Ford GT That Sparked John Cena Lawsuit Gets Sold Again

John Cena's old Ford GT hit auction again. This comes after Ford tried to sue Cena and the firm that sold the car the first time.

The Ford GT that sparked a lawsuit between the North American Automaker and

Cena bought the car brand new and the sold it about a year ago. This was in breach of a contract Cena had with Ford. The contract states that potential owners must retain ownership of the car for at minimum two years. The Ford GT is one of those cars with a waitlist and Ford has to deem perspective buyers worthy of actually owning one. The lawsuit against Cena was settled about two months ago.

This particular GT was put up for auction after it was surrendered by its second owner who had to give the car up because of health reasons. Originally, Ford wanted to re-acquire the GT after finding out Cena sold the vehicle. However, the two parties were able to reach a settlement for an undisclosed amount of money which Ford says will be donated to charity.


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According to Driving.ca, only one other Ford GT has been auctioned off, and that one sold for $1.7 million back in May. That's well above the $450 thousand USD that these cars retail for. Part of the inflated prices at the auction is because of the aforementioned application list.

Cena's former Ford GT had only 48 km on it when it was sold to its second owner. After its second owner, it has only 1,005km on it so it's basically a brand new car at this point in time despite being almost two years old.

The tactics Ford uses to sell this particular model is very similar to what Rolex does with their watches. This is done to create more of a demand for the product. Limit the number of models that are made and only sell to a select few. Make the product more desirable to the masses who can't obtain. The second owner of Cena's GT was one of those individuals who could not acquire it otherwise.

After a lot of controversy, this car was finally sold and it went for $1.4 million USD. Where this car will go in the future shall be interesting should it be re-sold in the future.


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