Ford Wants You To Be Able To Deploy Drones From Your Trunk For Some Reason

Ford says that you can use a drone for a lot of things, so they're patenting a system that will store and charge a drone in your car's trunk.

Ford Patent

Ford wants your next ride to come with a drone in the trunk.

We don’t normally think of drones as being essential accessories for cars, but we already use drones for a lot. All the prettiest aerial photography of today is all taken by drones, and only the best YouTube videos use drones to their fullest potential.

However, Ford is looking to expand the use of drones beyond merely taking pretty pictures. They want drones to be an essential tool, like a jack or a socket wrench to change a spare tire. Only with its own battery and semi-autonomous flight pattern.

The patent uncovered by Car And Driver reveals Ford’s plans in detail. As you can see from these documents submitted to the USPTO on October 10th, the next Ford vehicles might come with deployable

Nevermind the fact that the image shows what is certainly a Ford Fusion deploying said drone--the Fusion is scheduled to cease production next year. Instead, focus on the fact the drone is stored in the trunk and then deploys based on the driver’s request. The drone’s view is then displayed on the center console’s infotainment screen showing just what the drone is seeing.

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Ford’s patent describes many potential uses for a drone. First and foremost, drones can serve as safety devices. In the event of a crash, drones can automatically deploy to summon first responders and direct ambulance and emergency services directly to the crash. They can also communicate with emergency services and potentially enhance cellular signal by flying high in remote areas.

Ford Drone
via Ford

Security Mode would send the drone to constantly scan the surroundings and ensure that nobody messes with your ride, while Follow Mode just gives you the coolest view of your ride possible. You can also manually control the drone using an onboard computer system and controlled by the infotainment.

As cool as this is, we gotta caution folks to take this all with a grain of salt. Patents are never sure things and we may never see a Ford equipped with its very own personal drone. But it would be cool if it were.

(Source: Car And Driver, Ford)

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