Ford Electric Crossover Coming In 2020, Will Rival The Tesla Model Y

Ford Electric Crossover Coming In 2020, Will Rival The Tesla Model Y

Ford’s electric crossover is coming in 2020 to take on Tesla’s recently revealed Model Y.

Last week, Tesla finally took the cover off of their highly anticipated Model Y crossover. What we got was essentially a Model 3 but with a higher roofline, bigger tires, slightly less range and a more expensive price tag. The interior, batteries, and motors were basically the same as what you get on the Model 3, and even Tesla admitted that 75% of the Model Y’s components are shared with their entry-level electric car.

Still, people seem to really like it. Do we chalk that up to the Tesla cult or the fact that people just love crossovers?

Ford wasn’t happy with sitting entirely on the sidelines, however. Two minutes after the Model Y debut on March 14th at 11:00 PM, they tweeted out “hold your horses” along with a picture of a neon blue Mustang logo which has historically been associated with Ford’s Mustang-inspired electric crossover.

It seems safe to assume that Ford was subtly telling everyone that they’ll have their own electric crossover to gush over, but just to be sure, CNBC reached out to the Blue Oval and was told by Ford executives that yes, the tweet was aimed at Tesla and "timed it with the [Model Y] launch to hint at big things coming in their own electric car program in the coming months."


President of Global Operations Joe Hinrichs also told CNBC that Ford is moving forward quickly with their electric crossover’s development and that they expect to have the crossover in showrooms by 2020, or roughly around the same time as the Model Y.

We still don’t know much about what Ford has planned, other than the fact it will have Mustang-inspired styling cues and be “performance oriented.” It will have to be, considering the Performance Model Y can shoot from zero to sixty in just 3.5 seconds.

Range is expected to be around 300 miles, which is expected to be the average in 2020, and it will ride on a similar skateboard-type architecture as all modern electric vehicles do.

It definitely will not be called the Mach 1 as this caused Mustang aficionados to reach for their torches and pitchforks, but according to Motor1, it might be called the Model E. We’ll have to wait and see.


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