Ford Mustang Bullitt Options & Prices Revealed

Ford teased both the film and automotive industries with the reveal of a limited edition Bullitt Mustang at this year’s Detroit Auto Show in January. Now, the exact pricing and specifications for the modern version of the iconic car driven by Steve McQueen in the 1968 film Bullitt are available for selection on Ford’s online order configurator.

The announcement in January also featured the return of one of the movie’s long-lost prop cars for comparison alongside a pre-production concept for what the eventual 2019 Bullitt Mustang might look like. At that time, Ford promised that the third generation of special edition Mustangs, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bullitt’s release, would boast “at least” 475 horsepower— a figure now confirmed to be 480, or 20 more than the standard Mustang GT on which the Bullitt builds.


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That increased power comes thanks to an improved throttle body, cold air intake, and ECU tuning to take advantage of a larger radiator. Additional performance enhancements include Brembo brakes, a beefed up rear sway bar, and a Torsen limited-slip rear differential. Additional options available to improve on the already impressive package include magnetorheological dampers.

The Bullitt Mustang features a plethora of nods to the original film, from a cue ball shifter to black wheels, quad-tipped exhaust finished in black, and of course the same exact shade of Highland Green— sans the damage that Steve McQueen heaped onto the cars in the film. (Strangely, Ford will also offer the Bullitt Mustang in Shadow Black, though hopefully, any self-respecting enthusiast will pass on that option.)

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The car will only come in fastback form and with a six-speed manual transmission. Additional cues come in the form of a black grille, green interior stitching on every leather-clad surface, and partial chrome exterior trim.

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Exactly how limited the limited run of Bullitt Mustangs will be is not specified, but with a respectable price that builds slightly onto a Mustang that has been enhanced with the Premium and Performance packages, expect the cars to sell out quickly. The Bullitt Mustang starts at $47,490, or just over $20,000 more than a base version, and nine grand less than the vaunted Shelby GT350.


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