10 Ford Cars That Made No Sense (And 10 Concepts That Were Even Stranger)

There is absolutely no question that Ford is one of the best car manufacturers in the entirety of the automobile world. They have given us some of the greatest vehicles of all-time and continuously have been keeping this fact come into fruition today. However, even with their immense amount of success over the abundance of years that they have been active, it is essential to note that they have released some truly abysmal models as well. Some have been so horrible that they are even considered to be amongst the worst vehicles to have ever entered the automobile world. This is also the case with some of their unreleased concept cars.

With all that has been stated thus far, we will be looking at ten Ford cars that made no sense and ten concept cars that were even stranger from them. At the end of the day, it is essential to always remember the vast amount of success that this car manufacturer has had in the automobile world. Without their models, we would not have had a number of wonderful series such as the Mustang and F-150 series. However, even with this clearly being the case, it is essential to remember that the multiple major mistakes that they have made, as well as the ones they almost produced with their concept cars. No car manufacturer is perfect and Ford displays this with their history.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the ten Ford cars that made no sense and ten concept cars that were even stranger!

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20 Made No Sense: 1971 Ford Pinto

via flickr.com

The 1971 Ford Pinto is a model that was a complete and utter disaster and with that being stated, it easily can be considered as one of the worst models to ever come from the car manufacturer. It was a commercial failure from the very start of its release date.

There is no question that this model was detrimental to the Ford name, especially when seeing that they literally would catch fire when getting into accidents.

This would lead to a handful of lawsuits for the car manufacturer, so it is quite clear that this was a horrible model to release.

19 Strange Concept: Ford Ranger 2 Concept Pickup

via deviantart.com

The Ford Ranger 2 Concept Pickup had a similar look to the Ford Ranchero, as it was going to look like a car with a long trunk. However, the car manufacturer ended up not releasing these to the public and that is definitely great news. This easily would have been a complete failure. There was nothing about this model that would have attracted individuals to buy it. In fact, this is the type of pickup that easily would have been a horrible investment because it clearly would not have been able to handle work life whatsoever. At the end of the day, this simply was a horrible idea.

18 Made No Sense: 1994 Ford Aspire

via favcars.com

The 1994 Ford Aspire is a model that definitely had a lot of major issues when it first hit the open market and that was a troubling sign for it. This essentially made its sales vanish from the very start and at the end of the day, it definitely was justifiable when seeing how short its life cycle was.

The car manufacturer clearly did not thoroughly think out this model and that is why it was so weak when it came to its power and build quality.

It is extremely challenging to try to determine as to why they released this model, as it simply was abysmal in every single way.

17 Strange Concept: Ford Corrida Concept

via cardesignnews.com

Ford definitely had a very strange idea when they started to produce the prototype for the Corrida concept car. It definitely is most remembered for the fact that it had a very vibrant orange colour to go along with its massive gull wing doors and extremely tiny wheels. Without much surprise, the automobile world was not interested in this model whatsoever, so the vehicle ended up being scrapped entirely. While the design was bold, it was just impractical and too ahead of its time.

16 Made No Sense: 1958 Ford Edsel

via cargurus.com

The 1958 Ford Edsel definitely has a nice look to it, but it is essential to note that they had an abundance of major issues during their time on the primary market. Buyers soon found out that this model was a complete and utter disaster and still is one of the worsts to ever come from them.

It makes a whole lot of sense that there was an abundance of criticism when it came to this release.

When seeing as how their engines would essentially break down on their own accord, it makes a lot of sense that these models soon would be despised.

15 Strange Concept: Ford Airstream

via netcarshow.com

The Ford Airstream was an extremely strange concept car and it is for the best that it never was released to the public. This model from a design standpoint was extremely questionable and it looked like it would have had very limited room, especially for an SUV type vehicle. This potential model would have been a complete laughing stock. Perhaps its worst feature is that it had an orange outline on its windows that gave it one of the least attractive looks ever. Nonetheless, this is a concept car we are glad never entered the automobile world.

14 Made No Sense: 1972 Ford Cortina

via wikimedia.org

The 1972 Ford Cortina definitely was a complete and utter failure and it was very upsetting for everyone. This model was supposed to be the top model release of that year for the car manufacturer, as it was the car that seen the most time when it came to its public advertising.

However, it became very clear very quickly that this model was rushed during its development stage.

That is the key reason why it had so many massive problems from the very start. At the end of the day, this “family car” ended up having major engine and electrical issues that ruined its reputation.

13 Strange Concept: 2002 Ford MA

via supercars.net

The 2002 Ford MA was one of the strangest ideas that ever came from any car manufacturer. The car manufacturer was aiming to create a vehicle with a minimalist design and as a result of this, made this model extremely small and only had two seats for its passengers as well. This is definitely a very unique idea from the car manufacturer, but it is quite clear that we are glad that it never ended up reaching the primary market. Although this was obviously a long shot from the very start, the idea of this ever being on the road is frightening.

12 Made No Sense: 1984 Ford Tempo

via flickr.com

The 1984 Ford Tempo is a model that definitely has not been talked about as much over the years, but it still deserves an abundance of criticism. This is easily one of the worst models to have ever come from the car manufacturer and this is apparent by its massive flaws as well. There is absolutely no question that the car manufacturer was banking on this model to develop into one of the best ones for them at that time, but it is clear that it was an absolute failure. At the end of the day, this is now seen as one of the biggest blemishes on their entire history.

11 Strange Concept: Ford Bronco DM-1

via youtube.com

The Ford Bronco DM-1 is an older concept model from the car manufacturer and aimed to give a very unique look to the iconic series. However, critics did not take a liking to the oddly shaped vehicle and as a result of this clear fact, the car manufacturer decided to halt its production.

This definitely was for the best, because this model clearly would have gotten an immense amount of criticism from the automobile world.

The Bronco series had always been known for its traditional features and this model would have essentially ruined that.

10 Made No Sense: 2017 Ford Focus

via motortrend.ca

The 2017 Ford Focus is easily one of the worst models to be released in this decade and it has been heavily criticized because of this absolutely clear fact. This model has already seen an immense amount of issues with its overall structure and this is a bad sign for its future. It is extremely challenging to figure out why the car manufacturer thought this model was ready to be released. It is quite clear that these models needed far more time when it came to its production stages, but alas, they will now be viewed as complete lemons.

9 Strange Concept: 1976 Ford Prima Concept

via oldconceptcars.com

The 1976 Ford Prima Concept definitely was not the worst of the bizarre concept cars from the car manufacturer, but it is absolutely clear that it would have had trouble with sales if it had come to production. This model simply would have lacked a genuine purpose for its buyers. When seeing how this would have been a coupe style car, yet built with a massive trunk, it is clear that it would have lacked any real flashiness. However, with that, it would have also not been able to a reliable family car with the lack of room. At the end of the day, it just was a bad idea.

8 Made No Sense: 1996 Ford Explorer

via australiancar.reviews

The Ford Explorer series has gotten mixed reviews, but at the end of the day, it normally is one of the top sellers each year from the car manufacturer. However, even with this being the case, criticism is definitely warranted when looking at the absolutely abysmal 1996 Ford Explorer.

This model had so many major problems with its rollovers that it ended up putting its passengers in immense danger with the slightest of mistakes.

This model was known for having its engine and brake troubles, which of course, made it extremely unsafe.

7 Strange Concept: Ford Vertrek Concept

via caradvice.com.au

The Ford Vertrek is a concept model from the car manufacturer that definitely looks like it could someday make it to the automobile world. There is no question that SUVs are definitely at the top of the market right now, so this would be a decent idea in theory at least. However, this is a model that definitely looks to be far too bland. The car manufacturer should spend more time trying to make it stand out a bit more than their other models or else it runs the risk of completely being overshadowed. This is not necessarily an awful concept car, but it does need some changes.

6 Made No Sense: 1974 Ford Mustang II

via netcarshow.com

There is no question that the Ford Mustang series is obviously one of the most iconic ones from the car manufacturer. However, with their 1974 Mustang II, it easily is one of the worst models to ever come from them and even when looking at the entire automobile world as well. There is no question that the biggest reason why this model failed was because it was given one of the worst engines of all-time. This was definitely the majority of issues that was seen from this vehicle and because it was a sports car, it would end up being its ultimate downfall.

5 Strange Concept: 1958 Ford Nucleon

via pinterest.com

The Ford Nucleon is a concept car that the car manufacturer should have never even thought of. Perhaps the biggest issue that this model would have possessed is that it would have had a small nuclear reactor in the back of it and that could have brought on some serious problems.

This model clearly would not have sold well, especially when looking at its outlandish design.

Creativity definitely is a necessity when it comes to designing cars, but the car manufacturer failed with this one, Thankfully it never ended up hitting the primary market.

4 Made No Sense: 1990 Ford Escort

via youtube.com

The 1990 Ford Escort was a model that definitely was able to get a lot of attention from buyers during its release because it seemed like the perfect family car. Although it did not have any bit of flashiness, it was promised to be one that was built to last and at first glance, one could assume that to be the case. However, everyone in the automobile world would soon find out that this model was a complete and utter disaster. There were so many major problems when it came to its electrical setup and transmission that it seemed that this vehicle would spend more time at the mechanics than on the actual road.

3 Strange Concept: 1994 Ford PowerStroke Concept

via mecum.com

The 1994 Ford PowerStroke Concept definitely was an awful idea from the car manufacturer and that is displayed by its bizarre appearance. The car manufacturer was going to use a bright yellow colour on a pickup that was supposed to be known for its immense power. It makes a lot of sense that this model did not end up being released to the primary market. It clearly would have not sold well when seeing how awful it looked, so they made the right call ridding of this project. Regardless, this is easily one of their worst ideas yet.

2 Made No Sense: 1978 Ford Fiesta

via flickr.com

The 1978 Ford Fiesta definitely was a vehicle that the car manufacturer advertised extremely heavily and it would end up working as a large number of individuals would buy this model.

However, that would not translate to the vehicle’s overall success, as it would have major problems.

This vehicle definitely was one that was not built to last and as a result of this, it would soon be disliked immensely by the vast majority of the automobile world. Now, it is widely considered to be one of the worst models to have ever come from the car manufacturer.

1 2005 Ford SYNus

via flickr.com

The 2005 Ford SYNus was a concept car from the car manufacturer and it clearly possessed an extremely strange look to it. It is quite apparent that this model definitely would have been one with a very strong structure and as a result of this, would have been very protective to its passengers. However, when looking at its absolutely strange design, it makes a plethora of sense as to why the car manufacturer never actually released it to the public. At the end of the day, this model would have been a complete and utter disaster in sales and one we can live without.

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