reliable SUVs, Ford sells all sorts of cars to suit every MBTI® personality type out there.

Buying the perfect car of your dreams is always tough, but imagine how difficult it is for those who are buying their first car! Car fanatics have long been waiting for a universal cheat code that can help them pick and choose their ideal automobile which doesn't only impress in the showroom but also keeps its charm after being taken home.

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There is a psychology that works behind what model you love and what you simply don't, and that differs from person to person. These personal traits have efficiently been defined by the Myers Briggs personality test, and interestingly, they can help you identify your ideal car. Today, we are going to share 10 MBTI® personality traits and their ideal Ford models! So, crack open that Jack Daniels and sit tight to see if we've got you covered!

10 The ISTJ - 2020 Ford Super Duty Truck

If you are an introvert, rely on your senses to comprehend the situations rather than intuition, make decisions based on actively thinking, and deal with the world by judging them one at a time rather than perception, you are an ISTJ.

The ISTJs are inspectors - socially confident, responsible, decisive, and organized. They love responsibilities and managing things. If you are one, you are the rarest kind in the world. Only 1-3% of all people are ISTJs. For obvious reasons, ISTJS will probably appreciate a Ford that is heavy duty and powerful, something like the 2020 Ford Super Duty Truck.

9 The INFJ - 2019 Ford Edge

The INFJs are usually counselors. They are highly creative and love caring for people, solving problems, helping and simply being there for everyone. If you use your intuition more than senses, let your feelings make the decisions for you, judge people and behave accordingly, and are introverted, consider yourself an INFJ.

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When buying a car, you want one which you can rely on, which is efficient as well as comfortable. We recommend the 2019 Ford Edge, which ships with an advanced driver-assist system and is being marketed as a "thrill-ride with the brains to match."

8 The INTJ - 2018 Ford Ranger

Do you like your own company more than the cacophony of the mad world? Enjoy reading books, watching movies, or petting your cat more than partying with strangers at the local bar? Then, you are probably an INTJ.

The INTJs are incredibly foresighted individuals: They work mostly alone and excel at it too. They have a unique perspective of viewing things and such individuals need a car that is futuristic just like them. If you are one, you should go for a 2018 Ford Ranger, a semi-truck designed to handle all sorts of tough weather or conditions. As the 2019 model has been recently recalled, it may be best to go with the 2018 version.

7 The INFP - 2019 Ford C-Max

Are you a healer? Like being alone but still appreciate being there and caring for people in your own way? Those characteristics fit INFPs. You believe in an ideal world and like being in your own perception of things. You feel the present, but you also live in the future.

You like things picture-perfect and for a truly blessed person like you, the car should also be the one that flaunts your perfection and oozes oodles of creativity and vision. We suggest the visionary 2019 Ford C-Max, which is sadly not going to receive a successor.

6 The ESFP - 2019 Ford Escape

For those who gravitate towards the limelight and love to own adorable white-bearded cats as pets, they are likely ESFPs. The ESFPs are typical extroverts who have an insatiable deep desire to please everyone and be the most popular person at any gathering. They are quick at making decisions and typically use their senses to take the information in and process it.

If you are an ESFP, you can't take chances by buying just any car. You need one that reflects your personality and when you are sitting in it, the jealous glances stalk your way into the sunset. You need the gorgeous 2019 Ford Escape which delivers an agile performance, incredible handling, and extremely potent throttle.

5 The ENFJ - 2019 Ford Expedition Max

The ENFJs are usually givers. They are extroverts, highly networked, idealistic, and empathetic individuals. Typically, ENFJs love talking to anyone and everyone, rely on their intuition and trust their feelings.

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As someone who loves to take care of everyone, the ideal car should take care of the driver, providing the time to breathe and sit still. With an EcoBoost Engine offering heightened responsiveness, a panoramic vista roof, and countless features intended to maximize comfort, the 2019 Ford Expedition Max is the perfect car for an ENFJ.

4 The ESTJ - 2019 Ford Taurus

ESTJs are extroverts who also use carefully think things through before making decisions. Practical and logical, ESTJs assertively approach most situations, seeking to find the best solution while usually assuming a leadership role.

If you are an ESTJ, we suggest a car that is obedient as well as potent. Ford Taurus is ideal as the model is not only efficient but designed with practically in-mind. The seats are comfortable and the impressively large trunk means the Taurus is perfect for weekend trips. Sadly, the 2019 model was the last.

3 The ESTP - 2019 Ford Mustang

The ESTPs are the Energy Bombs. These spirited balls love thrills and the car fanatics of this category have likely been to each and every famous annual car show known to mankind.

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If you are an ESTP, you most likely are an extrovert, use your senses and thinking capabilities for making decisions and getting hold of information, and perceive things in your own unique way. The best Ford model for an ESTP is the 2019 Ford Mustang, which comes packed with a gas engine so powerful, it earned the nickname of "Godzilla." The car itself harkens back to 1968's Bullitt, so this is definitely a vehicle intended for those who appreciate a touch of speed.

2 The ISTP - 2019 Ford Explorer

Artistic, creative, and spontaneous, ISTPs have a mystique aura that tends to cause everyone around them to stare in awe. While somewhat introverted, ISTPs are outgoing and enthusiastic about the things they love.

ISTPS are often described as the craftsmen; therefore, their car should reflect their mystique and art. As such, the beautiful 2019 Ford Explorer is the perfect pick. While not overly flashy, the Explorer is a stunning vehicle that cannot help stand out, especially with its satin-chrome exterior.

1 The ISFJ - 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The ISFJs are the silent guardians, the dark knights, the watchful protectors that we don't deserve but are blessed with! ISFJs cover a wide range of traits, being warm, sympathetic, quiet, and typically conservative. Those who fall within this category are loyal, responsible, traditional, and above everything, love solving problems.

In light of these traits, we suggest the 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid. A fantastic infotainment system means information is always available at the tap of a screen, while the interior is known for being surprisingly quiet, even when sprinting down the highway at jaw-dropping speeds.

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