Ford's First Electric Pickup Might Be Coming In 2021

Electric F-150

We might see Ford’s new electric F-150 hit dealers sooner than we think.

It’s no secret that Ford has electric ambitions. Last July, we got to see their electric F-150 prototype tow over a million pounds, proof that a battery can still haul as well as any F-150 powered by dead dinosaur juice. Even still, it was just a prototype, and nobody expected to see one in a Ford dealer’s showroom anytime soon.

Turns out the wait might not be as long as we thought. A new report from Automotive News gives a timeline on Ford’s electric vehicle program, and the electric version of the venerable F-150 is slated to arrive in 2021.

First will be Ford’s “Mach E” electric Mustang crossover… thing. Or it might be the “Mach 1”--we’re still not too clear and Ford isn’t providing any indication to point at one name over the other. All we know is that that it will have 370 miles of range and be “performance-oriented.”

After that comes the electric F-150, which is something we’re all very excited about. Tesla, Rivian, and others are all set to pile into the electric pickup market at about the same time, so it promises to be an interesting battle royale of truck makers.

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In late 2022 we’ll get two more mid-size Ford electric crossovers, and then another pair of different electric vehicles sometime in that 3-year period.

Ford's global director of EVs Ted Cannis told Automotive News that the Blue Oval isn't too upset about missing the first generation of electric vehicles.

"We're coming in at the right time," he said. "We could do all sorts of different things, but we're going to play to what we're good at: commercial vehicles, vans, pickups, performance vehicles, and SUVs. We have loyal customers, we know our base and the margins are better. It's just the right business."

Ford's strategy will include a marketing blitz to inform customers that EVs can be both fun and economical, with plenty of range, power, and performance. Expect to see that marketing machine start to churn starting next year.

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